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Located near the oldest Mississippi River settlement, Natchez State Park is a perfect place for a quiet RV getaway. Featuring incredible views, a tranquil atmosphere, and some great recreational activities, Natchez State Park is not a super well-known state park for the average traveler. Still, it is well worth the visit if you are interested in kicking back and relaxing. The area has a rich history that dates back to when Native Americans lived freely from around the eighth century, but it is mostly known for being one of the major hubs before the Civil War, where more than half of the millionaires in the U.S lived.
While the park offers excellent amenities and abundant recreation for campers year-round, it is most well-known for the fantastic fishing opportunities on Lake Natchez. In 1992, a fisher caught an 18.15-pound largemouth bass in the lake, and since then, Natchez Lake has attracted anglers from all over, and it is known as a favorite fishing spot in Mississippi. When coming to camp at this RV state park, you can also stop over to enjoy the historical sites of Natchez. Natchez is home to many historical jewels, including multi-millionaire mansions and villas of the Civil War era, some of which are open to the public. Other recreational activities within the campground include picnicking, hiking, golfing, wildlife viewing, and hunting.
You will be impressed with the camping amenities provided at Natchez State Park, thanks to two campgrounds with 48 RV friendly sites to choose from. Most of the sites are also equipped with electric hookups, with some even featuring full hookups. Tent-camping and camping cabins are also available if you wish to experience a different kind of accommodation. Natchez State Park is open all year.

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Getting to and from Natchez State Park is easy thanks to its close location to the city of Natchez. The park can be accessed from the two roads that connect from the north and the west. While you can't drive completely around the park, there is a park road that will take you roughly halfway around the lake. If you need to pick up any supplies before your trip, the best place to visit is the city of Natchez, but you could also stop in at Fayette (around 16 miles away), Meadville (about 25 miles away), and Ferriday (around 27 miles away).
Inside the park, well-paved roads with helpful road signage will take you wherever you want. You will easily be able to navigate your RV since the roads are well-maintained and level, but they are a little narrow for considerable traffic or big rigs.
There are a lot of parking options available at various locations in the park, so if you are just visiting for the day, you will have plenty of places to choose from. If you are concerned about the weather conditions before your trip, we recommend that you contact the park office to get the most up to date report on whether the park roads will be open or closed.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Natchez State Park

Campsites in Natchez State Park

Reservations camping

Campground A

Natchez State Park has two campgrounds, both of which are suitable for RV use. Campground A is the furthest campground away from the lake and is also features the smallest number of sites with 21 spots available. All of the sites within Campground A feature electric hookups that vary between 20, 30, and 50-amp services. Out of those 21, six also have full hookups, so you can enjoy some of the creature comforts that you would find at home during your visit to the park. Most of the sites are of the back-in variety, but there are two pull-through sites for you to choose from. Other amenities include bathhouses with hot showers, water collection points, laundry facilities, and a dump station that is shared by both campgrounds. You will also be able to get cell phone reception in the campground, and pets are allowed. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made as late as two days in advance. If you would like to make a same-day reservation, you can do so by calling the park office directly.

Campground B

The second of the two campgrounds within Natchez State Park is located closest to the lake and has 27 RV friendly sites available for you to enjoy. Like Campground A, all of the sites in Campground B are equipped with electrical hookups, but you won't find any full hookup sites here. All of the electrical connections in Campground B feature 50-amp connections, so if your rig isn't suited to this, you should consider staying at Campground A or bring along an adapter. The amenities are similar to those found in Campground A, with bathhouses that feature hot showers, water collection points, laundry facilities in the bathhouses, and a dump station that both campgrounds use. Campground B is also pet-friendly, and cell phone reception is available on all of the major networks. You should consider making reservations before your arrival at Campground B since its lakeside location is very popular. The campground is open all year.

Cabins at Natchez State Park

If you are looking for alternate accommodation, consider staying at one of the cabins within Natchez State Park. In total there are 10 cabins that you can choose from that are located on the eastern side of the lake. The cabins all feature three rooms with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom. Up to six people can stay in each cabin, and there is also one ADA accessible cabin available. The cabins are available to use all year.

Seasonal activities in Natchez State Park


Attending Special Events

Natchez State Park comes to life with vibrant, colorful events throughout various times of the year. The events take place year-round, including during the off-season, so, if you happen to visit during the off-season, you can still expect to indulge in a lot of festivities. The park’s hottest events include the enthusiastic Mardi Gras Celebration in February, colorful Spring Pilgrimage in March and April, lovely Fall Pilgrimage in October, and a special Christmas celebration in December. So, expect a lot of food, joy, liveliness, and family-friendly activities if you come to Natchez State Park during these special events.


Deer hunting is an absolute favorite among hunters who visit Natchez State Park. Both bucks and does are found in abundance within the park's boundaries, and hunting is allowed per the hunting schedule. Draw deer hunting season lasts from October to January, so expect to see many hunters in the area during this time. Turkey hunting is also permitted from March to April. The park also offers its Kanahal Archery Club to introduce hunters to the art of archery from February to September.

Disc Golfing

A great family-friendly activity to enjoy during your visit to the park is disc golf. There is a nine-hole disc golf course available to play free of charge, but you should bring your own discs as there is no guarantee that any will be available for rent from the park office. The course is known to feature a mixture between wooded and open holes plus one hole that has water in play. Disc golfing is a great way to experience a twist on the game of golf in a peaceful, pleasant environment while admiring the stunning scenery.


Hiking and Wildlife Viewing

While there aren't any major mountains or long trails to explore, hiking at Natchez State Park is still very enjoyable thanks to the Natchez State Park Nature Trail. The Nature Trail is open only to hikers and features nearly one mile of gorgeous forested areas that are teeming with the animals that call the park home. The trail is super easy to hike, so it is suitable for nature lovers of all ages. Hiking this trail will refresh your senses and is a must-do activity for visitors to the park.


Natchez Lake also makes an outstanding picnic location with heartwarming views in the backdrop and a family-friendly ambiance. Picnic tables overlooking the pecan groves provide a peaceful setting for you to enjoy no matter what time of year that you visit. If you are traveling with a larger group or meeting friends or family, consider renting the large picnic shelter and make the most of the tables and BBQ grills that are on offer.

Fishing and Boating

RV lovers, brace yourselves to experience some fabulous fishing at Natchez State Park. The park is home to many well-known species, including bream, crappie, catfish, and Florida largemouth bass. In 1992, a fisherman caught a record-breaking largemouth bass weighing 18.15 pounds in the waters of the lake. Since then, the park has become one of the hottest fishing spots in the entire state of Mississippi. Fishing is top-class and is open to all, so don’t forget to bring your fishing equipment along in your trailer. You can fish from the shore of the lake or via boat thanks to the boat ramp that will allow you to get out on the water.