New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Come one, come all to the New Jersey Renaissance Faire. See the woods of Crossford Shire come to life and celebrate the times in all authenticity.

Event information

“Figures out of myth and mystery arrive,” organizers of the faire say, so set course for the New Jersey Renaissance Faire to see these figures in all their costumes and mannerisms. The shores of Loch Liberty is the neighborhood where you will find the shire.

Play along with the Ren Faire cast members by joining in and wearing a costume to the event. Dukes, Duchesses, and other characters like sheriffs and common townspeople will make their way about the shire.

Six stages present scheduled shows, but be happily aware that the entire village of Crossroads is a performance in action, and the cast members encourage you to join in the charades. On stage, watch a sword-fighting battle, or catch one of Shakespeare’s plays. Laugh along with a comedy troupe or place your bet on a Human Chess Match.

Merchants display goods reminiscent of the era. Shop for clothing, jewelry, and crafts. Enjoy a bite or two at the vendor food booths. In all, have a good time at the faire and then venture throughout the region. Plan stops like Rancocas State Park to catch a glimpse of local wildlife. Assunpink Wildlife Management Area is a must-see exploration point, where you can picnic beside one of three lakes.


The New Jersey Renaissance Fair has a lot to offer the family. A day of fun is yours to be had for under $30 per ticket. Check the event out online for details on the ticket prices. Each weekend has a fun theme, such as a Scottish weekend, where kilts of every color are in abundance.

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Take the time to enjoy the scenery as you drive through this picturesque region of New Jersey. I-95 and I-295 are options for getting there. As you enter the Bordentown Township, look for signs to the fest. For traffic and weather alerts, check the 511NJ website, which can supply updates to your navigator as you drive.

Parking areas

Limited VIP parking is available for a fee, and there is free parking, too. Although there is space to park your RV, it is limited. Arrive early in the day to secure a spot. Overnight camping is not permitted, but there are campgrounds in the region well worth checking out.

Public Transportation

Although Bordentown is on the New Jersey light rail system line, there is no in-town transit service that will get you to the Renaissance Fair. Using a taxi or ridesharing service is a good option for getting to Ren Faire in a stress-free manner, without any concern for parking your rig.

Where to stay


The New Jersey Renaissance Faire is held in a rural area, and the shire of Crossroads is expansive. Camping on the event grounds is not possible, but look to explore this beautiful region, and you will have no trouble finding suitable accommodation. Campgrounds, both private and state-owned are in abundance in New Jersey and are easily accessible to those with both small and large rigs.


Are you bringing your dog along this trip? If so, Brendon T. Byrne State Forest offers camping for both the family and their furry best friend. Other pet-friendly campgrounds are Wharton State Forest and Bass River State Forest. Specific sites in each campground cater to pets. Vaccination records are a must, so keep them on hand in the glove compartment for easy access. Ren Faire is open to dogs, too. They must be registered before admittance is granted

Getting around

The terrain of Crossroads shire can be hilly and is comprised of grass with some sand. The event is ADA accessible, but keep the hills in mind if rain appears because the ground may be harder to traverse. Wear comfy shoes so that you can make it from one end of the shire to the other, not missing any of the action in between.

What to pack


Bring your best Renaissance apparel and blend in with the cast members at the faire. Participation is welcomed, so dress up and try your hand at making your way around the shire. Bring shorts and a t-shirt in case the temperatures climb and you need lighter clothing. A hat in any circumstance is ideal because the rays of the sun can be strong.


Flashlights and headlamps are essential for walking through a forested campground in the evenings. A lantern adds a nice touch to the picnic table for late-night card games. Toiletries, extra towels, food preparation items, sunscreen, and heavy-duty bug spray round out the gear list. Pack a rain jacket and billy boots for walking around the faire on a wet day.

Health & Safety

When camping in heavily forested areas such as in rural parts of the state, store your food and supplies in animal-proof containers out of the reach of curious woodland critters. At night, place the cooler in the RV if you have a big model like the Class A, or in the car if you are towing a tent trailer. Keep plenty of ice on hand as the last thing you want is spoiled food.

Where to eat


Pay close attention to fire regulations when camping. If there is a ban on campfires or use of the fire ring, pay heed, and look to the camp stove or barbecue instead. Many a forest fire has started because of carelessness by campers. Meals like soups and sandwiches, or chowders and salads are easy to make and a great alternative when a fire restriction is in place.


Several tasty options await on cook’s night off. Bordentown Township is home to restaurants that have been in existence for 100 years as well as newer venues, all who serve meals to please. Go for American Diner food, fine dining, or a quick meal on the run in between the faire and your oasis on wheels.


Bringing outside food and drink to Ren Fest is not permitted, so take advantage of the fact and choose a snack or meal from one of the concession stands in the shire. Keep hydrated with a cool drink as an accompaniment. Afterward, peruse the merchant tents and take home a souvenir of your Renaissance experience. Buy clothing or an impressive artisan craft. A photo of you in your shiretown finery is a fun idea as well.



Weapons that are part of your costume must be peace-tied, meaning that the bow, sword, or the like will remain in the sheathe according to festival guidelines. The securing of your weapon will be attended to at the gate. Security staff members manning the gate will remove any weapons they feel are unsafe. Back at camp, secure all belongings in your RV when you leave the site for any length of time.


Dress for any weather circumstance because the Crossroads shire is in operation rain or shine. A sweater is a necessity in the evenings when the temperatures dip a little. Stock the campervan with extra blankets for cozy nights. Check all under-the-hood fluid levels before leaving home for the Renaissance road trip


Check the New Jersey Renaissance website for information on the annual weekend of Ren Fest when ASL interpreters are on hand for those with hearing issues. All of the main storyline shows are covered by the interpreter. When packing for your trip, include medical prescriptions at the top of your supplies list.