Navajo Nation Fair

Looking for something to do this fall? The seven-day Navajo Nation Fair could be it! Set your RV in the direction of Window Rock, Arizona.

Event information

The Navajo Nation Fair is a seven-day event held in the heart of Arizona. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to 167 AZ-264 Window Rock, Arizona to be a part of all the action. While the fair is compact and conservative in size, you can still expect it to be a trip of a lifetime if you’re heading to the area in your RV.

The fairgrounds are on the edge of Arizona and New Mexico in Window Rock, a small city of the St. Michaels Chapter. Not only is the city home to this wonderful fair with a rich history, but it is also a range of tourist attractions.

While you’re in the area, you can pay a visit to the Navajo Nation Museum, the Zoological Park, and the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department. Even when you’ve seen all there is to offer at the Navajo Nation Fair, you won’t be short of experiences in Window Rock itself.

During the seven days of the fair, however, you’re in for an action-packed schedule. In past years at the fall event, visitors have been able to enjoy arts and crafts, baby contests, barbeques, exhibits, a parade, and even horse racing. Rodeos, musical entertainment, and the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant have all been standout offerings at the fair as well.

If you’re trying to plan a well-deserved RV vacation, then pencil the Navajo Nation Fair on your calendar. It’s bound to be a highlight on your fall travels.


Planning an RV trip can take a lot of work, but tickets are one less thing to worry about for this event. You don’t have to buy them in advance, and instead, can purchase them at the gate when you arrive. In the past, tickets have been a few dollars, up to $5, but visit the Navajo Nation Fair Facebook page for updated pricing and schedules. Extra costs may apply for special events which you can book ahead of time.

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Highway 264 is the main highway that runs through Window Rock, Arizona. This connects you onto Highway 40 which leads you to Albuquerque. With few townships in between, traffic congestion shouldn’t be a problem as you make your way to the fair. Window Rock, Arizona, is also central to Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, with decent roads to make travel in your RV a breeze. Keep in mind that you will be on the land of the Navajo Nation as you approach Window Rock.

Parking areas

There are day parking spots available on the corner of Lagoon Road and Highway 264 of the fairgrounds. These spaces are limited but not marked, which means size limits are not likely to apply to your RV. You may like to arrive bright and early to ensure you get a spot for the day.

Public Transportation

The Navajo Nation Fair is not too far from the center of Window Rock, which means you may be able to navigate between a local campground and the events. A public bus often has pick-up and drop-off points at several businesses along Highway 264. However, if you’re taking advantage of the RV accommodation on the outskirts of Window Rock, you may like to utilize a private ride service if available or drive your RV to and from the fair daily.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not an option on fairgrounds due to size restrictions. However, there is a strip of land next to the grounds which may be suitable with a permit. Apply to Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation before your visit to secure a spot. These RV camping areas are not guaranteed, nor do they come with service hookups. Remember to ensure that your tanks are full before arriving in the area as options to replenish will be limited.


While there are few suitable RV accommodation providers in Window Rock itself, there are plenty on the outskirts. Some request that you are self-contained, while others boast a few service hookups. Most of these campgrounds are within 30 miles or a half-hour drive of the fairgrounds. The Navajo Nation Fairground rests centrally between a vast collection of US national parks, monuments, and forests. Considering combining some of these features together with your trip to Window Rock, Arizona.

Getting around

Navigation of the fairgrounds is best achieved on foot. The site isn’t overly large, and you’ll be in more of a position to check out the action when you’re on foot than in a vehicle. The vehicle parking lot is a short walk from the center of the fair. A small side note, the ground is hard dirt, so wear comfortable footwear with plenty of grip.

What to pack


As a rule of thumb, temperatures don’t tend to drop below the high 70s during the day, which means you can get away with light, summery attire for the majority of your stay. Shorts and t-shirts are perfect fair garments but consider dark colors, and match these with comfortable footwear. The dirt and dust of the venue mean anything light will soon become dirty. Prepare to have warmer layers at night time.


The beauty of having your RV nearby is that you can leave much of your gear in it, then retrieve sweaters and other items as you need them. The less you have to carry with you, the better. Bring a backpack, cash for purchases, and your entry ticket. You can buy food and beverages from the many wonderful vendors once you enter the fairgrounds. Options for using a card as a form of payment may be limited.

Health & Safety

The weather is going to be HOT at the Navajo Nation Fair, which can make your body do all kinds of strange things. Hot weather makes you sweat, so you’ll need to drink plenty of water to replace that perspiration. Since the fair runs for a week, you also need to make sure you bring any medication and supplies you need during this time. If you feel tired or lightheaded, sit down, take a break, and have something to eat and drink.

Where to eat


How you can cook will depend on where you plan on sleeping during your stay in Arizona. Most campsites will allow the use of an onboard RV gas cooker, but not open flames or fire pits. Remember to inquire about fire bans during the time of your stay anywhere in Arizona. Ask your host what the rules are and never leave cooking unattended. If you’re short on supplies, the nearest supplies store is a short seven-minute walk from the fairgrounds.


If none of the vendor offerings take your fancy, then you’re still not going to starve. Even within viewing distance, there are fast food outlets to take away those hunger pangs. Several restaurants and eateries are also within a short walking distance of the fairgrounds for convenience.


The food pavilion at the Navajo Nation Fair is directly through Gate 2 and 3 from Highway 264. There are plenty of options to satisfy both sweet and savory appetites. Make sure you bring cash with you to ensure you have the correct payment type for your first choice. Paying by card may not be an option with some vendors.



For peace of mind, there is a security presence at the Navajo Nation Fair. Security will be stationed at the Fair and Ticket Office by the Dean C. Jackson Memorial Rodeo Arena. If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to approach them. The local police station is also under two miles away from the fairgrounds.


There’s only one thing to say about the weather in the fall in Arizona; it's hot. The high 70s is considered mild in these parts, which means you’ll be able to get away with leaving open a few vents of your RV to let it breathe. Once the sun disappears, however, you’ll require a few blankets, as temperatures can be down to the low 40s overnight.


Window Rock is somewhat remote from other major locations, so keep this in mind and bring items that may help keep you well. If you find yourself in need of medical help, then you can stock up on medical supplies in the town center. A hospital is also within an eight-mile drive, giving you access to qualified medical staff who can help with any ailments. In an emergency, dial 9-11 for immediate assistance.