Mountain Jam

Mountain Jam is ideal for RV campers looking out for music, shopping, and food! Enjoy unforgettable performances in the picturesque Bethel farms.

Event information

Mountain Jam is a popular multi-stage event that inculcates four days of music, fun, and festivity. The event has been consistently rated as one of the top music festivals in the country by reputed publishers and outlets including Pollstar. Guests usually prefer attending all four days of the festival which makes RV camping an ideal choice to make the most of the stay. RV camping adds to flexibility since guests get to revel in the festival ambiance with home-like comfort.

The festival had been organized at Hunter Mountain in New York for 14 years and switched to the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts in 2019 as its new home. The event site sprawls across an area of 800 acres of lush greenery. Bethel gets more rainfall than the national average. Therefore, while the temperature remains mild during the summer, it is a great idea to be prepared for the occasional storm that'll offer lasting relief from the sunshine!

Mountain Jam is the ideal place to enjoy rock music and camping together with at least three stages that offer nonstop music fun. The festival has seen performances by leading musicians and bands including Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Black Keys, Robert Plant, Phil Lesh, and Widespread Panic to name just a few.

The event is much more than music, though. It's a complete family event with something for everyone. Guests can also enjoy shopping in the vendor village. Witness the true spirit of Woodstock at Bethel with Mountain Jam and head straight to the farms of Bethel where the magic happens every year!


Tickets typically go live around late winter or early spring. The prices generally increase as the event date draws closer. Single-day tickets usually range between $70 and $120 while the weekend passes are priced between $200 and $600. The event provides General Admission tickets, VIP passes, and family packs. Guests who wish to camp must also purchase a camping pass whose level (general/VIP) must match that of the Four-Day Pass.

Car-side camping passes vary from $150 to $300 while RV camping passes are usually priced between $400 and $800. Some smaller rigs might be able to us a car-side camping pass if they fit the specifications for that pass type. There are designated areas for general and VIP camping onsite. Guests who are staying offsite need to purchase a parking pass which is usually priced in the range of $30 to $100. Tickets can be purchased via the Mountain Jam website.

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Mountain Jam is organized at the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts which is located at 200 Hurd Road, Bethel in New York. The site is situated approximately 100 miles away from New York City and 120 miles from Danbury, Connecticut. It is some 50 miles away from Sussex, New Jersey. There are also simple routes for guests arriving from Massachusetts, Western New York, and Pennsylvania. It is recommended to check your travel routes in advance as direct local routes can be better-suited over GPS.

Parking areas

All guests must purchase either a camping or parking pass. The festival also allows guests to stay offsite and enter daily if a single-day parking or weekend pass has been purchased. Guests with VIP passes can choose to park in the VIP parking lot that is closest to the venue when they check out online. The parking passes are only valid for vehicles that are smaller than a 15 passenger van. Mountain Jam also maintains dedicated ADA parking. Guests must choose the ADA onsite parking pass when checking out to opt for this parking space. Vehicles that are parked inside will not be able to re-enter after leaving the festival site.

Public Transportation

Mountain Jam operates shuttles from New York City and Williamsburg. Guests must carry a photo-ID with them which will be required at the time of check-in when boarding the shuttle bus. The festival also maintains shuttles from the nearby hotels. If you are attending the festival with a large group, a private charter can be booked as well.

Where to stay


Mountain Jam maintains dedicated spaces for RV camping in Bethel Woods. Those who wish to camp on site must purchase a separate camping pass for the duration of the festival. You can also bring in friends (with their own passes) to make the most of your time at the concert. There are options for glamping and tent camping as well. General admission individuals must purchase general admission camping tickets while VIP ticket holders would need a VIP camping pass. The campgrounds are equipped with hand-washing stations, bathrooms, and drinking water. Guests camping in an RV can request wastewater removal as well as water refill for a nominal fee. If you wish to camp alongside friends or another group, you should arrive together to be allotted adjacent campsites. The festival does not permit companion vehicles such as motorcycles in the RV campgrounds.


Bethel, New York and is surroundings area are home to several beautiful campgrounds. Campsite offerings include woodsy environments, hookup options, and sometimes even a pool. Attendees can also plan a visit to the Museum at Bethel Woods which is close to the concert venue and is free of charge for guests with festival passes.

Getting around

Walking distance to the performance area will depend on where you are camping. Guests holding a VIP pass will be provided a camping space closest to the main site. They will also be provided access to a hospitality lounge in addition to dedicated campsite concierge services. Guests can travel on foot throughout the festival venue.

What to pack


Festival guests are advised to be prepared for unexpected weather changes. Comfortable summer clothing is expected attire in June. Sunglasses, hat, and scarves are also ideal in case it gets too hot. Good shoes that can keep your feet happy all through the weekend are key in this walking venue.


Mountain Jam allows guests to carry a camera without an interchangeable lens. The use of professional equipment, as well as GoPros, is not permitted. The use of generators is also prohibited. Mountain Jam does not allow the use of instruments or amplifiers of any kind which gives you all the more reason to look forward to the onstage action! The use of drones, fireworks, and heating appliances is also prohibited.

Health & Safety

Insect repellant and sunscreen are essential since you'll be out and about most of the time. The use of glass containers is not allowed in view of safety considerations. The festival prohibits the use of any non-medical drug. Keep a first-aid kit with all the essential medications handy.

Where to eat


Enjoy your cooking adventures at Mountain Jam! Your RV kitchen lets you whip up a culinary masterpiece between sets, just be sure to double-check for any limitations on cooking equipment or fuels. If you would like to cook outside of your rig, be sure to check regulations for this as well. The event allows the use of approved cooking appliances that are certified. Only one appliance is permitted per campsite, and appliances may not be left unattended at any time. Furniture, awnings, and grills can also be used within the allotted camping space.


There are several great restaurants and eating outlets in the Bethel Woods area. If you'd like to enjoy local and international delicacies at the lakefront, consider visiting one of the restaurants near the Kauneonga Lake which is located nearby. Local cuisines are a great way to relax and rejuvenate after all day long musical action at Mountain Jam!


Mountain Jam has a number of food and craft vendors on site. Festival-goers will have plenty of variety including local farmers' market-style vendors and general festival foods. The festival will also have booths serving drinks including microbrews, soft drinks, and mixed drinks. Remember to have some cash with you in case a vendor does not accept cards.



A festival security team will search all vehicles for prohibited items including pets, glass, drugs, pets, and illegal substances upon entry. The festival does not permit the use of nitrous and other illegal materials. Guests are allowed to carry only two size-specific alcohol items per person in permissible aluminum or plastic containers.


Temperatures often remain moderate in the town of Bethel, but it can sometimes get hot in the festival open spaces. Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Lightweight summer clothing and something for unforeseen rainfall and storms are good items for your packing list. Mountain Jam will continue rain or shine, but weather alerts will be issued by the festival if needed.


Mountain Jam maintains medical stations which function around the clock. Find emergency personnel or a volunteer in the event of a medical emergency to get help quickly. The festival is fully accessible to ADA individuals and is navigable with the use of wheelchairs and scooters considering the long distances. Guests must bring personal means of transportation as the festival is unable to provide wheelchairs.