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Muskegon State Park is a breathtakingly beautiful nature point in Lower Peninsula, Michigan. Boasting a wealth of scenic viewpoints scattered all over its 1,233 acres, this state park exposes nature and all its glory to those paying it a visit. The diversity of the forms of nature exhibited at this park is wonderful. This Muskegon County park is home to two lovely lakes, the two-mile long Lake Michigan and one-mile long Lake Muskegon. This eco-friendly and family-friendly park also features densely forested dunes, capricious sand dunes, miles of scenic hiking trails surrounded with gorgeous vista points, and an ever so lively Snug Harbor. Established in 1923 with an original area of 840 acres, the park also features the replica of a Civilian Conservation Corps-built blockhouse which burned down in the 1960s. The park also features gorgeous sandy beaches built at the lakes by Works Progress Administration in the late 1930s.

There is a wide variety of recreational activities that are offered at the park, ranging from swimming to picnicking, from fishing to boating, and from hiking to camping. RV camping is also offered at the park with two campgrounds featuring electric hookup sites and modernly built restrooms. The park is open on a daily basis all year round. Spring, summer, and fall are great times to hit this park, but the spirit and liveliness at the park do not cease even in the freezing chills of winter. The park offers ample opportunities for winter recreation at its popular Muskegon Winter Sports Complex that includes ice skating trails winding in the woodlands, epic sledding hills, cross-country ski trails, and an Olympic-style luge track. Muskegon State Park is a great place to visit any time of the year, so make it your next RV camping destination.

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Muskegon State Park is easy to access by car or RV. Located in close proximity to the city of North Muskegon, this park is just four miles to the western side of the city. From North Muskegon, it is a 10 to 15-minute drive on Memorial Drive Road and Ruddiman Drive Road. Grand Haven is another nearby city located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. From Grand Haven, it is about 22 miles and takes around half an hour to reach the park by taking US-31 N Highway.

There are a lot of parking options inside the park including parking at the park entrance and parking areas scattered around the campgrounds. The parking lots are spacious and there are usually no restrictions on RV length. Motor coach parking is also accommodated. There are no strict driving rules inside the park. A Recreation Passport is a must to enter the park and you can easily get one at the park’s contact station. A park map will come in handy to help you navigate inside, from the lakes and beach to the campground and hiking trails, and from the historic blockhouse to the woodlands and sand dunes.

The site of the historic blockhouse is near Lake Michigan and the sand dunes. Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon are closely located with a water channel separating the two. The campgrounds are also located on the shores of the lakes. The famous biking trail starts from the beach area and unwinds into the city of North Muskegon.


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Campgrounds and parking in Muskegon State Park

Campsites in Muskegon State Park

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Muskegon KOA

There aren’t many better ways to see the beauty of the Michigan Great Lakes region than with a visit to the charming Muskegon KOA. In close proximity to some of the best areas in Michigan, from the sandy beaches to the Michigan Adventure Park, there’s plenty to see and do. Muskegon KOA is a relaxing place to enjoy scenic views and have easy access to all the surrounding sites and attractions. On-site amenities include Wi-Fi, fishing, and bike rentals. Sites can accommodate rigs up to 65 feet, and propane and firewood are available on-site for purchase.

Lake Michigan Campground

The pet-friendly Lake Michigan Campground, built on Lake Michigan, features 105 campsites. Half of the campgrounds are open all year long, while the other half are only open from April until October. If you choose a campsite here you'll be surrounded by the beauty and shade of majestic hardwoods. This campground has much of the same amenities as the Channel Campground, including 30 and 50 amp hookups, wheelchair accessibility, restrooms, sanitation stations, and drinking water. You’ll also have a fire ring and picnic table at your site for you to enjoy. All campsites can be reserved up to six months in advance, so make your RV reservation today.

Channel Campground

The Channel Campground features 139 sites that are available from April until October. It is located on the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon so campers can enjoy the scenic views from both the lakes. Expect sites here to be pet-friendly and wheelchair accessible. You’ll also have 30 and 50 amp electric hookups available, as well as access to modernly built, clean, and well-maintained restrooms and showers. Most campsites feature grass or asphalt pads under the shade of beautiful hardwoods. If it’s too far of a walk, you can also just use one of the many vault toilets around the campground. You’ll also have a sanitation station nearby, as well as drinking water. The parking pads and lots are paved for your convenience and can accommodate large RVs. Bring up to six people and two vehicles to a single site for a great camping adventure. You can book your stay up to six months in advance.

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There are no campgrounds that are on a first-come, first-served basis only.

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Seasonal activities in Muskegon State Park



Muskegon State park’s 12-mile long hiking trails offer impressive scenic beauty to soak in while indulging in a pleasant hike through the densely forested dunes that characterize a part of the park’s eco-system. Some popular hiking trail are the Dune Ridge Trail and Devils Kitchen Trail, which boast over four miles of foot path that overlook the park’s scenic vista points including a sea of sand, murky woodlands, and the waterfront at Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon. Other trails include the Lost Lake, Loop to Loop, Scenic Ridge, and Hearty Hiker. There is also a two and a half mile long bike route starting from the beach area at the eastern side of the park all the way to the city of North Muskegon.

Attending the Fall Harvest Fest

Muskegon State Park holds a festival in October each year, and it is named the Fall Harvest Fest. It is meant exclusively for the campers. This family-friendly festival is filled with a variety of fun games and activities like face painting, campsite decorations, parades, and lots of nice little prizes. Halloween celebrations also take place at this festival with great pomp and splendor. Halloween festivities include trick or treating, costume shows, pumpkin carvings and much more.

Enjoying Water Sports

The water bodies of Muskegon State Park are bustling with a variety of recreational opportunities. You can launch your boats from Snub Harbor into Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon, which is an extremely active and vibrant spot of the park. You can also enjoy fishing at the park’s lakes, but you’ll need a fishing license for that. Another exciting activity at this site is swimming. Lots of enthusiastic swimmers rush to the beach to beat the summer heat. You can also indulge in sunbathing and witnessing the beautiful views of sunrise and suns. You won't to miss out on all the amazing aquatic adventure you can have during your RV road trip to Michigan.


Ice Fishing

In the icy winter when the lakes of Michigan freeze, it is impossible to indulge in the pleasure of fishing. But ice fishing can let you enjoy the delight of fishing even in the deep-freezing season. Ice fishing is a unique way of fishing where you catch fish by making holes in the ice over a lake or river. Immerse yourself in a unique, unforgettable, and more upscale fishing experience with your friends or family at Muskegon State Park’s well-maintained ice fishing spots.


There is no shortage of nature at Muskegon State Park. The park’s more than 1,000 acres feature diverse ecosystems ranging from sandy beaches, brilliantly blue lakes, and plain coastal marshes to the windswept sand dunes and dense woodlands. The park’s scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife will surely make your heart skip a beat. Other than the natural beauty and wildlife, the park also offers an impressive replica of a historic site. A colonial style blockhouse was built into the park by Civilian Corporation Corps in 1935. Unfortunately, the original wooden outpost got destroyed in 1960’s. Now its replica stands at the same place and is an extremely popular tourist attraction in the park.

Enjoying Winter Sports

When temperature falls to a freezing point, life usually slows down, but not at Muskegon State Park. The energy levels are on a peak even in the cold, with massive winter activities taking place at the park. During the ice-kissed season, usually lasting from November until March, the park’s Winter Sports Complex offers immense opportunities for fun. There is an ice skating trail that transitions into the park’s woodlands, many cross-country ski trails, and snow-covered sledding hills. The most extravagant of these winter offerings is an Olympic style luge track. This is the same place where US Olympian Mark Grimmette used to train for Olympics. The Winter Sports Complex is a must-stop in your RV during the winter.

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