Mirror Lake State Park

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Mirror Lake State Park in Wisconsin is a beautiful RV vacation destination, with its scenic natural environment and abundant wildlife diversity. Stop and smell the wildflowers, and watch carefully for deer, squirrels, and birds. Take a walk through oak and pine woods, and enjoy prairie and farm lands right here in the park. And in the middle of it all, you’ll find Mirror Lake.

This lake gets its name from the pristine stillness that the surface of the water holds. You’ll easily be able to find peace within yourself from the calm waters and serene views that will surround you when you visit Mirror Lake State Park in your RV. There are plenty f activities for you to enjoy here as well. Hiking and biking are really popular, as well as boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming at the lake. When you visit during the off season, you have the chance to go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and more. There are 2,200 acres of gorgeous land for you to explore here, so bring your RV and set it up at one of the campground here at the park. This way, you will have the chance to see everything that Mirror Lake State Park has to offer.

RV Rentals in Mirror Lake State Park

Transportation in Mirror Lake State Park


The park has a pretty convenient location, being just off of Interstate 90-94. This makes it easy for everyone to get there, even those that are bringing a large RV. To make things even simpler, there are directions that you can follow to get there, no matter which direction you’re coming from. Navigation is easy once inside the park as well. There are no especially tight corners to navigate, so even large RVs should find the drive relatively easy.


There are various areas in the park that have parking available, but you still might have a hard time finding a spot that’s big enough to accommodate your RV. The best thing to do is set up your RV at a campsite and head out to explore the park in a smaller vehicle.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Mirror Lake State Park

Campsites in Mirror Lake State Park

Reservations camping

Cliffwood Campground

If you’re looking for the ideal place to park your RV for a few days at Mirror Lake State Park, then Cliffwood Campground is the ideal spot. They have 35 campsites, all of which are reservable. Out of these sites, 26 of them have electricity for you to take advantage of. Nearby, you’ll find showers for you to wash up at, as well as flush toilets and pit toilets. When you go to make reservations, keep in mind that some of the sites are double sites, which means sharing the parking space. So you’ll need to make sure that you have room for your RV.

First-come first-served

Sandstone Ridge Campground

This campground is perfect if you aren’t up for making reservations or if you plan on visiting the park in your RV during the off season. Sandstone Ridge has 68 sites and is open through the winter, unlike any of the other campgrounds. Many of the sites will provide you with electricity and you won’t even need to reserve them.

Alternate camping

Seth Peterson Cottage

This cottage was the first Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house ever to become available for rent, so staying here is guaranteed to be a unique experience. It was designed in 1958 as one of Wright’s last projects, and Seth Peterson was the one that talked him into doing it. Unfortunately Seth Peterson died before the cottage was complete, so it was renovated and turned into a cottage available for rent. This is the only cottage available in Mirror Lake State Park, so you’ll definitely want to make reservations way ahead of time to secure your stay.

Bluewater Bay Campground

If you’ve decided that you actually want to leave the RV behind and come tent camping instead, Bluewater Bay Campground is perfect for you. This campground consists of four different loops, coming to a total of 63 sites. None of these have electricity, so it’ll be a much more primitive camping experience than you might be used to with staying in an RV all the time. You will have access to showers, flush toilets, and pit toilets though. There is also a playground and sand volleyball court nearby too, so you can have fun at this campground.

Seasonal activities in Mirror Lake State Park



There are three areas in Mirror Lake State Park that are designated for picnicking. These areas will supply you with tables and charcoal grills for the perfect family meal. If you need a bigger area for a special occasion, there is an accessible picnic shelter that you can reserve. It’s by Bluewater Bay camping area, and can accommodate up to 80 people. There are other shelters as well that are a bit smaller.


If you’d like to cool off from the summer heat at the lake, there is a beach area that is designated just for that. If you need to use the restroom while you’re there, there are vault toilets located nearby. Be careful and watch your children though because there are no lifeguards at this beach.


There are two landings at Mirror Lake, and one of them just so happens to be located inside the park. The one in the park also has concessions and boat rentals for you to use. Keep in mind though that the entire lake is a slow no wake zone, so keep speeds to a minimum while out on the water.


If you want to explore the trails but don’t want to do so on foot, then you can take a bike out on up to nine miles of trails. Biking is an activity that must be done during the peak season so that the weather is ideal and safe. Also be aware that all these trails are for off road biking.


There are 19 miles of hiking trails here at the park, and each trail will provide you with a unique experience. Fern Dell Trail is the longest trail at three miles long, and is multi use. Hastings Trail is the second longest at two miles long. If you’re looking for something a little shorter, Hag’s Crag Trail and Lakeview Trail are both just .2 miles. There are plenty of other trails to choose from as well.



The winter is a peaceful time. Many of the animals have gone into hibernation and there are less people out and about. Snow falls gently outside while you stay bundled up inside. Make a warm beverage, grab a cozy blanket, and curl up to enjoy some much needed alone time with a book.


During certain times of the year, specific areas of the park become open for hunting and trapping. Migratory bird hunting is a popular activity during the off season in November. Be sure that when you go hunting or trapping, you know what areas are open for it, and that you follow all rules and regulations.


There are plenty of opportunities for fishing here at Mirror Lake State Park. You can drop your line in the lake, or at Dell Creek. Dell Creek flows for 10.5 miles until it dumps into the lake, so there are plenty of spots along it to settle in at. There are also fishing piers around the lake.


Another great option is to go snowshoeing. You can experience many of the trails this way, and all you need to do is strap on some snowshoes. Two of the best and most popular trails for snowshoeing are Sandstone Trail and Wild Rice Trail. Sandstone trail is a longer hike at two miles long, while Wild Rice Trail is just .6 miles long.

Cross Country Skiing

In the winter time when snow is covering the ground, many of the trails open for cross country skiing. 19 miles of trails are kept groomed so that you can have an enjoyable skiing experience. If you or anyone else that you’re going with is under 16 years old, they will need a state trail pass before heading out.

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