Music Midtown

At this exciting, music-filled festival you can enjoy friends, food, and luxury experiences. Find out about Music Midtown held in Atlanta, Georgia. RV camp along the way and in the area for a fun addition to your road trip.

Event information

This event takes place in Piedmont Park, which is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Music Midtown typically has four stages set up with over thirty performing artists. This festival, known to bring in some great headliners, takes place annually in mid-September.

During September in Atlanta, it is normally in the 80s during the day and in the 60s at night. Luckily for guests, Piedmont Park has tons of shade. There are trees scattered throughout the park as well as a lake, benches, and multiple playgrounds to add to your day.

The event is mostly about music, but they also have a Ferris wheel on which you can get a wonderful view of Midtown Atlanta and see the activity and stages around you. It’s the perfect bird’s eye view of everything that is happening in your surroundings.

Music Midtown maintains its focus on music, and nothing stops this huge music festival, not even a rainstorm. Come prepared to take on this crazy event with energy and excitement. RV guests will want to choose a nearby campground. Since it is a city park, camping is not permitted on site.

Georgia State Parks offer plenty of sites an stops along the way to Atlanta from several directions. Load up the camper and set your sites on Music Midtown.


Tickets can be bought online and are normally available up to six months or more in advance. General admission tickets range from $140 to $160, and VIP packages are priced separately. Once Music Midtown tickets have been purchased, you will get a wristband in the mail. It is extremely important to retain your wristbands as there are no paper tickets because the wristband is your ticket.

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Since Piedmont Park is located near the heart of Midtown Atalanta, access is mostly city driving. Motorists can expect the roadways to be a bit more crowded making it challenging to drive in with a larger vehicle. Knowing your route in advance will be beneficial when traveling in your RV. Festival officials encourage guests not to drive to the site, so you may want to plan to arrive at your campsite and then travel from there. GA 511 resources can help keep you up to date on road, weather, and local information throughout the state.

Parking areas

If you wish to park a car near the site, you will have a few options, but they are likely to be in high demand due to the festival crowds. Some street parking can be found around Piedmont Park. There is a parking lot located inside of Piedmont Park and can be accessed from Monroe Drive and another one on the opposite side of the park. Remember that these spaces may not be equipped to handle anything bigger than a car or pick-up truck.

Public Transportation

Event officials request that guests bike, walk, or use public transportation if possible to get to Music Midtown. MARTA (Atlanta’s public transit system) or the Beltline walkway trail are options. In recent years, the closest MARTA train stop has been a mile away from the park. From here, you can take a MARTA bus to Piedmont Park or enjoy the view by foot. Privately hired transportation is also an option if you are closer to town. The Beltline is beautiful to walk and ride. If you are a few miles away and are close to the Beltline, you may be able to rent a bike and go to the event. The views are delightful, and travelers can enjoy the beauty of the local architecture.

Where to stay


Piedmont Park is a beautiful open city space where the people who live in Midtown go to exercise, meditate, shop, and listen to great music. The park is full of life and energy, but unfortunately, there is no onsite camping at this amazing park. Guests can choose from the various Atlanta RV parks and campgrounds.


Several campgrounds surround the Midtown Atlanta area, including Atlanta Marrieta RV Resort located under 20 miles from Piedmont Park. Wooded areas and hiking trails provide a welcome respite from the Atlanta heat at places like. Fishing, kid-friendly nature trails, and RV-ready campgrounds are available for guests to relax and rest up for another day of music festival activities. Traveling along I-75 from the north? Cartersville / Cassville-White KOA may already be on your route to Midtown Music.

Getting around

Music Midtown offers multiple entrances for the festival. When you first enter you will notice the beauty of Piedmont Park. It is usually full of people enjoying independent time; however, for the festival, it may be packed with visitors ready to hear some fantastic music. There is a path that you can take all around the park. On that path, you will come by a beautiful lake filled with turtles and ducks, a couple of playgrounds for children and adults, a dog park, and a sports center.

What to pack


During September in Atlanta, the temperatures stay in the 80s during the day so you may want to wear shorts, tank tops, sunglasses, and a hat. Don’t forget comfortable shoes if you plan to walk to or around the park or visit Sweetwater Creek State Park within an hour's drive. Although there is a paved walking trail, most of the music takes place in grassy areas so comfortable sandals could work as well.


Music Midtown specifies what items can be brought into the festival area. Small purses and backpacks are allowed. Blankets, towels, or sheets may be preferred to sit in the grassy areas as desired. If you are seated farther back from the music, you may desire binoculars to help see your favorite act. If you enjoy a performer and want to let them know, you can bring a sign to show your affection. Be sure to check current festival guidelines and then have fun with your own creation of support.

Health & Safety

Atlanta during September is nothing to joke about in terms of heat. It can get pretty warm! So, make sure you bring water. For this festival, you can bring water in a couple of ways: one sealed water bottle or an empty plastic reusable water bottle. There are water stations located throughout the park where you can fill up. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, but aerosol cans are not permitted.

Where to eat


Snacks, cooking equipment, and coolers are not permitted at Music Midtown, so you may want to come prepared to enjoy some of the onsite vendors. Campsite cooking options will vary based on your chosen campground and possibly weather conditions. Remember to check campfire regulations for the area that you choose to camp. September is a common time for burn bans, so be sure to ask at your campground office is open flames will be allowed close to your departure.


A favorite for meals in the Atlanta area is to choose from the local cuisine. From biscuits to chicken, your options are endless in Atlanta. Travelers will also find a variety of bars and beer gardens in the area. If you are interested in regional brews, this area is for you. If you do feel like leaving and going to a restaurant there are quite a few located around the park. You may also find steaks, dim sum, cheesesteaks, and much more.


There will be plenty of delicious food options on site during Music Midtown. While vendors may change from year to year, festival-goers can expect to find hotdogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, and funnel cakes. However, many other food choices will also be available, such as vegan and gluten-free meals. So you can grab a drink and enjoy the music and performances with friends and family in the open air.



An inspection of your personal belongings is required to enter the festival. This is to help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for guests. There will be security posted around the entrance and exit. Especially since this event is in the city, make sure to lock your car, hide belongings, or leave them locked in your camper at your campsite. Also, there will be lockers you can rent to store items during the event if desired.


September weather in Atlanta is normally in the 80s so be prepared for the heat. Bring sunscreen in lotion form (non-aerosol), a hat, and a pair of sunglasses. The heat won’t be felt as much with places to sit in the shade. The festival will have water stations set up to help make sure people stay hydrated throughout the event. Music Midtown will happen rain or shine, and instructions will be given if severe weather occurs.


Event staff will operate emergency tents around the festival to help guests enjoy their experience even in the case of a minor incident. The nearest hospital is located under 15 miles away. There is also a pharmacy a little less than a mile away from the park in case someone in your crew needs to refill anything while on your trip. Remember to ask for help from the staff if assistance is needed.