Middle Bass Island State Park

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Middle Bass Island State Park is located just South of the Canadian Border on Lake Erie. This is the perfect state park for those on long boating trips and those that love being surrounded by water. There are many opportunities for watersports in the park including boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming. While swimming is not allowed in the marina, there are designated swimming areas in the park.

Lonz Winery formerly owned the land in which the park is located. It wasn't until 2001 that the State of Ohio purchased the winery and established the state park. This makes Middle Bass Island State Park one of Ohio's newest state parks!

The winery, since being purchased by the state, has been renovated and opened to the public. The winery is not producing or selling wine, but it is open for tours.

Although the park is not RV friendly, it is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors if you like tent camping! The island is accessed by ferry, and tickets can be purchased for a small fee. If you plan to stay in the park for a while, you can make reservations to have your vehicle loaded onto the ferry and dropped off on the island!

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Middle Bass Island State Park is perfect for those looking for water front tent camping. While there are 23 campsites total, 20 are tent friendly and the other three are day-use shelter only. RVs are not allowed in this park.

Accessing the park can be a bit challenging, as you must take a ferry to the island. There are options to get your vehicle to the island, but you must make ferry reservations to accommodate your vehicle at least 24 hours in advance.

Once you're on the island, all roads are paved and easy to navigate. The park is located on the Southwest side of the island, and if you don't bring a vehicle, most places on the island is accessible on foot or bicycle. If you have your own boat, and you're boating on Lake Erie, there is a 184-slip marina in which you can dock your boat.

Since the campground is tent only, this is the perfect state park for those looking for a place to stay the night while out on a fishing trip!


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Middle Bass Island State Park Campground

Camping in Middle Bass Island State Park can be both rewarding and relaxing. While the park is not RV friendly, it is the perfect place to pitch your tent and relax on the shore of Lake Erie.

Within the park, the campground is located on the shore of the Southwest portion of the island. The campground is within walking distance of the marina, making it the perfect campground for those on a multi-day fishing trip, or for those looking to get away for the weekend.

The campground itself offers 20 tent-only campsites, as well as three day-use shelters. These shelters are perfect for picnics, reunions, and even meetings. While reservations are recommended for the tent campsites, they are not required. If you plan to use one of the day-shelters, you must make a reservation.

Each campsite includes a picnic table and fire ring on site. While there is no running water or electricity at the campsites, there are showers and restrooms available for use in the harbormaster building.

While camping is a blast at Middle Bass Island State Park, not that the campground is only open between May 1st and October 15th.

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Middle Bass Island is the perfect state park if you're looking for a great picnic. While the campsites each have their own picnic table and fire pit, there are two picnic shelters in the park that accommodate large groups.

While these are reservation only and require a fee, they are the perfect places for meetings, reunions, and celebrations. The shelter near the Winery has a fireplace, electric outlets, and picnic tables.

The Lonz Patio Plaza Shelter includes tables with chairs, umbrellas, and electrical outlets. The Winery Shelter accommodates 120 people, while the Lonz Patio Plaza Shelter accommodates 140 people.


Whether you're camping with family or friends, there's no better way to enjoy the evening more than fun group games! Located within the campground, you'll find many games such as Cornhole, horseshoes, and ladder ball.

These games are first come, first serve, so there are no rentals or reservations required.


Middle Bass Island State Park is considered to be the boat lover's paradise! The island is located just South of the Canadian Border on Lake Erie. In the park, you'll find the marina that docks up to 190 boats. This makes the park the perfect place for those on long boating trips to stay!

If you're planning to camp at the park, but you took the ferry, you can rent kayaks and canoes within the park at the park office! Always keep an eye on the weather when on a small boat, as the tide can get a bit dangerous!



When camping at Middle Bass Island State Park, cycling is the perfect activity for seeing the island, getting some exercise, and even as a transportation method. While getting your car to the island can be a bit of a challenge, biking is much easier and much faster.

The entire island encompasses around 800 acres, making the whole island accessible via bicycle.

Hiking in the Wooded Area

While hiking in Middle Bass Island State Park is a bit different than most state parks, it can definitely be rewarding. There are no designated trails on the island, but there is a wooded area within the park for you to explore!

All of the roads on the island are paved, making it more of a walking environment than hiking, but that doesn't take away the adventure. Whether you're exploring the wooded area or taking a walk to see the sunrise over the lake, you won't regret your trek across the island!


Fishing is always a fun activity when visiting Middle Bass Island State Park. Since the park is on an island, there are many opportunities within the park and all around the shore for fishing.

Many angler's choose to stay at the park when they're on extended fishing trips! Thanks to the 190-slip marina, this park is perfect for all day boat fishing and relaxing by a campfire in the evening.

There are many species to be caught in Lake Erie, whether fishing from the bank or from a boat! White bass, walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, and sheepshead are some of the most commonly fished species in the lake.

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