Morgans Bridge Campground


Located on the gorgeous Blackfoot River, Morgans Bridge Campground is the perfect place to call home for your RV camping getaway in eastern Idaho. Operated and maintained by the BLM, Morgans Bridge Campground is available for RV lovers to use free of charge and is one of five campgrounds managed by the BLM on the banks of the Blackfoot River.

Morgans Bridge Campground is part of the Blackfoot River Special Recreation Management Area that contains over 14,000 protected acres along the banks of the waterway. The river is the main attraction for visitors to the campground thanks to the numerous recreational opportunities that it offers all year round. The most popular activity on the river is to go fly fishing, but paddling and swimming are also common since this part of the river has a low flow level.

Camping at the Morgans Bridge Campground is available all year round on a first-come, first-served basis with no restriction on RV size. All of the sites are very easy to access and are suitable for beginner RV campers. If the campground is full you can also check out the Trail Creek Bridge Campground to the north or the Cutthroat Trout Campground to the south. Peak visitation time at Morgans Bridge Campground is during the summer months.

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Driving to and from Morgans Bridge Campground is relatively easy thanks to the multiple ways that you can reach this area of the Blackfoot River. The most common route to take is to turn off from the I-15 at Fort Hall and continue east for around 30 miles until you reach the river. Visitors can also take backcountry roads from the north to reach the campground. However, that is not recommended unless you are a local due to the road conditions being unknown.

There are no stores near Morgans Bridge Campground, so you will have to stock up on your supplies before beginning your journey. The best places to do so will be off the I-15 at Fort Hall, Blackfoot, or Pocatello as once you get off the highway and make your way to the campground there are no places to stop.

The roads to Morgans Bridge Campground are kept in good condition and should be suitable for most RVs, but during the wintertime, there can be a lot of snowfall in the area. If you are traveling during this time you can contact the local BLM office for an update on conditions and confirm that the campground will be open before you depart on your journey.


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First-come first-served

Morgans Bridge Campground

If you are looking for a free campground along the Blackfoot River, you can't beat Morgans Bridge Campground. Operated by the BLM, the campground is the perfect place to use as your home base when visiting the Blackfoot River Special Recreation Management Area.

Morgans Bridge Campground contains 12 sites, 10 of which are suitable for RV use and two that can only be used by walk-in campers. There is no enforced size restriction for RVs and each site is quite big, but if you are concerned that your rig won't fit, you can call the BLM office to double-check. The campground is very primitive and does not feature electric, water, or sewer hookups. There are no dumpsters or water collection points either. The facilities are limited, but there are picnic tables, fire rings, and a vault toilet for your convenience. Visitors will also have the chance to launch their watercraft into the river at one of the best locations on the river.

All of the sites at Morgans Bridge Campground are available on a first-come, first-served basis only and they can be used for up to 14 days at a time. The campground is popular during the summer months, so if you plan on visiting during this time try to arrive early in the day to secure a site.

Trail Creek Bridge Campground

Another great free dry-camping option along the Blackfoot River is the Trail Creek Bridge Campground. Located seven miles north of Morgans Bridge, Trail Creek Bridge Campground is very similar and also doesn't require any fees in order to use it.

There are six sites available for visitors to call home, four of which are located on the downstream section of the river and two that are on the upstream. There is no trash collection at Trail Creek Bridge Campground, nor are there any major services, but you will be able to enjoy the use of a fire ring, picnic table, and vault toilets. If you are interested in accessing Blackfoot River there is a spot for you to do so at the campground but it is undeveloped.

No reservations are required for Trail Creek Bridge Campground and it can be used all year round for up to 14 days at a time.

Cutthroat Trout Campground

The smallest of the three campgrounds located on the southern stretch of the Blackfoot River is Cutthroat Trout Campground. Also operated by the BLM, Cutthroat Trout Campground is the smallest of the three campgrounds that you can stay at free of charge in the class two designated area of the river.

Here you will find three campsites right next to the river that are accompanied by three picnic areas and a vault toilet. There are no other major facilities within the campground so you will have to bring all your own water and haul out any trash once you have finished with your camping adventure. This campground will be the quietest out of the three and will suit visitors looking to get away from it all.

None of the sites at the Cutthroat Trout Campground can be reserved in advance and they are all available via the first-come, first-served method only. There is no RV size limit, but large rigs may struggle to navigate the gravel road into the campground.

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Fly fishing is the most popular recreational activity for visitors to Morgans Bridge Campground due to the incredible fishing conditions of the Blackfoot River. The river is home to many species, but the most common that is targeted by anglers are rainbow and cutthroat trout.

In the lower section of the river (which is where the campground is) the best time to fish is in October and November, but it can be done all year round. Remember to bring your own fishing gear since there are no rental facilities near the campground.


Since the BLM manages over 14,000 acres of land around Blackfoot River, there are plenty of great trails to check out once you are finished with having fun out on the river. Most of the trails near the river are not difficult and are relatively flat with no major obstacles.

If you are looking for some more challenging hiking opportunities, you can also head out to Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge that is located to the east of Morgans Bridge Campground.

Wolverine Canyon

If you are looking to have some fun during the winter months near Morgans Bridge Campground, you can head to Wolverine Canyon. Located 33 miles to the north of the campground, the canyon is a great place to do some snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or even just have a snowball fight. The impressive natural structure also makes for a great backdrop for any scenic photos you may wish to take during your visit.



It would be rare for visitors to Morgans Bridge Campground to not bring a watercraft and get out on the Blackfoot River. This section of the river is known as being a "class two" area where the water level is lower and the rapids are slower in comparison to the upstream section. This is great news for visitors looking to chill out and go for a float without having to worry about river rapids pulling them away.

While there is no proper boat launch area at Morgans Bridge Campground, there is a calm area to put-in and take-out your watercraft of choice. No motorized boats are allowed and there are no rentals available.


Since you are staying right on the banks of the Blackfoot River you need to make the most of it if the weather is warm by going for a swim. The river is known to be a little chilly, but it will be a welcome relief on a summer's day. There is no designated swimming area at Morgans Bridge Campground but due to the slow flow of the river in this area, swimming is possible.


Another great way to spend an afternoon at Morgans Bridge Campground is to set up a picnic at your campsite. Each site comes equipped with a picnic table and a fire ring so you will have the option to cook up a meal while enjoying the picturesque river views.

There is also plenty of room at the campground to throw out a blanket and enjoy the peace and quiet from the riverbank. Remember to bring your own water supplies when visiting since there are no collection points available.