Moondance Jam

Are you ready to rock and roll and enjoy a raw, gritty, and electrifying atmosphere? Head over to the Moondance Jam for a summer weekend of fun.

Event information

The Moondance Jam festival is known for its rock and classic rock theme. Whether you’re a diehard rock fan or you are a music enthusiast and are a fan of magnetic atmospheres, you will have plenty to write home about from this music event. What’s more, your camping experience with your swanky RV will be enhanced tenfold; you will have your own space to camp with your mobile home on site. The festival is held annually every summer in mid-July at Leech Lake (in Chippewa National Forest area) in Minnesota.

Campers entering the campground and concert area should have wristbands, as no entry without them will be permitted. There are designated camping areas for campers, not in the same area as where the concert is held, but within walking distance to the concert area. The concert area has a vast grass area for seating where campers are permitted to use lawn chairs. Lawn chair seating is provided at a fee. A reservation tag can be purchased through the Moondance ticket link.

The fest is primarily intended for adult folk, and it’s easy to see why. With a plethora of designated watering holes and alcohol vendor spots, a much younger audience would be ill-fitted to attend. Parents are thus discouraged from bringing young children.


For an optimum purchasing experience, attendees are encouraged to order tickets for the concert simultaneously with their camping tickets. This is for easy processing. People are encouraged to purchase Moondance Jam tickets as early as possible to get them at lower prices (ticket prices go up as the festival approaches). The type of ticket purchased will correspond to the kind of camping pass purchased for the vehicle. Prices for tickets depend on the type of pass purchased and the number of days. Rates can vary between $125 for one day General Admissions to $1600 for Ten Ticket Party Pack.

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Moondance Jam festival is located in the district of Walker, which is approximately 35 miles to the south of Bemidji and about 60 miles to the north of Brainerd. The festival grounds may be accessed via the main state highway 371, which overlaps with 200. RVs and camper trailers must produce their wristband and vehicle permits to be allowed to enter. Vehicles should be checked into their camping sites before the designated time as mentioned with their ticket information or via the festival website.

Parking areas

Upon entry to the venue, you must have a ticket pass which will then be exchanged for a wrist band. All entrants to the main gate must have an ID on their person for identification. RVs and camp trailers are allowed only one vehicle per campsite and must not drop off the vehicle and leave. RVs to remain at campsite for the duration of the festival. Daily parking is available on site for a certain price. Their official website should be checked for current prices.

Public Transportation

Getting to the festival via public transportation, one can use a myriad of options such as shuttle services, taxis, and bus lines. Motorists will often travel on the main highways of 371, 200, or 34 depending on your place of origin. The area of Walker, Minnesota is somewhat remote, and travelers will need to be aware that the festival site is near the east end of the community in the Township of Turtle Lake.

Where to stay


The camping experience at Moondance is one of the main attractions for attendees as it provides a vast array of activities that can be enjoyed by campers for the duration of the three-day weekend of fun. For starters, campers with RVs or camper trailers must reserve tickets online before their arrival if they wish to have a better spot. People who would like to reserve space with their friends and are using multiple vehicles are advised to book together so they can be assigned adjacent camping parking spaces.

Campgrounds are designated according to General and Reserved. Some campsites are for people who are 21 years and older unless accompanied by a parent or guardian for younger teens. Campers are advised to carry their ID with them on their person at all times.

Various onsite facilities are provided to make your camping experience fun and seamless. RVs are supplied with water filling and pumping services by a service contractor on site upon request with a separate fee. Shower services are also available in certain areas that campers can utilize. Electricity facilities are provided for Reserved Campgrounds; books your reserved ticket and get a spot for your RV.


Within a 10-mile radius, there is an assortment of campgrounds galore around Leech Lake. Their activity offerings are as numerous as the camps; with activities ranging from boat renting, fishing and swimming. They offer amenities for RVs such as electrical, water hookups, the full gamut. Your camping experience, coupled with the Moondance Jam festival would make for an epic summer vibe.

Getting around

The proximity of camping grounds is such that it is easier to get around by foot between the campsite and concert area. No scooters, golf carts, and boats are allowed on festival grounds. Guests have been known to encounter some unique types of transportation; so keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual.

What to pack


Campers are recommended to pack different types of clothes for the festival. Since most campers are in the area for more than a day, it is advisable to pack warm clothing in case the weather gets a bit chilly in the evenings. By and large, since Moondance Jam is in summer, light clothing is the best option. Shoes can be anything from flip flops to boots, but since the experience is an informal one with lots of leisure time, it is suggested that shoes should be comfortable. Hats, as a rule of thumb, are an excellent accessory to pack and they should be part of your clothing items to shield you from the scorching sun.


Campers should note that food and coolers are not allowed in the designated concert area and should remain at your campsite. Illegal drugs, kegs, and beer bongs are explicitly banned from the venue entirely. Campers are strongly advised to switch off generators and all appliances by the designated time to prevent any potential mishaps.

Health & Safety

As a precaution, it is always advisable to carry sunscreen on your person. For quenching your thirst and cooling yourself, ice and freshwater vendors are available around the concert arena and also at the campgrounds. Smoking is prohibited in enclosed building spaces; it is permitted in some outdoor open areas. Officials ask that guests respect one another while smoking and remember to dispose of cigarette butts in trashcans provided at various points on concert area and campgrounds.

Where to eat


RV campers are allowed to cook on site and can find firewood for cooking or camping enjoyment. Firewood vendors are available on site. For those who would rather step out and buy something outside of campgrounds, there are various shopping options around the Walker area where groceries can be purchased.


Walker has quite a number of eateries that will satiate your appetite. From the quaint coffee cafes to the warm and welcoming family restaurants about town, yours will be an outing worth remembering. Also, if you prefer an upscale eating establishment, you will have options there as well.


Part of the camping experience is being able to enjoy an assortment of food types from different food vendors on site. Campers can purchase food using different options; Moondance Bucks, cash, credit or debit cards. Other vendors offer items that festival-goers can buy as souvenirs.



Security is provided at all times and for the duration of the event. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the campgrounds or anywhere on festival grounds. Campers are thoroughly searched to ensure the safety of all campers on site. Vehicles are not permitted to park anywhere else on site except for their designated locations.


Summer weather, ergo, hot weather is to be expected. Patrons should dress appropriately for the weather and hydrate as much as possible for the duration of the three-day festival. Sunscreen is your best friend and should be used throughout the fest. Rain or shine, the show must go on, so no worries about cancellations for your much anticipated epic weekend.


Emergency medical services will be available onsite at all times. You are advised to take precautionary measures about any prior medical conditions you might have and inform medical staff about any potential problems. Special needs accessibility is provided. Campers with accessibility needs should request a permit before entry to the festival and tell organizers of any requirements pertaining to your needs.