Attend one of the oldest and biggest music festivals in the U.S. Musikfest is a 10-day festival with unparalleled entertainment.

Event information

Musikfest is one of the largest U.S Festivals and has been held annually in Bethlehem since 1984. It starts on the first Friday in August and lasts for 10 days. Every year thousands of people, from both Pennsylvania and abroad, gather to attend this momentous event.

Musikfest was founded by a community-based nonprofit organization called ArtsQuest, and even in 1984, the guest count was as high as 180,000. Over the decades, it has only grown in size and became known as one of the most diverse music festivals nationwide. With at least 16 stages, also called “platzes” at Musikfest, more than 900,000 music fans are brought together in Lehigh Valley to witness this spectacular event.

The festival is not only about music, so visitors can expect a variety of different shows and contests. You can expect to see art performances, comedy shows, dance performances and lots of other entertaining exhibitions. Each year it is something different, so download the official app or visit their website to find out more in detail.

If you are coming to Musikfest with your RV, bear in mind that there are no on-site RV campgrounds. Fortunately, there are plenty of nearby compounds or RV parks within Lehigh Valley, where you can stay.


Musikfest is a traditional, non-gated free festival. So, there will be a number of stages and performances that won’t require you to have a ticket to enter. Of course, the cream of the crop shows and artists may be ticketed, so if you plan to attend the festival specifically for those concerts, you will need to buy tickets or VIP Packages.

Purchasing tickets is pretty straightforward. Musikfest fans can go to the website and choose a concert to attend, select, and pay. The price of the ticket depends on both the artist in question and the seating section.

Ticket sales are final, and there are no refunds or exchanges. It is also possible that some of the events will have pre-order options, but that solely depends on the producers and promoters for a particular show. To get the most accurate and up to date information for each specific event, go to the official Musikfest website.

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The physical address for Musikfest is 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015. It is advised that motorists not drive all the way to the event site, as parking options may be minimal for RVs. It may be simpler to head directly to your reserved RV camp. Once you are all settled in your RV camp, you can choose public transport to get to the festival or walk if your campground is close enough to the event site.

Parking areas

Musikfest offers purchasable parking passes for those who wish to park close to stages, food vendors, and other venues. The parking lot is right in the heart of the festival grounds, on the college’s South Campus. These passes are usually sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are purchasable perks that are available for guests who already purchased tickets for one or more events.

Public Transportation

Organizers of the festival commonly partner up with a shuttle service provider, in order to make the event more accessible. Also, there is a shuttle service available for those who use satellite lots for parking. Additionally, LANTA offers bus service for visitors with disabilities, which is a loop shuttle that goes back and forth from North and South Bethlehem for the festival. Finally, you can always take private for-hire transportation to the festival.

Where to stay


There is no option for onsite camping at Musikfest. Guests will be able to choose from nearby campgrounds for their stay.


There are several nearby RV camping options within 15 to 30 minutes of the venue, and some of them offer a full range of hookup services. Since the festival lasts for 10 days, travelers may want to book an extended stay or come for part of Musikfest.

Lehigh Valley has a mix of suburban and rural areas, and campers can expect some resorts to be among natural surroundings. While you are not at the festival, there will be plenty of areas to explore and enjoy. You can go hiking, or even rent a boat and go fishing, or enjoy a barbeque. Nearby campgrounds offer great add-on experiences for those who come here with their RV.

Getting around

One efficient way to navigate the festival grounds is to download the map from the Musikfest website and have it accessible on your phone. There are going to be a lot of people at the festival, so you can also ask someone to fill you in or help you out if you are not sure where to go. If you need to go between the north and south side of the festival, knowing the shuttle schedule will help you organize your time better. Bear in mind that you will have to move on foot, as motor vehicles, bikes, roller blades, hoverboards or similar are not allowed on the festival grounds.

What to pack


Musikfest is a 10-day festival, so chances are you will pack like you are going on a vacation, rather than a short visit, should you plan to be there from the start until the end. Before going to the event each day, check online what kind of weather you can expect for that day. Since it is a summer festival, the temperature may be higher. So apply sunscreen as you set out each day, and take some with you for later in the day. Taking a hat and shades is also advised. Pack a raincoat just in case you are surprised by rain.


Musikfest fans may want to have a gear list for the camping and then note which items will be helpful for taking to the festival as needed. The best way to decide what type of gear you should bring is to check what amenities will be available at the campground where you plan to stay. In general, you may want a propane stove, cooler, tent for extra buddies, sleeping bags, and other items you need to make it a full camping experience. Pack your fishing gear and supplies, in case you also plan to go fishing. Large bags, outside food and beverages, and pets are not permitted into the festival. Remember to check the festival’s website for a complete list of what you may bring to the event.

Health & Safety

Remember to stock up on sunscreen and bug spray, so that bug bites and sunburns don’t end up being a nuisance. Stash a first aid kit in your rig, and prescription medications if needed. Bring plenty of drinking water, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and kid’s medications if applicable, since you may be away from home for 10 days.

Where to eat


Be prepared to do plenty of cooking at your campsite to help keep you going. If your campground allows, you may want to bring a propane stove, or grill, or fire ring. You can pack fresh meat and veggies in your RV fridge or cooler, or purchase food at a local store after you arrive in the Lehigh area. Alternatively, if you plan to fish as your campground, you can prepare the fish that you catch. Just make sure to have a backup meal plan, since you never know if your catch will be enough to feed your hungry crew of music lovers.


Guests will find many restaurants in the near vicinity of the Musikfest, and if you wish to support the organization, there are official partner restaurants where you can dine. Seafood, tender meat, burgers, and pizza these are some of the menu categories you can expect when it comes to partner restaurants.


Musikfest has a variety of different vendors, and the official list is usually released on its website once the vendors are selected. As a part of the festival, if you have purchased tickets, there might be some discounts that you can look forward to receiving. Food and beverage vendors operate on the Musikfest ticket system for selling items. Tickets for food and beverage items can be purchased with cash or via credit card, throughout the festival grounds.



Security staff has the right to search guests when entering Musikfest. Be prepared to open bags or backpacks during the inspection. Security staff may also use metal detection devices to promote a safe environment. Remember to review online the rules and code of conduct guests are expected to follow during the festival, as well as note the items that are not permitted. Details are available on the Musikfest website.


In August, festival-goers can expect the weather to be hot and sunny in the Bethlehem, PA area. If organizers decide that it is best to cancel an activity, they will notify guests at that time, and place cancelation details on the website. Try to be prepared for any weather type, especially if you plan to be in the area for multiple days.


If you or anyone with you need medical attention, there will be first aid tents throughout the festival. Staff members will be on hand to assist with minor injuries. Security staff is also there to help guests as needed and make sure that all guests safely enjoy the festival. Personal and legal medications are permitted.