Michigan International Speedway

If it’s time to take a well-deserved break and go on an RV getaway, then check out the action and entertainment at Michigan International Speedway.

Event information

Michigan International Speedway (MIS) has been a must-attend venue in Brooklyn, Michigan since the late 1960s. It boasts over 1,400 acres of land in the scenic Irish Hills, and the track, which is home to many NASCAR events, is one of the premier facilities in motorsport.

Not only do riders and racers get to enjoy sweeping turns, 18-degree banking, and long straights, but the spectators get to experience a truly unique facility as well. There’s a lot to see, do, and be a part of at Michigan International Speedway, 12626 US-12, Brooklyn.

The speedway track sees many different motorsport events held there every year, bringing in hundreds of thousands of visitors. While day visitors fill up the parking lots and grandstands encompassing the racing track, the camping facilities are equally alive with activity.

There are many different camping locations dotted around the track, including one on the infield. Each of these areas caters to families, party-goers, and value campers looking for affordable entertainment and accommodation in one. During your stay, you even get to enjoy a range of standout amenities such as electricity, water, restrooms, and a convenience store.

MIS is something special and unique, but Brooklyn, Michigan, is as well. The speedway lies on the outskirts of this sleepy little village, which offers a break away from all the action and excitement. You are then within a short distance from the City of Jackson.

If you haven’t yet thought about your annual RV holiday, then maybe it’s time to choose a NASCAR event at MIS and get the planning process underway.


MIS is home to many different events throughout the year, with NASCAR the most prominent. If you’re a petrol head at heart, then you can head to the organizer’s website and check out the event calendar and ticket prices. You can buy package deals, day passes, and camping-inclusive tickets as well. Prices vary for adults, children, and veterans.

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Michigan International Speedway is off the beaten track, encompassed by farmland and forestry and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, it’s still mere minutes from the heart of Brooklyn, and a short scenic drive from the hive of activity in Jackson, Michigan.

Whichever direction you come from, be it Wisconsin, Toronto, Ohio, or Ontario, you’ll enjoy the journey along the many minor highways. However, you may need to allow extra time to get to both Michigan and then to the outskirts for entrance into the speedway site as you join other fans at the entrance.

Parking areas

You will likely see the parking lots before you see the speedway circuit, for they span hundreds of acres. There are various parking lots situated around the event site for cars, buses, RVs, and motorbikes to stay during the day. If you are camping on site, follow your ticket instructions to get to the correct camping location that you booked.

Public Transportation

When there’s a major event ahead at MIS, the local bus companies deliver. You can get picked up from various landmarks around Michigan, then brought directly to MIS for a fee. Once you’re there, you can board a tram or rent a shuttle and driver for effortless navigation around the entire speedway.

Where to stay


Michigan International Speedway is the largest registered campground in Michigan, with 9,000 family, party, premium, and value campsites. These are dotted around the racing circuit, with one in the infield and the rest at various vantage points for the best event experience.

Water and power hookups are available at some of the campsites, and there are dump stations at all of them. There are also restrooms, shower houses, a convenience store, an ice service, and even firewood for sale.

You may operate your generator, as long as it has an exhaust system directed away from other campers. Dogs are also allowed at almost all sites, because who wants to leave home without man’s best friend? Finally, make sure you display your camping pass in your RV window so security can site it on their regular visits.


Even though MIS covers all bases with camping for RV-goers, there are still options galore in the general vicinity. If you’d prefer to camp off-site for a quieter evening, then there are ample privately owned camping grounds within a few short minutes of the track. Some of these are within walking distance of Michigan International Speedway for your convenience.

Getting around

Not only are there many trams that take you where you need to go, catering for up to 50 people at a time, but there is a golf cart-style taxi service as well. You can flag down a driver, pay a small fee, then allow them to take you to wherever you need to be at MIS in a hurry.

These golf carts have, in the past, accepted both cash and credit as payment. If you want to avoid the lines for shuttles and carts, then you’ve got plenty of time to wander around and check out the action on foot.

What to pack


What you pack for your RV road trip depends on the time of year your travels occur. Before you hit the road, check out the latest forecast for Brooklyn, Michigan, to see what’s on the cards.

NASCAR is normally held in August, which means scorching weather is almost guaranteed. You will need plenty of light colors and layers, comfortable footwear, and a sunhat to keep you cool. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a few warm layers for the evening.


If you’re packing your gear to make your way to the Michigan International Speedway for a few days of action, then think about what you will need to remain comfortable at your campsite as well as while at the track. Ear plugs or noise-canceling headphones should be at the top of your packing list.

Cooking equipment will be a necessity, and you may also need a few camp chairs and coolers. There are plenty of ATMs on site, so you don’t need to worry about withdrawing cash in advance. While there’s almost no limit to what you can load into your RV, be mindful of gear restrictions in the grandstand areas where space is limited.

Health & Safety

If you are in attendance at many of the headline events at MIS in summer, then consider your health and safety first and foremost. Pack sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a sunhat to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and have a first aid kit on hand for any blisters, cuts, or scrapes. Depending on how long you’re on the road for, make sure you have any prescription medication or supplies you need for when you’re away from home.

Where to eat


Each camping location at the Michigan International Speedway boasts a different set of cooking rules. While none allow the use of large bonfires, some let you have small fires as long as they are ten feet away from structures and vehicles. These must be under control at all times.

You can also use your onboard RV appliances and a generator. Short on supplies? Check out the camping convenience store to find what you need, or make your way to the small market in Brooklyn. This is a short drive away, or only 40 minutes on foot if you feel like a brisk walk to break up the day.


There are plenty of eateries within the confines of MIS, but a break away from all the motor action could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Brooklyn boasts many family-friendly eateries, from quaint little country restaurants to chain fast food outlets. These are scattered on the outskirts of MIS, almost within walking distance, and some are in the heart of Brooklyn itself.


Wet your whistle or stamp out your starvation by making your way to any of the onsite vendors around the Michigan International Speedway. Event organizers go the extra mile to make sure everyone is watered and fed in a timely manner. You can pay with both cash and credit at many of the sites, and get your fill of fast food, alcohol, sweet treats, and more.

You can even head home with a memento, courtesy of the merchandise stands. If you intend on purchasing alcohol, then you can do so effortlessly by presenting your ID in exchange for a wristband.



Given the number of visitors to any event at the Michigan International Speedway, organizers take security seriously. Be prepared for security screening at any entry gate, and save time by leaving as many possessions back at your RV as possible. Any wheeled transportation such as scooters and skateboards are prohibited.

Large, bulky items such as umbrellas, tripods, hard coolers, and wagons are best stored in your RV, and you may not bring weapons, harmful devices, glass, fireworks, or anything that could disrupt other spectators’ experience. Security patrols both the speedway site and camping areas to make you feel as safe as possible.


Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is imperative for a visit to Brooklyn at any time of the year. MIS offers a weather policy for ticket use in the event of a cancellation. During the most prominent event of the year, NASCAR, the weather fluctuates typically between the high 70s and low 90s, meaning there will be almost no need for an umbrella or rain jacket.


There are first aid sites dotted around the primary visitor area of Michigan International Speedway. Each location also has trained medics to handle almost any minor injury. For anything more serious, dial 9-11 or make your way to any of the medical facilities within a 20-mile radius. There are also pharmacies and medical supply stores within proximity of both Brooklyn and Jackson.