Natural Bridge State Park

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Adjacent to the banks of the Red River Gorge Geologic Area, Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a nature lover's paradise, featuring around 2,300 acres of rare wildlife, a nature preserve, and rolling waterways. Located in Powell and Wolfe Counties in Kentucky, this state resort park is a must for your next RV trip. You'll have endless outdoor recreation opportunities in a unique forest-like landscape. From hiking and history to birding and fishing, Natural Bridge State Resort Park offers a variety of adventures in the great outdoors.

The views of the natural bridge at Natural Bridge State Resort Park are spectacular, spanning 78 feet and 65 feet high. You will love enjoying the clean mountain air while being surrounded by rare wildlife. There are over 1,200 acres of nature preservation where you can see different bird species. Historians will enjoy learning about how the park was originally a private tourist attraction.

Once you park your camper at Natural Bridge State Resort Park you can set out on one of the many nature trails. Birdwatchers can view several different bird types on five different trails. Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a perfect RV destination no matter the time of year you visit. The peak season is March through November.

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Natural Bridge State Resort Park is easily accessible by RV or car, since it is located 52 miles southeast of Lexington, off of the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway and KY 11. Local roads take you anywhere in the park you wish to go, from the Gift Shop and Sky Lift to the trails and campground. There are no driving restrictions for trailers or RVs within the park, so getting around will be easy. With over a dozen nature trails to choose from, it'll be a breeze to explore the park on foot once you get there.

There are several options for parking RVs and trailers. Spots are available at the Gift Shop, Sky Lift, Mill Creek Lake and at the trail head entrances. If you are staying overnight at the campgrounds, parking is available there as well.


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Natural Bridge State Resort Park Campgrounds

Natural Bridge State Resort Park features 86 pet-friendly campsites that welcome tents and RVs from March through November. The campsites are divided among the Middle Fork and Whittleton Campgrounds. These campsites provide access to water and electricity, depending on the site. Due to inclement weather and temperatures fall below freezing, water may not be available, so contact Natural Bridge State Resort Park to see what is available. Amenities at the campground include two central service buildings that house restrooms and showers, a dump station, and history and nature programs. You will enjoy enjoy access to a Putt-Putt course, hiking trails, laundry facilities, and drinking water. Each site has a paved or gravel pad, picnic table, and fire ring. You'll be close to a playground, swimming pool, sky lifts, and a gift shop. The maximum length for RVs and trailers is 58 feet. There is a one-night minimum during the week and a two-night minimum on peak weekends. Reservations can be made from two days up to one year in advance.

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Make sure that your rod and reel are packed in your RV so that you may visit Mill Creek Lake during your trip to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park. Settled around sandstone cliffs and a beautiful forest, try your hand at catching bass, bluegill, black crappie, sunfish, green sunfish, rainbow trout, channel catfish, or bullhead. If you are not a KY resident, you may purchase a non-resident fishing license and print it out to keep with you at all times. No fishing gear, no problem. Natural Bridge State Resort Park has a fishing loaner program and the equipment is free to check out.

Attending the Natural Bridge Hoedown

A popular tradition for over 45 years at Natural Bridge State Resort Park is the Natural Bridge Hoedown. Called by a square dance caller, you will learn Appalachian square dancing, line dancing, two stepping, waltzes, picas, and dances for individuals and couples. Come early for the warm-up dance and stay for the regular dance program immediately after. This is an outdoor event at Natural Bridge State Resort Park, so there is always the possibility of cancellation due to inclement weather.


Pack those great hiking boots in your RV because there are a dozen hiking trails to pick from at Natural Bridge Resort State Park that range from one-half mile to seven-and-a-half-miles. If you are looking for a moderate hike, try the half-mile long “Original Trail” that takes you to the natural bridge. A more difficult hike will take you over seven miles on the Sand Gap Trail, where you will follow an old logging road, walk along ridge tops, and climb up the side of a valley. Since Natural Bridge State Resort Park is a Nature Preserve, dogs are not permitted on hiking trails.


Taking the Sky Lift

Natural Bridge State Resort Park features a relaxing climb to the natural bridge via a sky lift. You will start your ascent one-half mile from the entrance to the park and end within 600 feet of Natural Bridge, traveling for a mile-long experience though the mountain scenery. At the top of the sky lift you will encounter 900 tons of sandstone that has been created by nature into the Natural Bridge. Venture over to Lookout Point with your camera in hand to photograph the breathtaking Natural Bridge.


Step out of your RV to enjoy the 60-acre Mill Creek Lake and encounter bass, bluegill, black crappie, rainbow trout, or channel catfish. This small lake is nestled in the middle the pure beauty of the forest and amazing sandstone cliffs. You will want to launch your canoe and see what all the lake has to offer.


Natural Bridge State Resort Park is home to various species of woodpeckers, nuthatches, wrens, sparrows, and kinglets during the winter months. These are easy to see since the leaves have already fallen off the trees. In the peak season, bird watchers can spot woodland warblers. Grab your binoculars out of the RV and enjoy the sight of Carolina wren, tufted titmouse, American crow, wild turkey, pileated woodpecker, and Carolina chickadee all year long. View these spectacular birds at Hood's Branch Trail, the Rock Garden Trail, Whittleton Trail, Lakeside Trail, and Mill Creek Lake.

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