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Anglers, wildlife watchers, photographers, RV and camping enthusiasts can all pack their bags and head towards Kansas’s largest lake for an escapade of a lifetime. Right in the nub of Kansas Flint and west of Junction City, is Kansas's fishing capital – Milford Lake.

The vast shimmering lake hosts a variety of aquatic birds and even more variety of marine life. Milford Lake spans over 163 miles of shoreline with expansive sandy beaches to unwind and experience nature in its rawest and wildest form.

Milford Lake presents activities and attractions that make camping an extremely enjoyable and entertaining experience. There are 14 public ramps along the lake to launch canoes, boats, and sailboats. Surrounding the lake are vast rolling lands of greenery that offers expansive campgrounds, cabins, a resort, primitive campsites, and most importantly RV spaces.

Milford Lake is a nationally recognized fishing ground that hosts some of the most high-status fishing competitions in America. The lake is home to Wipers, Blue and Channel Catfish, Largemouth and smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie, and Spotted Bass, and White bass.

The lakeside region offers extensive amenities to guarantee the most comfortable stay for RV campers. The wide watery expanse, the clear blue sky, and the surrounding trees feel even more enchanting when you make the trip in an RV or trailer that offers a little bit of homely comfort in this vast wilderness. Whenever you feel your sense of adventure awakening, Milford Lake is the place to rush to with your RV packed, and your spirits uplifted.

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Milford Lake is not too far from civilization and therefore planning a short weekend trip to the reservoir is never a drag. The lake and the state park is situated just west of Junction city and takes 10 minutes to get to the lake from there. A little drive off the interstate will get you right at the state’s largest reservoir. The Lake’s campsites provide a large space for even over-sized tow trailers and RVs, and the roads are wide enough to accommodate them easily.

Driving at night is also easier since the park has very little train traffic by then, and provides a quiet respite to overnight campers. The trail from the state park’s entrance leads to lake view campsites and is easily accessible. All the gravel roads are properly marked and allow the visitors to keep on the road until they have reached their campsite.


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Campgrounds and parking in Milford Lake

Campsites in Milford Lake

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Milford Lake State Park Campgrounds

Milford Lake State Park has seven campgrounds that offer all kinds of camping accommodations for guests. In total, these seven campgrounds contain 225 campsites out of which 91 have electric and water hookups while 51 have water, electric and sewage hookups making them full-hookup RV campsites. For the more rugged campers, the park also offers 92 primitive campsites for tents. Ten cabins are also available for reservation and since the park is open all year round, these cabins offer protection from the weather in off-season months. These cabins are also accessible to the disabled and offer many amenities that make for a comfortable camping experience.

The campgrounds are pet-friendly so you can bring along your furry friends. All seven campgrounds offer uninterrupted lake views, with each of them providing comfortable restrooms, showers, boat ramps, picnic tables, fire rings, grills, playgrounds, access to clean water, and retail stores. One RV is allowed per campsite and there is adequate space between campsites to allow for privacy as well as peace and quiet. Generator use is prohibited between 11 p.m. to 6 a..m. and guests can only stay for 14 days at a stretch.

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In addition to being extremely picturesque, Milford Lake is also associated with some of the most prestigious fishing events and competitions. The wide variety of fish found beneath the surface of this expansive water body attracts thousands of anglers every year. Fishing at Milford Lake is not only magical with the wooded area surrounding it, and the serene lake calming down frayed nerves, but it is also rewarding. It’s virtually impossible to return home from the lake empty-handed. Matter of fact, fishing at Milford Lake is open all-season. During early spring, the lake becomes home to walleye and wipers. White bass and small bass also gather around during the spring season. In the summers, big blue catfish, channels, and flatheads are teaming in the lake, making for some exciting fishing.

Swimming & Water Skiing

A lake a large as Milford is certain to offer beautiful sandy beaches and a chance to swim the summer heat away. Nothing can beat the scorching sun better than a dip in the lake. Milford Lake isn't just any other lake, but one that offers magnificent views of its wooded surroundings and the sight of blue water for as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s a family trip or a fun trip with friends, Milford Lake promises unforgettable times. For the more daring outdoor enthusiasts, the lake also offers water skiing facilities.

Hunting & Trapping

Hunters and Trappers will find a variety of game animals to spice up the hunt. Milford lake is home to geese, rabbits, wild turkeys, quails, pheasants, prairie chickens, and ducks which are but a few of the game animals for hunters to pursue. Trappers too will stay busy in the surrounding woodlands that are home to raccoons, muskrat, furbearers, squirrels and other small mammals and birds.



Milford Lake and the surrounding area is a sanctuary of nature and wildlife and subsequently a heaven for photographers. The opportunities to capture the scenic views are endless. The upper end of the lake area has 19000 acres dedicated as a wildlife refuge along with another refuge that sprawls over 1100 acres. The habitat is extremely diverse and if the photographers dare to venture deeper into the woods and onto the trails, they’ll see all kinds of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Photographing near the lake also has its perks with pretty aquatic birds ensuring amazing pictures that will make the trip out well worth the effort. Nature photographers and wildlife photographers alike will never regret a trip to Milford Lake.

Bird Watching

Milford Lake has many open areas and towering dense woodlands for a spot of bird watching. Just sitting in their RVs, campers can look across the lake and spot all kinds of beautiful birds flocking to its water. Milford lake is home to herons, pheasants, kingfishers, quails and many types of waterfowl that visit these vast lake waters during migration. Milford Lake is especially known for sightings of numerous bald eagles, especially in the winter months.


When it’s too cold to take a dip in the water, RV campers can still enjoy views of the beautiful lake and the surrounding meadows and woodlands from their vantage point on the boat. Canoeing and kayaking is another fun and calming activity that campers can enjoy during their stay by the lake. Boat launch areas are designated around the park along with boat rental and maintenance facilities.