Moncove Lake State Park
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Moncove Lake State Park is a beautiful place to visit within West Virginia, within the town of Gap Mills. It is a large parcel of land surrounded by a wildlife management area. You'll find this lovely state park nestled in the hills, with Moncove Lake as a major feature of the park. You'll be able to take part in activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing within the park.

In Moncove Lake State Park, you have plenty of options for hiking and exploration. While you're checking out the area, make sure to keep an eye out for geocaches that you can look for while you're in the state park. If you need more of a challenge in your hike, the Allegheny Trail is not too far away. You can also hunt around the park, so be sure to come prepared.

You can bring your RV or camping trailer for camping at Moncove Lake State Park, or you can camp in a tent. The area has 48 camping sites, several of which have electrical hookups. You'll find plenty of space to picnic around your campsite, with picnic tables and grills available at each site.

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Moncove Lake State Park is located outside of Union, West Virginia, in Monroe County. When you're visiting the park, you're also only a short distance from historic Lewisburg, which features several historical sites that you can visit. It's also close to Greenbrier State Forest.

Once you check in, you will want to find your campsite. You'll find that about half of the sites at Moncove Lake State Park are primitive, with the rest having electrical hook-ups. You will be able to enjoy camping with either your RV or a tent while you're at the campsite. There is a central bathhouse that you can utilize while you're camping in the state park.

You can bring your boat with you when you come to camp at Moncove Lake State Park. You also have the opportunity to rent boats from the park when you're visiting. Your boat needs to have a less than 5 hp gasoline motor and meet all other state regulations.

In Moncove Lake State Park, you'll find that there aren't any trails for bicycling. Don't fret as you can still bring your bike. The nearby Greenbrier State Forest has plenty of biking trails for mountain biking enthusiasts.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Moncove Lake State Park

Campsites in Moncove Lake State Park

Reservations camping

Moncove Lake State Park Campground

This campground offers 48 different sites for campers to pitch a tent or park their camper. Of these, 25 have electrical hookups, while none have water or sewage hookups. These sites take reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There is a dump station on site at the campground, as well as drinking water facilities. The campground also has a centrally located bathhouse with showers that you can use while camping.

The campground has a nearby swimming pool that you can make use of while you are in the area. In addition to playgrounds also near the picnic sites, each of the campsites have grills and picnic tables. You can purchase firewood to utilize at the fire ring, as well. You can also rent the larger picnic shelters if you are coming with a group to the campground.

You have the ability to bring your boat to the campground, if you have one. You'll want to make sure it meets all state requirements though. If you don't have a boat, you can rent one to take out on the lake while you're camping.

First-come first-served

Moncove Lake State Park Campground

While the campground takes reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day, after Labor Day until the end of October, the campground's sites are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. There are the same number of campsites and the same amenities available. Of the 48 sites that you can bring your tent or trailer to camp at, 25 have electrical hookups. The rest are primitive sites. There is a centrally located bathhouse that you can use, with showers in the area. The swimming pool is not open after Labor Day, so you will not be able to use that in the later part of the year.

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You'll find plenty of fishing opportunities when you bring your RV to Moncove Lake State Park. Moncove Lake is 144 acres of prime fishing. If you're an avid angler, you are sure to want to bring your fishing gear. The lake features largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish, as well as walleye and trout. You'll need a valid West Virginia fishing license to go fishing here, but you can get this online prior to your trip.


You'll have the opportunity to go swimming when you camp at Moncove Lake State Park, so make sure you pack your swimsuit when you bring your rig for camping. While there's no swimming within Moncove Lake itself, the campground has a swimming pool that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It even includes a baby wading pool, as well as restroom and bathhouse facilities. You can also get snacks at the snack bar by the pool.


You can go hunting in Moncove Lake State Park, as well as the surrounding Moncove Lake Wildlife Management Area, so bring your equipment in your camping trailer. You can only hunt when the animals are in season, and you will need a valid hunting license, which you can get before your trip to the state park. You'll find a variety of wildlife that can be hunted in season, from whitetail deer to wild turkeys. Waterfowl can be hunted in season, as well as squirrels and rabbits.



You'll be able to enjoy the limited hiking opportunities at Moncove Lake State Park when you come camping with your RV or tent. There are five trails around the park, with the longest one being roughly two miles in length. The trails range in difficulty, with some having steep ascents and descents. If you need more of a hiking challenge, be sure to check out the nearby Allegheny Trail which is located on Peter's Mountain.

Bird Watching

You will find that Moncove Lake State Park is a bird watchers paradise, so make sure you pack your binoculars when you get your rig ready. In addition to more than 160 bird species that have been identified here, it is considered to be a migratory hot spot given its proximity to Peter's Mountain and the Appalachian Mountains. You'll be able to see species such as broad-winged hawks, as well as a variety of songbirds.


When you come to Moncove Lake State Park, you will find that there are plenty of places to picnic, so you won't need to worry about eating within your RV all of the time. The park has picnic tables in different locations, as well as a snack bar near the swimming pool. There are picnic shelters that take reservations for large groups, as well as other picnicking areas with grills, conveniently located near the restrooms and playgrounds.