Nevada State Fair

Be a part of the longest running event in Nevada. The four-day Nevada State Fair is the perfect excuse to haul the RV out of storage this summer.

Event information

The Nevada State Fair is the longest running event in Nevada, held in Carson City since 1874. This summer event runs over four days at the start of June and brings thousands of people to the area every year.

Not only does the beautiful weather add to the atmosphere, but so too does the massive range of things to do, see, and experience. Young and young at heart can enjoy carnival rides, while there is also music, culture, food vendors, entertainment, and more. Even Great Aunt Mavis can enter her jams and try her luck at the first prize.

The Nevada State Fair is held at 1111 E William St., Carson City in Mills Park, an exceptional location for such an event. The park-like setting offers shade and shelter, while its central location makes it easy to access.

You can spend full days at the fair, then wander into Carson City and do a spot of shopping. It’s near to skateparks for the kids, museums for a taste of Nevada culture and history, and a golf course for a bit of fun.

Your RV road trip to Carson City, Nevada, is a chance to relax, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy one of the best state fairs around. What are you waiting for? Dust off the RV and get going.


For as long as the Nevada State Fair has been around, admission has been free. However, some entertainment may cost extra. If you’re all about action and adrenaline, then you may like to buy a carnival ride pass once you arrive, or before the fair on the organizer’s website.

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Carson City is near several towns and cities along both I-580 and I-80. It’s mere minutes from Lake Tahoe and is within an easy driving distance of bustling cities such as Reno. With such well-established highways, you're likely to enjoy navigating your way to the fair from any major city or minor township. Take your time, enjoy the views, and follow the road to Carson High School where parking is plentiful over the road from the fairgrounds.

Parking areas

Day parking options are plentiful at Nevada State Fair. While the park itself doesn’t offer any visitor parking, Carson High School across the road does. The painted parks are car-sized, but there may be areas set aside for larger vehicles. In the event of there not being an area for your RV for day parking, you may be able to park on the street instead. Travelers often have little hassle finding somewhere to leave RVs in this relaxed and inviting community.

Public Transportation

If you would prefer to leave your RV at your chosen campground, then it’s easy. Book a private ride service or make use of Carson City’s exceptional bus service. A fixed route system coincides with the fair to ensure visitors can hop aboard a bus in the city center and have an easy journey to the fair. You can then wander back to the city on foot or via the bus again.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available during the Nevada State Fair because it’s held in a park in the center of Carson City. While you might not be able to wander from your campground to the fair on foot, you won’t be all that far away. There are campgrounds, RV parks, and more all within the city limits. There are even more options on the outskirts.


Camping options consist of inner-city RV camping opportunities and beautiful serene parks within a half-hour drive. Consider what is more important to you before you make your booking, quick access to the fair, or a beautiful backdrop? Each site also offers different service hookups. Book in advance to increase your chances of getting your first pick.

Getting around

Getting around Mills Park during the Nevada State Fair is a breeze. You can easily traverse the grounds on foot, and it will be a pleasure thanks to the greenery and shade. Most walking may be on hot concrete, so shoes with good soles are essential. Bikes, scooters, and other wheeled transport may not be allowed to ensure the safety of all visitors to the park.

What to pack


The Nevada State Fair is in June, which means it falls smack-bang in the heart of summer. While you’ll get to enjoy some reprieve from the natural shelter, you will still find you’re far more comfortable if you wear summery attire. Haul the summer dresses out of storage and invest in comfortable, breathable, and light layers and footwear for the trip.


If you intend on staying in Carson City for the full length of the fair, then don’t forget to pack your camping and cooking supplies. You can then leave them in your camper, but take a light backpack into the fairgrounds. In it, take a water bottle, cash and credit, a sunhat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. A ride pass can be worn on your wrist for easy retention.

Health & Safety

If there’s anything to worry about on your RV trip, it will be the heat. The intense summer can wreak havoc, so don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen and take water breaks often. A first aid kit on your person, or in your RV, may also be helpful. Fill any prescriptions you may require before you hit the road, too.

Where to eat


Part of the fun of going on an RV adventure is cooking in a new environment. Road-tripping to Nevada State Fair offers that opportunity. While you won’t be able to cook at the fair itself, there will be plenty of options at your RV campsite of choice. Some boast communal cooking and others allow you to make use of your onboard propane gas cooker. Before you get the dinner plates out, make sure you head down to the nearest supply store around a half-mile walk away from Mills Park any forgotten goodies.


There are always plenty of vendor stalls at Mills Park to satisfy those hunger pangs. But for those who want something a little more hearty to sustain them for longer, a trip into Carson City is a must. Here, you can treat yourself to different cuisines. The best part is, many standout eateries are within a short five-minute drive from Mills Park.


Remember to withdraw plenty of cash in Carson City, for there are going to be many vendors, and you may want to purchase food, beverages, and wares. There is something for everyone, and some vendors also accept credit. Have both payment types to be on the safe side. You’ll find the food vendors in the heart of Mills Park, encompassed by all the best entertainment.



If you lose something or have a security concern, there are plenty of fair officials on site to handle your queries. For anything more serious, the local police station is within a 15-minute drive. Local police will be more than happy to help.


It’s not uncommon for temperatures in Carson City to fluctuate only slightly between the mid to high 80s in summer. Fortunately, shade and shelter are easy to come by at the Nevada State Fair. Before you leave your accommodation for the day, consider sliding open a vent or two to allow a breeze to filter through and keep your rig cool.


For anything from scraped knees through to serious medical events, you won’t be caught short in Carson City. There are many pharmacies within two miles of Mills Park which will have medical supplies available. There is also a medical center within four miles of the state fair as well.