Natchez State Park

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Natchez State Park is an RV camping destination 10 miles north of the historic city of Natchez in Adams County, Mississippi. The park offers excellent amenities and abundant recreation for campers year-round. The park is prominent for its fishery. In 1992, an 18.15-pound largemouth bass was captured by a fisherman. Since then, Natchez Lake has become anglers’ favorite fishing spot in Mississippi.

While coming to camp at this RV state park, you can also stop over to enjoy the historical sites of Natchez. Natchez is home to many historical jewels including multi-millionaire mansions and villas of the Civil War era, open to the public. After arriving at the park, you will find yourself in the middle of a pool of recreational activities including primitive and RV camping, fishing, boating, picnicking, hiking, golfing, wildlife viewing, and hunting.

You will be impressed with the camping amenities provided at the park. There are 50 campsites for RV camping with electric hookups, laundry services, bathhouses, hot showers, playgrounds, complimentary picnic materials, and much more. Camping is also available in the form of tent-camping and a few camping cabins. Camping is available year-round with May to August being the peak season.

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Transportation in Natchez State Park


Natchez State Park is easy to access via car or RV due to its proximity to Natchez. The historic city of Natchez is just 10 miles away. It is located at 230 Wickcliff Road, off US 61 Highway in Stanton, Adams County, Mississippi. Helpful road signs, GPS, or a park map will easily take you to the park location.

Inside the park, well-paved roads with helpful road signage will take you wherever you want. One can easily drive an RV on the park roads. The roads are well-maintained, level, but a little a narrow for considerable traffic or big rigs.

The campground features a combination of leveled concrete, asphalt, and gravel sites. The ground usually becomes a little uneven during the rainy season. There are a lot of parking lots available at various locations in the park. Parking is convenient- lots of space and towed parking is available. Only parking in designated campsites or parking lots is permitted.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Natchez State Park

Campsites in Natchez State Park

Reservations camping

Natchez State Park Campground

Natchez State Park Campground is a developed RV campground divided into two sub grounds. Both Campground A and Campground B are just two miles apart. There are a total of 50 campsites in both campgrounds combined. All campsites offer electric hookups. Six sites also provide sewage hookups. There are bathhouses with hot showers and a central dumping station can be found just outside the campground B. Laundry services are also extended to the campers.

WIFI is not available, but cellular connectivity is available. Generator use is prohibited. Pets are allowed in the campground, but they must be kept on a leash. Campers are also responsible for cleaning their pet’s litter.

Reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can only be made as late as two days in advance. Same day reservations can also be made by calling the park office directly.

Occupancy limit is eight persons per campsite. There are two pull-through sites, and the rest are back-in. The campsites are well-paved. Only one RV is allowed per campsite. Towed parking is available. Upon the park’s approval, you may also pitch a tent in your campsite.

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Seasonal activities in Natchez State Park


Hiking and Wildlife Viewing

A hiking nature trail called the “Natchez State Park Nature Trail” is a nearly one-mile nature trail used exclusively for hiking. The trail is open year-round for hiking lovers and nature seekers. The trail is very easy to hike. During your casual stroll, you may get a chance to lay your eyes on the park’s wildlife, birds, and immensely beautiful scenery. Hiking this trail will refresh your senses and we recommend you do it every day for as long as you are staying in your RV at Natchez State Park.


Natchez Lake also makes an outstanding picnic location with heartwarming views in the backdrop and a family-friendly ambiance. Picnic tables overlooking the pecan groves will give you vibes of happiness. A picnic shelter is also available for rent. The park gives out barbecue grills and fire rings as a compliment to RV campers. Whenever you visit Natchez Lake during your RV stay, whether it is for fishing or boating, grab yourself a picnic table and soak in all the inherent Natchez beauty around.

Fishing and Boating

RV campers, brace yourselves to experience some fabulous fishing at Natchez State Park. The park is home to many well-known species like bream, crappie, catfish, and Florida largemouth bass. In 1992, a fisherman caught a record-breaking largemouth bass weighing 18.15 pounds. Since then, the park has become one of the hottest fishing spots in the entire Mississippi. Fishing is top-class and is open to all aged 16 to 65 and holding a fishing license. So, don’t forget to bring your fishing equipment in your trailer.

If you are not into fishing, we still recommend hitting the lake at Natchez State Park. You will most definitely enjoy boating in the crisp blue water. A ramp facilitates launching boats into the lake.


Attending Special Events

Natchez State Park comes to life with vibrant, colorful events. The events keep taking place all year round including during the off-season. So, if you happen to camp during the off-season, you can still expect to indulge in a lot of festivities. The park’s hottest events include the enthusiastic Mardi Gras Celebration in February, colorful Spring Pilgrimage in March and April, lovely Fall Pilgrimage in October, and a special Christmas celebration in December. So, expect a lot of food, joy, liveliness, and family-friendly activities whenever you come to Natchez State Park.


Deer hunting is an absolute favorite among hunting lovers bringing their campers at Natchez State Park. Both bucks and does are found in abundance. The sport is allowed as per the hunting schedule. Draw deer hunting season lasts October to January. The park also offers its Kanahal Archery Club to introduce hunters to the art of archery. RV campers can enjoy the services of this archery club from February to September. Turkey hunting is also permitted for a short interval during draw turkey hunts lasting March to April.

Disc Golfing

A nine-hole disc golf course draws the attention of many sports-loving RV campers at the park. If you want to experience golf in a peaceful, pleasant environment while admiring the extremely beautiful scenery, head over to Natchez State Park’s golf course for an entertaining round of play. You will also find convenient parking to stand your RV aside. The golf course is well-kept; there is a nice combination of wooded and open holes and the course is very secluded to allow full concentration on the game.

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