Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

A whole lot of action in Lexington awaits! The Mid Ohio Sports Car Course is ready for RV-goers to camp and experience hours of racing entertainment.

Event information

The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, encompassing 330 acres, is a must-attend facility to get your taste of automotive action. The car course is situated at 7721 Steam Corners Road in Troy Township, Morrow County, just out of the village of Lexington.

This event facility plays host to classic car races, driving schools, and motorcycle events, and has the perfect environment for a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The track has a beautiful wooded backdrop and is also mere minutes from the Clear Fork Reservoir and other tourist attractions.

Not only do the car and motorcycle events bring thousands of people to Morrow County every year, but so too does the opportunity to camp. You can buy a weekend pass, gather your family and friends, then set up for a few days of fun. While there are no service hookups, you get to experience the thrill of “off the grid” living in an exciting environment.

What’s more, the grandstands are proximate to the camping areas in Carousel and North Woods, which means you don’t have far to walk to get to the center of the action.

While the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a little off the beaten track, isn’t that the thrill of it? It might be time to gear up the RV, load it with camping goodies, then make your way to any of the spectacular events held at the facility throughout the year.


If you’re getting ready to make a trip to Ohio, then it’s time to purchase your tickets for the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, where you will find a range of options.

You can purchase general admission tickets for entrance and walking access, a weekend ticket for three-day access, grandstand admission for both general admission and a seat in the grandstands, and a paddock pass. Once you buy your tickets, you can then add on a camping pass or arrive on a first-in, first-served basis.

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Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is near Interstate 71 on the outer edges of Lexington, Ohio. If you’re traveling from the direction of Cleveland, you may travel along this interstate south. From Columbus, you may take it north. Those from coming from Canton, Ohio will likely get to the car course via U.S. 30 west, and Fort Wayne, Indiana travelers can look to take it east.

The scenic journey to Lexington will be pleasurable at any time of the year, but you may like to use a travel app as you drive to be aware of any traffic delays, adverse weather conditions, or road construction. You can then reach the course by way of Steam Corners Road, off Highway 97.

Parking areas

If you don’t intend on staying for the weekend, then you can park your RV and tow vehicle in the general parking lot at the southeast end of the course near Gate 3. There will be traffic marshals and law enforcement officers to guide you while entering and exiting the facility. Make sure you follow the signs and their directions.

If you’re making it a weekend camping adventure in the North Woods and Carousel section of the course, then you can enter via Gate 6 off Texter Road. Make sure you have your tickets handy and don’t be offended if a course official asks to search your vehicle upon entry.

Public Transportation

While there won’t be any buses running to and from the Car Course and other options may be limited, that doesn’t mean you’ll have any problems navigating the small village. The track is only a ten-minute drive from the center of Lexington, with plenty of grassy parking spaces for your rig. Once you arrive at the Car Course, there is usually a guest shuttle service that has stops at several points around the 330-acre site.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is offered for RV travelers. You can reserve your camping spot or turn up and hope there’s space available. You will need both your admission ticket and camping pass to reserve space.

There are no service hookups, but campers can make use of the dumping stations and showers on the west side of the maintenance facility. RVs must be self-contained to camp in the motorhome area of the track.

During your stay, you’re allowed to use campfires in fire rings and your grill, but there is to be only one fire per site. You’re even allowed to bring your pet along, as long as they on a leash at all times.


Onsite camping is limited, so if you miss out on an opportunity to stay at the Car Course, or you prefer to sleep somewhere else, then there are a few options to satisfy your needs. The Clear Fork Reservoir is the perfect dry camping area to enjoy time away and is within a few miles of the race track.

There are also several other facilities within a 20-mile radius, many with service hookups for convenience. You can then drive to the race track daily and park in the grassy general admission parking area.

Getting around

Even though there are around 330 acres to cover, you won’t need to travel it all on foot. You are allowed to ride bicycles, except in the paddock area, and utilize golf carts and off-road vehicles with the purchase of a vehicle pass.

For your convenience, you can also rent golf carts from the rental booth past the security building down the Boulevard. You can book these in advance too. Otherwise, jump aboard the shuttle to get you from A to B in no time at all.

What to pack


Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course organizers are normally on the ball when it comes to setting dates for their events. They know which times of the year will work in favor of both visitors and participants. However, that’s not to say you can’t expect a drop of rain or a cold front in this central portion of the country.

Check the local weather for Cleveland or Lexington before you hit the road to see what you can expect. You can then pack your suitcase accordingly. Even in the heart of summer, however, you can expect rain, so pop a rain jacket in your suitcase as a “just in case” measure.


Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course organizers want you to have the time of your life, so they welcome you to pack a cooler with plastic and aluminum but no glass. Bring your own food, set up a picnic, and have a great time. You can ride around on your bicycle, wander around on foot, and relax in your campsite while watching the entertainment.

While there are limits to what you can bring into the grandstand, the rest of the venue is reasonably free range. You can also withdraw cash from the ATM in the school booth and the infield.

Health & Safety

If you plan on being away from home for an extended RV vacation, then consider the creature comforts and necessities you may require. Don’t forget to pack a personal first aid kit, any medical supplies you require, prescription medication, and sun safety products. In the heart of summer, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray are must-have items! The Car Course also has both showering facilities and restrooms for you to take care of yourself during your stay as needed.

Where to eat


You’ll be pleased to know that you can fire up your grill and light a campfire in a fire ring at this car racing venue. Get out the marshmallows for a traditional campfire or crank up the barbeque to feed the masses.

Short on supplies? No problem. A quick eight-mile drive into Lexington will put you in the vicinity of a marketplace to stock up for the duration of your stay.


If you don’t fancy corn dogs for your entire weekend stay at the car course, then wander into Lexington or Mansfield and check out the offerings. A quick drive along the main streets will see you spoiled for choice with fast food outlets, dine-in establishments, and other restaurants all ready to take your order. Depending on the event, you may need to allow extra time for service due to the number of visitors in the village.


There are concession stands in the infield area and paddock with a diverse menu to suit all palates. Pay a quick visit to the ATM to withdraw cash then line up at your vendor of choice; cards will also usually be an option. You can then enjoy patio seating with views of the race track so that you can dine while enjoying the entertainment. There is also a concession stand near the camping area entrance which sells ice.



When you arrive at the main gates for entry into the race track, have your tickets ready, and prepare for a security check. You may be required to open your RV for a quick check, and same with your bags for general admission.

Weapons are not allowed on Sports Car Course property, so leave these at home before you hit the road. Otherwise, smile and thank the security team for keeping everyone safe.


Weather can be a mixed bag in Ohio, even in the heart of summer. It’s not uncommon for it to be in the high 80s and for it to be raining. Check the forecast before you leave home to ensure you’re prepared for both the drive and the weather conditions upon your arrival.


An accident or injury can put a dampener on your race track experience, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The Dan McNutt Medical Facility is to the east of the drive-over bridge as you make your way into the infield. Here, you can get the best care and medical supplies.

However, for anything more serious, you can call 9-11 or travel to the nearest hospital in Mansfield under ten miles away. There is also a pharmacy within five miles so that you can stock up on supplies.