Mississippi State Fair

Start your RV adventure by heading to the Mississippi State Fair! This 12-day event brings over 600,000 people together, and you could be among them.

Event information

The Mississippi State Fair at 1207 Mississippi Street, Jackson, is a calendar highlight every year. Not only is it proximate to a range of fun tourist attractions, but it’s one of the largest fairs in the south, with over 600,000 attendants every year.

There’s a reason why over half a million people descend on Jackson, Mississippi every year. From the mile-long midway and livestock shows, through to the 120,000 square feet of exhibitions and attractions, there’s something for everyone. All major entertainment is also free, which is a significant drawcard for old and young alike.

While the fair only offers onsite RV camping to exhibitors, that won’t put a dampener on your experience. Jackson, Mississippi plays host to hundreds of RV travelers, with an abundance of campgrounds, resorts, and parks to cater to your accommodation requirements.

Once you set up camp and plan for 12 days of action at the Mississippi State Fair and the surrounding areas if desired, you’ll be pleased you made the trip. The livestock area is a significant attraction for young kids, while the circus, children’s rides, and food stands are bound to put a smile on their face as well.

The expansive site is one that lends itself to many standout attractions and events that are all well worth your perusal. What are you waiting for? Set the GPS for 1207 Mississippi Street, Jackson, and hit the road.


The Mississippi State Fair offers various pricing tiers, dependent on whether you’re a child, part of a busload of people, or if you’re an early bird and book in advance. Historically, children under the age of six have been free, with everyone else a flat fee of $5. Some specials may apply, so visit the website to take advantage of promotional deals that could save you money. You can also buy ride coupons for everyone in the family.

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Several main highways run near the Mississippi State Fairgrounds, making driving to the site a breeze. I-55 leads you directly to Jackson from the north or south, while MS-25 will make the journey straightforward if you’re heading from the direction of Columbus, Mississippi. I-20 may be your route to the area from east and west locations. As you will be traveling in the fall, weather extremes may be minimal, but it is still a good idea to check local conditions for Jackson.

Parking areas

Parking at the Mississippi State Fair is plentiful, but it’s something you may like to plan if you intend on parking your RV at the fairgrounds during your daily visits. There are various parking areas in the vicinity of Gate 10, 11, and Gate 2 through to 6, but organizers may not allow room for large vehicles. Inquire about bus parking in the absence of available RV parks. Alternatively, you can park at your accommodation facility and utilize public transport to get you to the fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

If you intend on parking your RV at a nearby campground and utilizing Jackson bus services, then you’ll find the entire process to be straightforward. There are various bus pick-up points across Jackson, with many of them running along High Street parallel to the fairgrounds. Greymont Street adjacent to I-55 also has bus stops, making it a quick walk to the fair from your drop-off point.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, onsite camping is not available for fair visitors, but the area is equipped for RV camping. The central location of the fairgrounds means that you can stay in Jackson and take a bus to the fairgrounds daily. Given the proximity to nearby highways, navigation to and from all the action won’t be a problem.


You will be pleased to know there are many camping options in Jackson and further afield. A mere five miles from the fairgrounds down I-55 will lead you to the LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, while a short drive further puts you in the vicinity of RV parks, resorts, and regular camping grounds. Each site boasts different amenities, but they sell out quickly. Book in advance to avoid missing out on your first choice spot.

Getting around

Wheeled transportation such as golf carts, scooters, and skateboards are not allowed at the fair, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find it easy to get around. Several public bus services operate in the Jackson area to bring you to the fair; then you can arm yourself with a fair map to get to where you need to be on foot. The mile-long midway provides you easy access to many different areas of the fairgrounds.

What to pack


Fall is well and truly in full swing once the Mississippi State Fair arrives, which means you’ll need a whole wardrobe of clothing. While it’s not uncommon to experience mild and balmy temperatures for the 12-day event, you’ll want to prepare yourself for any eventuality. Pack trousers and sweaters for morning visits, but allow for t-shirt and shorts weather later in the day. Once night draws in, you may want to load on the woolly layers once you head back to your RV.


With 12 full, action-packed days, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything you need for comfort and convenience while you’re at the fair. Leave all your camping and cooking equipment back at your RV. You may find that security will screen and prohibit certain items at the entry gate. Leave chairs and coolers at home, and bring bare essentials for quicker entry into the grounds.

Health & Safety

Mississippi State Fair officials make sure they cover all bases when it comes to health and safety, but thinking ahead will also help. Make sure you bring plenty of water to allow you to remain hydrated. Don’t forget any prescription medication you may need, bug spray, and sunscreen, too. Make use of the handwashing stations and rest areas throughout the grounds.

Where to eat


As there is no onsite camping, there will be no opportunity for cooking. However, it’s full steam ahead once you get back to your camping site. Some parks and resorts offer shared facilities, but you can also use your onboard kitchen. If you need to stock up on ingredients, you can look for a farmers market near the fairgrounds or choose from several grocery stores within a 10 to 15-minute drive.


If you tire of fair food or leftovers, then it might be time to head into Jackson and see what else is on offer. Given the number of people in Jackson for the fair, allow extra time for service. There are both family-friendly and intimate dining establishments within five miles of the fairgrounds. Some are even within walking distance.


With the midway spanning over one mile of the fairgrounds, you will have no problem finding something interesting to eat or purchase as a gift at the Mississippi State Fair. Food stands line the grounds, with all different cuisines available. Stick with tried and trusted corn dogs, or satisfy your sweet tooth with cotton candy. You can even start your Christmas shopping early with fair merchandise as well.



The Mississippi State Fair is a family-friendly event, so there will be plenty of security on site to make you feel safe. Police will wander around the fairgrounds, but they will also have a base by the livestock barns. You may also be subjected to searches as you enter the grounds.


Weather in Jackson, Mississippi during the fall averages around the high 60s to low 70s. Even though summer has waved goodbye, you’ll find the fall temperatures are mild and comfortable for most of the time. Rain this time of year is usually minimal, but you’ll need extra layers on your bed in the RV once you retire for the night.


A medical first aid site is open for the general public by the livestock barns and the main stage. If you sustain any minor injuries during your visit to the fairgrounds, visit this area immediately. Alternatively, a medical center is within one mile of the grounds, and a pharmacy a mere five minutes away by car.