Mo Pop Festival

Planning an RV vacation to Detroit? Stop at the Mo Pop Festival for some great music, food, and entertainment.

Event information

The Mo Pop Festival is a music festival that's held in downtown Detroit every year. It is purposefully kept smaller than many other festivals and features music from a range of genres like pop, indie-rock, and hip hop. The event serves as a platform for both well-known musicians as well as upcoming local artists.

The festival was first held in 2013 at the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in suburban Sterling Heights. It took place at the same venue the following year with a few improvements such as staggered set times to allow guests to enjoy all the musical acts. Around 7,500 people attended the event in the first two years.

Artists like Modest Mouse, Atlas Genius, Haim, Phantogram, Middle Kids, Bon Iver, Glass Animals, Cold War Kids, Flint Eastwood, Highly Suspect, and Foster the People have performed at Mo Pop Festival in the past. It started as a one-day event but has since grown to become a two-day festival.

The festival moved to a larger venue in Detroit in 2015 thanks to its popularity and to further its growth. In addition to the world-class music, festival attendees can also enjoy local Detroit food and beverages, and soak in the sights of the city's scenic riverfront. Adding Mo Pop Festival into your RV camping trip can add a fun musical diversion to your activities in Michigan.


Mo Pop Festival offers weekend and single day passes as well as group tickets. They range in price from $80 (single-day pass) to $150 (two-day weekend pass). There is a limit of twelve tickets per order. You have the option of purchasing tickets without service fees at certain music and record stores that the organizers have tied up with in Michigan and some surrounding areas.

Children below the age of twelve can enter the festival for free, as long as they are with a pass-holding adult. Take a look at the festival website for more information on tickets and pricing.

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The Mo Pop Festival takes place at West Riverfront Park which is located along West Jefferson Avenue. The roads to the venue are wide, and motorists often do not have issues finding it using a GPS app. However, driving to the park is not recommended because traffic is likely to be quite hectic on festival days. It may be preferable to leave your RV at the campsite and carpool or take public transportation to the area.

Parking areas

There are two paid parking options available at the site: general parking and premium parking. Overnight parking or RV parking is not permitted at West Riverfront Park. Parking passes can be purchased along with festival tickets on the official website. It's a good idea to buy your parking pass in advance so that your spot is guaranteed.

Public Transportation

One way to get to the venue is by taking the People Mover, an automated system which operates on a single track. It encircles Downtown Detroit, so you can get dropped off less than a mile from the Mo Pop Entrance. You also have the option of riding your bike to West Riverfront Park and making use of the free bicycle parking.

Where to stay


Camping on site or parking overnight is not an option at Mo Pop Festival. So, you'll need to book a spot at a campsite or RV park nearby.


Detroit is an excellent place for an RV vacation thanks to its ski-friendly winters and mild summers. As a result, you'll find plenty of well-equipped campgrounds in the area, usually within a 45-minute drive. Some of these are near great fishing areas and golf courses. They also come with facilities like full-hookups, fully-stocked convenience stores, free WiFi, and pool access.

Getting around

West Riverfront Park is a sprawling 20-acre green oasis. You will need to get around on foot within the park since bikes, scooters, and other personal motor vehicles are not allowed. Most areas are fully accessible, and the site features a wide RiverWalk and well as three pathways connecting the waterfront to neighborhoods.

What to pack


Detroit is known to be a hip city, and its residents pride themselves on their individuality. So you may see flower crowns, costumes, and other fun wardrobe additions at the Mo Pop Festival. It can get quite humid during the day, so it's a good idea to wear light, comfortable clothing and shoes you can walk around in all day.


Pack a small bag or backpack with binoculars, earplugs, hand sanitizer, a portable charger, and a lightweight blanket. Your blanket will come in handy as a form of seating since folding chairs or lawn chairs are not allowed. You'll need to make sure your sunscreen is packed in a plastic container since no aerosols are permitted.

Health & Safety

Protect yourself from the heat and humidity by wearing plenty of sunscreen, some sunglasses, and a hat. Free water refill stations will be available throughout the venue, so make use of these to stay hydrated. If you're concerned about the safety of your possessions, you can rent a locker to keep them safe.

Where to eat


Campgrounds and RV parks in the area permit cooking on the stove associated with your RV, and many allow a small portable cooking appliance. However, there may be some restrictions when it comes to open fires and digging pits. Cooking at the venue is not allowed, and you cannot take outside food or beverages into the Mo Pop Festival.


You'll find some great restaurants, food halls, and bars close to the festival grounds. In addition to the incredible bakeries and coffee shops, you'll also be able to try some exceptional Mexican, Japanese, and Caribbean cuisine. Detroit's downtown area is rife with some excellent pizza joints, so be sure to check these out while you are in the area.


Large parts of the venue are designated as food and beverage areas. Here you can find everything from fast festival eats to gourmet delights. Special cocktails, beers and non-alcoholic drinks will be available at bar stands throughout the park. There is also a pop-up area where delicious food and drinks from local restaurants will be sold.



Staff and security personnel will be present at all Mo Pop Festival entrances. They will also be making rounds, so you can flag them down if you need assistance. All bags will be searched upon entry, and you may be subjected to a TSA-style pat down as well. There is a strict no re-entry policy, so you cannot exit and enter the venue.


Summers in the Midwest can get quite humid and warm, and there is also a good chance of rain. So make sure you dress according and carry all the items you may need for a comfortable adventure. A rain poncho or rain boots can come in handy if it starts to drizzle.


An EMS tent will be located near the main stage. Trained medical staff will be able to take action in case of emergencies. Medications and medically necessary materials can be brought in as long as they are accompanied by prescriptions labeled with the patron's name. Medications and other medical equipment can be stored in the EMS tent.