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Endless opportunities for recreation and therapeutic camping are waiting for you at Nauvoo State Park. Visit Nauvoo State Park in Hancock County, Illinois to enjoy the bounty of nature. Trace the local history depicted in artifacts and showpieces assembled at Nauvoo State Park Museum for the ultimate delight of history buffs. Nature is at its splendid best in 148 acres of the park revealing its grandeur on the hiking trail, which laced with wildflowers, songbirds, lush greenery, and shades of towering trees. Lake Horton is a popular destination for a variety of water sports.

Outdoor activities are at their supreme best at Nauvoo. From boating and fishing at Lake Horton to sledding and skiing opportunities on the winter trails, Nauvoo State Park is packed with outdoor adventures that will keep you visiting again and again. Picnic opportunities are plentiful with two picnic areas featuring shelters and tables, as well as complimentary picnic equipment for RV campers.

A total of 150 campsites including both electric and non-electric extend RV and tent camping facilities throughout the year. Visit any time of the year to bond with nature or discover exciting facts about the history of Nauvoo. If you are looking to make the most of your RV excursion to Nauvoo State Park, March to October is the best time of bringing your motorhome or trailer.

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Less than a mile away from Nauvoo in Hancock County, Illinois, Nauvoo State Park can be accessed in less than five minutes via car or RV from the downtown. Visiting during spring, summer, or fall? You will access the park in no time starting from Nauvoo even if this is your first time. During winters, you may encounter frequent road closures, poor to no visibility, or slippery roads.

Most of the park roads are of good quality – well-paved and level. You can easily use the park roads to tour the park. Some of the roads tend to be narrow, making it difficult for big rigs and trailers. Most of the points of interest inside the park can even be accessed on foot. Be mindful of the speed limits when driving inside the park. Avoid the use of horns while driving near or inside the campground. Parking is available and is sufficient. Park only in your designated campsite or available parking space.


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Campgrounds and parking in Nauvoo State Park

Campsites in Nauvoo State Park

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Nauvoo State Park Campground

Nauvoo State Park features 150 campsites, 75 of which are electric-only with a 30-amp connection. Others are non-electric class B campsites. A permit is required for an overnight stay, and you can obtain the permit form the park office at the entrance. Each campsite can sleep four campers each.

The sites are a combination of back-in and pull-through. The maximum RV length is 65 feet but make sure to check for the length of rigs before booking your campsite. Toilets, showers, and a dump station are provided for your convenience. Camping is permitted year-round.

Seasonal activities in Nauvoo State Park


Boating and Fishing

The park’s 13-acre artificial body of water, Lake Horton, offers excellent fishing for those who wish to get the most of angling at the park. If fishing is in your to-do list, get ready to spend happy times at the lake in pursuit of largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. Boating is another sport that RV campers usually indulge themselves into while at the lake. There are no boat rentals, so make sure you carry your boats in the RV if you are interested in boating.

Visiting Nauvoo State Park Museum

Nauvoo State Park Museum offers deep insight into Nauvoo’s history and culture depicted in the wine cellars, press rooms, vineyards, and historical artifacts. The museum was originally a house built by the Mormons in the 1840s. Open from May to mid-October, this museum serves as the biggest tourist attraction of the park. Don’t forget to check the Nauvoo State Park Museum off your wish list while RV camping in Illinois.

Nauvoo Grape Festival

Nauvoo Grape Festival is the liveliest, most incredible thing to do while camping at Nauvoo State Park. If you are interested in getting a taste of what the festival is all about, plan a camping trip to the park over Labor Day weekend when you can bring your trailer and experience the festivities yourself. From carnivals and entertainment tents to arts and crafts and fantastic car shows, you will discover a vibrancy in the air that is so unlike the usual.


Winter Sports

Winters are usually quiet at Nauvoo State Park. Bring your skis to spend a few hours on the snow-kissed trails. From bunny slopes to more challenging ones, you will get a chance to experience rich cross-country skiing here. If you intend to sled, you will discover some sledding slopes next to the dam of Lake Horton.


Put your best foot forward in your favorite pair of hiking boots on the trails of Nauvoo State Park. Discover all the hiking trails in your first RV trip, and then come back later to hike your favorite ones. The park’s primary hiking trail, Locust Lane, showcases park’s most impressive natural exhibits in its one-and-a-half miles.


Winters are the quietest, laziest times at Nauvoo. But not all is lost – the scenic charms of the park are still very much intact during the winter. Explore the park’s prairie scenery and discover all the kinds of prairie grasses and flowers that characterize Nauvoo’s prairie landscape. Four different kinds of prairie grasses and 10 unique prairie flowers bloom in various areas of the park. Marvel at the splendid colors of a gold finch or cardinal if you spot one. In short, there is no shortage of scenic adventure at Nauvoo State Park even on a wintry day – all you need is a little bit of your aesthetic sense.