Narrow Hills Provincial Park

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Sparkling lake waters, rolling hills, and dense hardwood forests for as far as the eye can see, Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a natural gem within Saskatchewan, one of Canada's northern most provinces. With endless activities to offer, this park is loved by all adventure-seeking enthusiasts as it lies in one of Canada's most remote and wild regions.

The camping experience offered here is simply majestic with lakeside campsites, crackling fires, and plenty of amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe stay. One can enjoy swimming, canoeing, hiking, and fishing, or visit the museum to learn more about the history of this breathtaking landscape. Simply get lost in the northern forests, and divulge yourself in what is truly raw nature at its finest.

One of the most attractive features of this park is the many lakes that are collectively known as Gem Lakes. These multiple lakes were naturally formed in this area at the end of the ice age. The 10,000-year-old glaciers left a path in their wake which is now filled with sparkling blue water all across this vast valley.

The park also welcomes winter campers with snowmobiling and winter camping options and is open all year round for those that want to be amidst nature as often as possible.

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Transportation in Narrow Hills Provincial Park


The drive to Narrow Hills Provincial Park is as majestic as the park itself. There are two ways to navigate your way to the park’s entrance. You either arrive via Highway 106, north of Smeaton or through highway 120 north of Meath Park to reach the campgrounds. Since this is a remote location the roads leading off the highways are gravel for certain stretches and can be in rough shape depending on the weather conditions.


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Campgrounds and parking in Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Campsites in Narrow Hills Provincial Park

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Lower Fishing Lake Campground

Lower Fishing Lake is the most popular campground for RV and motorhome campers as it offers large open sites that are a short distance from the lakes shoreline and beach area. It has over 80 campsites that offer 30 amp electric hookup as well as facilities such as picnic shelters, nature trails, a children's playground, sewage disposal, showers, washrooms, a boat launch area, fire pits, drinking water, and picnic tables.

Zeden Lake Campground

This campground is super close to the lake and located on its sandy shores. It has 13 non-electric sites. Facilities include boat launch, fire pit, drinking water, picnic tables, fish cleaning station, and a playground.

Ispuchaw Lake Campground

Compared to the other campgrounds, Ispuchaw Lake Campground is in a more secluded and private location. It boasts five non-electric sites along with a fish-cleaning station, picnic tables, fire pits, and a boat launch area.

Baldy Lake Campground

Narrow Hills Provincial Park welcomes all kinds of campers. From luxurious resort-like camping, equestrian lounging, and sheltered cabins to tenting, backpacking, and RVing, Narrow Hills Provincial Park has a campsite that's just right for you!

All the primary campgrounds facilitate campers with bathrooms, showers, laundry, fresh drinking water, playground area, fire pits, firewood, and picnic tables.

While there is a number of campgrounds at the provincial park, there are four that can accommodate RV and trailer camping. Campsites are a mix of service, non-serviced, pull-through, back-in, shaded, non-shaded, private, and semi-private so you can choose one that best matches your camping style.

Baldy Lake Campground hugs the mature jack pines and hardwood forests. It boasts five non-electric sites with amenities such as a fish-cleaning station, picnic tables, fire pits, and boat launch area and offers plenty of shade and privacy.

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Narrow Hills Provincial Park has no shortage of trails for hikers. There’s roughly 210 km or 150 miles of hiking, biking and ATV trails for outdoor enthusiasts to explore with varying levels of difficulty.

Narrow Hills Scenic Drive is an interpretive trail that allows hikers to explore this vast wilderness area. Caution is advised on this trail as it is also open to off-road vehicles. This trail travels through the boreal forests and provides some truly stunning views of the lake, valley and hills. The trails leads past a museum that was formerly a Park Ranger Station.

Both the Long Island Lake Hiking Trail and the Gem Lake Hiking Trail are about 6 km or 4 miles long and also thoroughly enjoyed by hikers. The former winds through a sandy terrain riddled with black spruce, and jack pine trees. Hikers can often spot moose and deer on the trail. The latter is more fitting for experienced hikers who can climb steep hills and rocky inclines.


There are more than 25 bodies of water in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park, which makes it one of the best parks in Saskatchewan for boating. You can pick any location that suits your paddling style, and set out on to your kayaking and canoeing adventures. You’re advised to bring water, snacks, proper clothing, and GPS equipment if you want to let loose and be found later in this maze of connecting lakes and river systems.


Located in the northeast-central portion of Saskatchewan, Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a well-renowned fishing spot among anglers. The reason behind its popularity? Some of the best pike and walleye fishing in all of North America can be found here. That’s not all: the lake waters are even more famous for its trout population. Seven species of trout live in the deep blue waters of Gem Lakes. If you are lucky and patient you might even catch an elusive kokanee salmon. Yellow perch is also a common species here.


Mountain Biking/ATVs

Narrow Hills Provincial Park is one of the few parks that accommodates mountain bikers and ATV enthusiasts. The Narrow Hills Scenic Drive interpretive trail is open for mountain bikers, however, caution is advised as hikers on foot also use the same trail. More experienced mountain bikers and ATV drivers prefer the more rugged snowmobile trails as they are filled with water covered areas during fall, autumn, and spring and make for some challenging off-road driving. ATVs can only be used on designated trails.


The Narrow Hills Scenic Drive interpretive trail is open for snowmobiling with its many curves and magnificent views. In the winter, snowmobilers get to enjoy the view of the snow-covered trees of the boreal forests on the trails. The entire park features 200 km of well-groomed snowmobile trails with gas stations and warm-up shelters along the way.


No nature lover can visit Narrow Hills Provincial Park and not have a picnic by the shores of one of the famous Gem Lakes. What makes picnicking by Gem Lakes so special is not only its beauty but also its history. These lakes were formed during the last ice age and were carved out by glaciers that once covered this landscape. Each lake is a separate water body, unconnected by any river system. They are like little natural swimming pools that get refilled with rainwater and have a very distinct sparkly blue color, that determines their names such as Jade, Opal, Diamond, and Sapphire Lake. A designated picnic area, picnic tables, and fire pits along with many other amenities are offered to those who fancy a day out picnicking amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

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