Muskingum River State Park
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Muskingum River State Park offers a unique blend of history and camping near Zanesville, Ohio. The park’s water sports are among its biggest highlights. Boating and fishing are excellent and draws a lot of tourists to the park every year. You can bring your camper at any time of the year to enjoy Muskingum’s rich history, excellent recreational offerings, and a chance to unwind in your RV. 20 non-electric campsites invite RVers to bring their motorhomes and enjoy a waterside camping on Ellis Lock #11. The recreational bundle of the park includes activities like fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, birdwatching, and sightseeing.

The unique history of the region is what sets Muskingum River State Park apart from a number of other Ohio state parks. Visit Muskingum River State Park to treat yourself with Ohio’s 160-year old navigation system which is also a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The 112-mile long Muskingum River, a tributary of the well-known Ohio River, is a part of the park and offers fishing and boating pleasures for the RV campers. The river is also a great visual treat and can be accessed through several locks and dams. The river served as an essential trade route in the 19th century sealing the historical importance of this region forever. Plan your next RV vacation at Muskingum any time of the year. The best time to set up a camp is between April to October.

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Muskingum River State Park is situated on Ellis Road, a few miles away from Zanesville, Ohio. The journey to the park in your RV or trailer will take you less than 20 minutes from Zanesville via OH-146 E. The highway is RV-friendly, so feel free to bring your rig. All Ohio state parks’ rules for RVs and parking apply on Muskingum River State Park. No RV must be operated at a speed exceeding 20 miles per hour. Otherwise, feel free to use the park roads to drive your vehicles and access hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, and boat launches. Parking RVs is only allowed in designated parking lots and allotted campsites.


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Campgrounds and parking in Muskingum River State Park

Campsites in Muskingum River State Park

Reservations camping

Ellis Lock 11 Campground

Muskingum River State Park provides 20 non-electric RV campsites on Ellis Lock 11. The peak season lasts from April through October, and the campground closes for the winter season from the beginning of November to the end of March each year. The sites can also be easily booked online. The maximum length for RVs and trailers is 30 feet, and up to six campers can claim a campsite here.

There are no hookups provided, so be sure to bring everything you need with you. The campground does provide toilets, water, and fire rings, so you won’t have to worry. Feel free to bring your furry friend along with you as well, as this is a pet-friendly area. Tent camping is also permitted in this campground, and boat launches are offered nearby so that you can fully enjoy the magnificent Muskingum River.

Seasonal activities in Muskingum River State Park


Playing Basketball

A basketball court is available in the park offering visitors to play, have fun, and bring out the best player in them. From lazy practicing to serious gaming, you can do it all. The court is open for all. If you are a lover of this incredible sport, drop by the basketball court for some quality sports time. The basketball court is also not difficult to access at all. The court lies very near to the campground in Ellis Lock 11. You may also access it on foot.

Visiting the Historic Sites

The 112-mile Muskingum River is a historical marvel. The historic sites draw a large number of RV campers every year who bring their motorhomes to the park to discover the rich history lying around. You can also get a little scoop of Ohio’s history by getting to the park. The lock and dam structures built on the river have been labeled an American architectural and engineering wonder and also opened doors of remarkable trade and fishing in the region.

Taking Park Tours

Enjoy sweeping views of the land and water from within your RV. The park is a scenic wonderland with beauty oozing out of every corner. Wildlife, birdlife, plants, and fish species have built homes in various sections of the park. You can tour the park in your car or RV. The park’s public roads are surrounded by elm, walnut, and cottonwood trees from the sides. Branches of Sycamore maple also engulf the roads. Muskingum River is also no less worth-visiting.



Muskingum River is a gem of a fishery possessing an abundant variety of largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted black bass. Several kinds of catfish also inhibit the river. The tributaries of Muskingum offer wonderful opportunities for some bass fishing. You cannot conclude your RV trip to Muskingum without making arrangements for your next seafood dinner. Acquire an Ohio fishing license before hopping onto your boat. You can even sit down to angle on one of the several locks built on Muskingum.


Boating is one of the biggest attractions for RVers at Muskingum River State Park. Enjoy first-class boating on the pristine waters of Muskingum. Boats with unlimited horsepower are allowed in the river. Canoes, rowboats, pontoon boats, houseboats - you can bring any watercraft. Boat launches have been built on several locks on the river. Also, a few locks boast private ramps if you prefer them. Muskingum River boasts a great historical heritage, and the navigation system is listed as a historic landmark so you will be treated to some fascinating history while enjoying a beautiful boat ride.


You must add hiking to your wish list since the Muskingum Recreational Trail packs in fantastic scenery, magnificent rock structures, and stunning views of Muskingum River. The trail traverses four and a half miles through the wooded regions of the park offering you incredible sights of the park’s native plant and bird species. If you wish to hike the entire trail, make sure your daypack carries ample supplies of food and water. For an enhanced birding pleasure, also bring along your binoculars.