Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
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Dominated by forests and flowering shrubs, Miquelon Lake Provincial Park is a family favorite RV camping destination all year round. Located around 40 miles (65kms) from Edmonton, Miquelon Lake Provincial Park's history dates back to 1920 when the area was designated as a bird sanctuary. The park in its current form is part of a protected areas network that preserves the beauty and diversity of the region. It was officially opened in 1958 and is made up of 3212 acres (13sqkm).

The most well known feature of the park is Miquelon Lake, which is the largest body of water that exists within the park. During the summer the lake is a popular place for those who love to paddle in canoes or kayaks and for families who enjoy hanging out on the sandy beach. There is also a playground located near the sandy beach along with many forested picnic spots. The Park Center is a must see as it serves as both a park office and information center so you will be able to have any questions about your stay or the park answered. Other recreational activities also include hiking, birding, summer interpretive programs, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing.

One of the great things about Miquelon Lake Provincial Park is the world class camping facilities. There is 276-unit campground equipped with 193 power sites and four wheelchair accessible campsites. RV lovers flock to the campground as it is kept in great condition and the amenities are modern. Another highlight is the year-round camping opportunities so the winter birds don't have to miss out on all of the fun. Peak season at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park runs from May until October.

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Miquelon Lake Provincial Park is located in central Alberta and is situated around 40 miles south-east of Edmonton. The park has multiple entry and exit points with the most common one being off Rollyview Road as it is the closest entrance to the campground.

Due to the close vicinity of Edmonton any services and amenities will be very easy for you to find. Since Edmonton is a major city it will have everything you need to enjoy your stay at the park. If you are looking for other smaller towns you can find a few close by, including Hay Lakes (around nine miles or 15 kms away), Camrose (around 18 miles away or 31kms) and Tofield (around 25 miles or 41kms away).

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the roads are very wide and flat no matter what entrance you choose. The road into the campground (which is located near the Rollyview Road park entrance) is also kept in very good condition. During the winter the park is still open and you can access the campground, however if you do plan on visiting the park during winter make sure you call the park in advance to confirm that you will have road access.


There is plenty of parking available at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Alternate camping

Miquelon Lake Campground

Visitors to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park will be very impressed with the campground at the park. Separated into three different zones, the campground is very large and features spacious sites that are surrounded by mixed forest. All three areas of the campground are a great choice to make your home away from home depending on what facilities you are after.

The "A" area of the campground is the largest featuring 162 sites with all besides three having both 30 and 60 amp electrical hookups. Area "B" is much smaller with 33 powered sites. For those who want to experience camping just like the old days area "C" is the one for you as it features 73 primitive campsites

The campground has some stellar amenities, including free showers, toilets, playgrounds, water collection points, two dump stations, picnic tables, telephone and amphitheater. The campground is also pet friendly and is open during the winter time, however some amenities including showers are turned off. Reservations are available for peak season and the campground changed to first come, first served during the winter.

Seasonal activities in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park


Winter Recreation

If you choose to visit the park during the winter time you will be impressed with the amount of activities on offer. Located within the day-use area, one of the most popular activities is to lace up and skate on the ice rink. If ice skating isn't your thing there are also groomed ski trails that travel through aspen forest and open meadows. Snowshoeing is also another popular activity. There is no guarantee of rental equipment being available so make sure you pack your own gear to ensure that you will be able to get out in the snow and have fun!


Want to get some exercise and explore the park? If so, there are no shortage of opportunities to do so at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. The park has both paved and maintained trails with around two miles of paved or 12 miles of maintained available for you to use. The terrain found in the park is known as "knob and kettle", which formed when glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice-age. Each trail in the park features its own opportunities to observe the park’s landscapes and wildlife. When out on the trials make sure you watch for signs of deer, coyote, porcupine and moose.


Those who love birding will fall in love with Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. The park is located within two of North America’s migratory flyways and is listed as an international Important Bird Area (IBA). Thanks to the park's location you should be on the lookout for waves of migrating birds that stop over in the park each year. The different wetlands in the park also provide ideal stop-over and breeding habitats for both waterfowl and songbirds.


Miquelon Lake

Miquelon Lake is the main attraction to visitors of the park and there are plenty of fun times to be had at the lake during the summer. While the water is not recommended to swim in, the lake is a popular place for people to go for a paddle in either a kayak or canoe. The sandy beach area is also a hit with families as the sand is perfect for making some lovely sand castles. There are also some great picnic spots that are in a forested setting and you will also find a playground near the beach area.

Interpretive Programs

During the summer season there are plenty of interpretive programs on offer at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park include. Some of these programs include guided walks, family programs, theatrical presentations, point duties and workshops. The park runs these programs to help connect visitors with the natural and human history of the park and the overall area. Give the park a call or visit their website to see what interpretive programs will be held during your visit to the park.

Visitor Center

Your first stop at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park should be to the fantastic visitor center. The Park Center serves as both the park office and information center. The building is a central hub for all things to do with the park and it contains a gift store, display gallery, equipment rentals and an indoor classroom. Don’t forget to pick up an activity book, the week’s program schedule or local tourist brochures and information before you jet off and begin your experience at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.