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Are you looking for a perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some quality time in nature where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and wake up to the sound of songbirds instead of traffic? Search no more – Mt. Gilead State Park is the right place for your next campervan vacation. This small but enchanting park is located in the center of Ohio, near Mount Gilead village, surrounded by hills that contribute to the jaw-dropping landscape of the area. The breathtaking views wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for the beautiful lakes which mirror the dense forests colored in soothing green or yellow and red nuances, depending on the time of the year.

Even though Mt. Gilead State Park takes up only 181 acres, you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that there’s nothing to do there. On the contrary – it offers a variety of activities that you can enjoy during your RV trip, from picnicking and hiking to fishing and boating, as well as sledding and ice-skating, should you decide to visit the park during winter. There are 63 campsites you can choose from, depending on your requirements and whether you want a more or less secluded site to park your motorhome there. Once you pick the most convenient one, it’s time to immerse yourself in activities you find most compelling and leave all your troubles behind.

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Located in the vicinity of Mount Gilead village, Mt. Gilead State Park is rather easily accessible from State Route 95, but you can also reach it if you take I-71. In case you’re coming from the east side of the campground road, there should be no difficulties whatsoever, and the same goes for those arriving via Whetstone Creek, in which case you can approach the park from the north side.

The campground is rather small, as it consists of only two loops. Thus, you should bear in mind that, once you park your rig there, it’s best that you use your bike to go around the park or drive to the lakes. If you have a large RV or travel trailer, you might want to stick to the lower section, as this part of the campground is somewhat more spacious than the upper section.


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Mt. Gilead State Park Campground

Mt. Gilead State Park Campground includes 22 campsites which have full hookups (water, electricity, and sewer), and 36 electric-only sites. Other amenities include outdoor courts, fire rings, firewood, campsite tables, gazebo, amphitheater, and many others. If you’re traveling with kids, there is a playground for children where they might even make some new friends. You can go for a walk by the lake or explore one of the hiking trails. Pets are allowed everywhere except for the two deluxe camper cabins, each of which can host up to six adults. These are only available from May through October. The campground is not that spacious, so two vehicles maximum are permitted per site.

Seasonal activities in Mt. Gilead State Park


Cross-Country Skiing

If you are among those adventurous enough to try out cross-country skiing, there is this option too. The hiking trails in Mt. Gilead State Park turn into challenging but beautiful cross-country skiing areas so you can indulge in this recreational activity to make the best of a chilly winter day. If conditions permit, even picnic areas might be open for this activity, provided the ground is completely covered with snow. Skiers are required to bring their own equipment.

Ice Fishing

Another reason why you certainly won’t get bored in Mt. Gilead State Park if you plan your RV trip off-season is that you can go ice fishing, given that there are 32 acres of water. If the temperature is low enough for the lakes to freeze, don’t miss this outdoor adventure. Before you take your equipment and head to the lake, find out everything you need to know about ice fishing regulations. And always be careful while out on the ice.


Should you decide to visit Mt. Gilead State Park during winter, don’t be worried about spending too much time in your motorhome – you can go sledding instead and still have some fun in the fresh air. There are great sledding paths in the hilly area of the park, so all you need is enough snow and proper equipment. Don’t forget to wear adequate clothes too, and check the safety rules before you embark on your sledding adventure.



If your idea of relaxation is to go fishing, you won’t lack that during your campervan vacation at Mt. Gilead State Park. Mt. Gilead Lake is home to various fish, including bluegill and bass. Note that you’ll need a valid Ohio fishing license for this activity, which you can obtain online with just a few steps. Then just print the license and don’t forget to bring it when you go fishing.


Another good idea for spending quality time in nature is to go hiking. There are seven trails that wind their way through Mt. Gilead State Park, varying in length and difficulty. These include three easy trails (Meadow Trail, Whetstone Trail, and Maple Grove), two moderate ones (Piney Woods Loop and Sam’s Creek), and two strenuous trails for those who are up for a challenge (Lakeside Trail and Fern Ridge). You’ll get to enjoy stunning scenery whichever you pick.


What better way to spend a part of your RV vacation than to go for a picnic and make a day of it, right? When you settle in Mt. Gilead State Park campground, you’ll find several picnic areas, including three picnic shelters that you can take on a first-come, first-served basis if they are not already reserved. In case you are planning to go on a picnic to celebrate something special, you can even reserve your shelter, just to be sure.