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Mt. Ascutney State Park is a campground and park located in the wilds of Vermont. The park was one of the first Vermont state parks established, which occurred between 1935 and 1938. The park flanks Mt. Ascutney to the north, south, and east, so this mountain is a dominating sight for visitors to the park.

Mt. Ascutney State Park has plenty of hiking trails to keep visitors busy. There are also races annually for competitors driving automobiles, biking, and running, so you may time your visit to coincide with one of these events if you're an interested competitor. The park has multiple launch sites for hang gliders, which you can watch even if you don't necessarily want to take part in this sport. Nearby, you can also enjoy a fishing break from the park.

Mt. Ascutney State Park has a campground with 38 tent and RV sites, as well as 10 lean-to sites. There are no hookups in the park for your RV, but there is a sanitary dump station. The two camping loops have modern restrooms and hot showers, and there is a pavilion that you can rent for outdoor functions, such as family reunions and weddings.

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Mt. Ascutney State Park is located in Vermont, outside of the town of Windsor. You can reach the park by traveling on Route 131 and then turning onto Route 5. Finally, you will take Route 44A until you get to the park. Once at the park, you can check into your campsite and start exploring everything that the park has to offer.

The biggest hazard driving to the park is navigating the mountain roads, so you will want to exhibit caution and drive carefully at any time of year. During the winter months, the roads can be especially hazardous for all drivers, not just those with an RV or camping trailer, so you will want to drive carefully and make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the winter weather.

Once you have made it to Mt. Ascutney State Park, you will need to find your campsite. There are two camping loops that all of the sites are located around, so you may need directions to your site. You should be on the lookout for other drivers, as well as bikers and hikers when you drive through the campground.


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Mt. Ascutney State Park Campground

Mt. Ascutney State Park has sites for tent and RV camping located around the property. Many of the sites are only large enough for a tent, so you will want to make sure that you have reserved an appropriate site if you are coming with a camping trailer or RV. There are no hookups, but there is a sanitary dump station that you can use when you are at the campground.

There are two camping loops that the 38 RV and tent sites, as well as the 10 lean-to sites, are located around. Each of the camping loops has a modern restroom, as well as coin-operated hot showers the you can utilize after a day on the trails. The park also features a picnic pavilion that you can reserve for group events that provides spectacular views across the valley. It is a great site for weddings and family reunions, and you can spot wildlife while you are there or enjoy hang gliders taking to the skies.

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When you arrive at Mt. Ascutney State Park, you will want to have your fishing gear handy in your camping trailer. The park does not have an immediate area to fish, but you can travel to the Connecticut River to partake in fishing. The river offers a range of fishing opportunities, including walleye, panfish, rainbow trout and brown trout. Unlike some other Vermont state parks, Mt. Ascutney State Park does not participate in the Reel Fun fishing program.

Hang Gliding

Extreme sports enthusiasts come to Mt. Ascutney State Park to enjoy what many people deem a frightening sport: hang gliding. There are two launch sites at the park that people can launch from and enjoy the aerial views of Mt. Ascutney and the surrounding areas. It is considered one of the premier sites in Vermont to enjoy hang gliding, so you will want to bring your equipment in your RV when you stay at this park.


Mt. Ascutney State Park features five trails that range in difficulty, so anyone with some experience can enjoy the hiking that the park offers. The summit trail is a little over a mile long, and it features an observation tower with views in every direction. The park has for trails actually going up the mountain (Mt. Ascutney), with great views along points in the trails. A spur trail is present that you can explore for great views, as well as acting as a hang gliding launch. Make sure to pack your hiking boots in your RV.


Winter Sports

The park has no staff or facilities open during the winter months when it is closed for camping, but you can still come exploring the trails at Mt. Ascutney State Park during the winter. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are great ways to get a different look at the park from the ground. There are also plenty of hills where you can enjoy sledding during the winter months when it snows. It's a quieter time of year, so make sure you bring your winter weather equipment in your camping trailer.


Don't forget to bring your picnic basket in your RV when you come to Mt. Ascutney State Park, as there are plenty of opportunities around the park to enjoy a picnic. Most of the camping sites have picnic tables that you can eat at, and there is also a pavilion that seats 30 people located at the summit, made of stone and logs. There's also a picnic area at the foot of Mt. Ascutney that you can enjoy before or after a hike up the mountain.

Viewing Wildlife

Make sure that you pack your binoculars and a camera in your RV or camping trailer when you come to Mt. Ascutney State Park to record all of the animals you spy, as you can enjoy looking at a variety of flora and fauna. Bird watchers coming to the park have spotted a range of birds, from bald eagles and golden eagles to black-throated warblers and scarlet tanagers. You can also see other wildlife, including black bears, white-tailed deer, and foxes.