Mississinewa Lake
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As one of the three Upper Wabash flooding control reservoirs in northern-central Indiana, Mississinewa Lake is an excellent place for some of the State's best boating, fishing, and hunting opportunities.

Mississinewa Lake features an astounding number of camping opportunities with its more than 400 camping sites, as well as having several family-sized cabins (six persons) that can be rented.

Another interesting thing about the park is that Mississinewa Lake was Indiana's first state park to allow seasonal camping, which means that visitors are able to book a campsite and hold it for an entire season.

Furthermore, the park's vast expanses of prairies, forests, and farmlands that surround the lake offer an extremely attractive habitat for all sorts of wildlife, including deer and countless species of small game mammals.

With that said, Mississinewa Lake provides an abundance of opportunities to view birds and animals in their natural habitat, as well as being able to take in the stunning vistas and scenery for campers, hikers, and touring cyclists alike.

RV Rentals in Mississinewa Lake



Mississinewa Lake is built to accommodate RV and trailer campers. With a maximum RV length of 72 feet, you shouldn't have any issues driving around or navigating through the park. Just remember to take your time and pull over frequently to let faster vehicles go by.

If you're concerned about getting around, make sure to consult one of the park's maps or a park employee before entering.


There is a maximum of 2 vehicles allowed to park on each campsite property. Any others vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking lot, located near the park's gatehouse.

Public Transportation

Mississinewa Lake is located about four miles East of Highway 19, which passes through the township of Oakley. To access the park, head East on E 500 S, and turn left just past Jackson's Corner Store. Then, follow the signs to the park's gatehouse for admission.

Campgrounds and parking in Mississinewa Lake

Campsites in Mississinewa Lake

Reservations camping

Mississinewa Lake Campgrounds

Boasting more than 400 campsites, Mississinewa Lake is sure to have a campsite for every type of camper.

Campers must be at least 18 years old in order to rent a campsite, and each site can only be reserved for a total of 14 nights maximum. Campers must vacate the premise for no less than 48 hours before returning and reserving the site again.

All campsites have a maximum occupancy of six persons, as well as a limit of one main camping unit (tent, RV, trailer), one additional tent, and one dining fly.

Electric Campsites

Mississinewa Lake boasts 314 campsites with electrical hookups.

So, whether you need power for you electric stove, to pump up your air mattresses and water floaties, or simply to play a bit of music while lounging around your campsite, you'll be able to do so without issue.

Just remember that quiet hours are between 11 pm and 7 am. So, generators, music, and other similar items must be kept quiet during these times.

Always be respectful of your neighbors and the other campers in the park.

Full Hookup Sites

Mississinewa Lake has a total of 37 campsites with full water, electrical, and sewer hookups for the more luxurious campers who prefer to stay in an RV or trailer.

Keep in mind that there is a 72 foot maximum length for RVs and camper trailers. Anything longer than this is not allowed in the park.

Non-Electric Sites

For the more rugged campers, Mississinewa Lake has 39 non-electric sites, which allow campers to get as close to nature as possible.

Despite this, the park still has bathrooms and shower facilities available nearby, so even though you're staying in the great outdoors, you can still experience some of the comforts of home.

Rent A Camp

Mississnewa Lake has eight rent-a-camp cabins that can be rented for those who prefer to stay in the great outdoors and keep the comforts of home close at hand.

The cabins are a single room with two separate bunk beds, as well as a loft area and an exterior porch at the front of the cabin.

Rent-a-camp cabins are made of roughly hewn lumber that gives the interior and exterior walls a rugged look and feel.

Although the cabins do have electricity, they do not have heat and air conditioners are not allowed. There is also no running water or bathrooms in the cabins, however, running water and the park's comfort stations are available nearby.

Each cabin is furnished with a table and bench on the inside, but there are no separate kitchen areas. Bed linen, appliances, and firewood are not provided by the park.

Pets and smoking are not allowed in the cabins under any circumstance.

Camping outside the cabin or in the parking area is strictly prohibited.

Cabins have a maximum occupancy of 6 persons and the minimum age for renting a cabin is 21 years old.

Only two vehicles allowed per site. Any additional vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking lot near the park's gatehouse.

First-come first-served

Additional Sites

The park also has six shelters that are available for day use, as well as 2 youth tents, where children and younger kids can get together and play during the day.

Seasonal activities in Mississinewa Lake



With a park named after a lake, you know there's going to be the opportunity to swim. And what better way could there be to beat the summer heat? While all of the park's facilities are open by the 15th of May, the beach area is only open from Memorial Day weekend and closes once the Labor Day weekend is over.

During the beach's open times, there are no lifeguards on duty. Therefore, swimming and using the beach area is at your own risk from sunrise to sunset.


Mississinewa Lake is open and operating at its normal conditions by the third weekend of May each year.

The lake is an excellent place for boating, fishing, and all sorts of other water activities.

The lake is filled with northern pike, large mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and perch. So, whether you're going for that trophy pike or just taking the kids out to catch a few crappie for run, you're sure to have a good time on the waters of Mississinewa Lake.

Furthermore, there are several fishing piers available throughout the park during its peak season for those who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground.


Mississinewa Lake is home to many beautiful and extremely scenic hiking trails.

Trails such as the Blue Heron Trail are perfect for beginners and novice hikers, whereas, the park also has more challenging trails such as the Lost Sister Trail.

Regardless, the park's trails offer a variety of hiking and sight-seeing opportunities, which include varying degrees of inclination, stairs and many small bridges to help you cross the park's countless stream beds.


Animal Sighting

With the seemingly boundless acres of forests, farmlands, and prairies that surround Mississinewa Lake, the park is an excellent place for bird watching and animal sightings.

Many campers enjoy taking hikes along the park's endless trails to scout out deer, raccoons, squirrels, and many other small mammals. Just remember to keep your distance and never feed the wildlife.

Seasonal Hunting

With the abundance of wildlife found surround Mississinewa Lake, it's the perfect place for hunting both large and small game during the park's off-season. But make sure before you set out that you have the appropriate licenses. Park staff can help guide you as to the legal requirements, and the best spots to hunt.