New Mexico State Fair

The New Mexico State Fair promises to make your September one to remember. Take an RV road trip and enjoy one of the largest events on the calendar.

Event information

Almost every year since 1881, the New Mexico State Fair has lured people to the area by the thousands. While the location and entertainment may have changed over those years, the atmosphere hasn’t. Every trip to New Mexico for the annual Fall State Fair is an enjoyable one.

One of the highlights of this event at 300 San Pedro NE Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the camping experience. Not only do you get to enjoy a 10-day fair, but you get to camp on site in your RV. Spend hours every day at the concerts, rodeo events, and on the carnival rides. At night, you can head back to the comfort of your house on wheels. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This annual event is one that attracts hundreds of thousands of people. It’s close to many standout tourist attractions, and also boasts entertainment for every member of the family. Both young and old will enjoy the agriculture, exhibitions, cultural displays, midway, food court, and more.

There are even plenty of transportation options to get around the event, saving the hassle of moving your RV. If you haven’t yet got your RV ready or purchased your tickets, now’s the time. There’s no time to waste, and RV spots are limited.


Tickets are available online before the fair for adults, children, and seniors. There may also be discounts and promotions to encourage early ticket sales. If you’d rather wait until you turn up at the fair, then there’s a convenient ticket booth at Gate 1, off of Central Avenue NE. There are two more in the facility for event tickets as well.

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If you want the quickest and most direct route to the New Mexico State Fair, then you’ll be pleased to know that most of them are! You may find that you barely need a GPS at all.

All you need to do is take I-40 and exit at either the Louisiana or San Mateo exit. The directions will be straightforward to Expo New Mexico. From that point, motorists are only allowed right-hand turns into the State Fairgrounds. The grounds encompass the block of Louisiana Blvd NE, Central Avenue NE, San Pedro Drive NE, and Lomas Blvd NE.

Parking areas

Parking at the fairgrounds is available for a fee. You can park through Gate 1 or Gate 8, or ask officials for directions to the RV camping area if you’re staying overnight. Your allocated RV parking spot, which you may reserve in advance, entitles you to one RV and one vehicle.

Public Transportation

The New Mexico State Fair offers no shortage of public transportation options. If you intend on parking your RV for the duration of the fair, the additional transportation methods can be quite convenient.

There is usually a park and ride service at the Coronado Mall in San Pedro and Uptown which is free for fair patrons. You can also take a bus to the fair on one of four routes. Two routes take you directly to the event with no stops in between. If you have a bicycle, then the State Fair officials offer free valet service to take care of it while you enjoy the fair.

Where to stay


There are limited onsite RV camping spots available through Expo New Mexico. A single booking entitles you to one place for your RV, and one for an extra vehicle. You can enjoy full-service hookups with water, electricity, and sewerage, or none at all. Allow an official to guide you to an appropriate spot once you reach the fairgrounds. All pets must be on a leash and under control at all times. Guests must also refrain from any RV mechanical work or sleeping outside of the RV.


If you are not one of the lucky few who managed to secure an onsite RV camping spot, then not to worry. New Mexico boasts a broad range of accommodation options with proximity to the fairgrounds and Albuquerque, including RV parks, RV resorts, and more. Campers are not likely to have a problem finding somewhere to camp for the night within 30 minutes of the fairgrounds.

Getting around

The best way to navigate the fairgrounds is on foot, but that’s not your only option if you tend to tire quickly. You can rent a motorized wheelchair, stroller, or scooter from Gate 1 and Gate 8. You can also ride a bike to arrive at the fair, with bike valet staff taking care of it until you return for it.

What to pack


If you’re trying to decide what to bring to the New Mexico State Fair, then there’s no harm in bringing a little bit of everything. Temperatures can vary between 60 and 85 degrees-Fahrenheit in September, meaning you may need to layer up or dress down. Pack shorts and t-shirts, but expect to add a sweatshirt to that ensemble as the night draws near.


If you stay at the fairgrounds in your RV, then you won’t need to carry too much into the fairgrounds themselves. The less equipment you bring, the better. You may take in sealed water bottles, baby formula, and any medication, but not weapons or food. You should also leave your dog at home or back at the RV with supervision, for all but service dogs are prohibited.

Health & Safety

New Mexico State Fair officials take health and safety seriously. They recommend that you bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and bug spray as well. If you are on any medication, you may bring that to the fair. Security will allow you to bring in sealed water bottles, and there are filling stations around the fairgrounds to keep you well-hydrated.

Where to eat


You may cook in the comfort of your RV at your campsite, but not outside. Outside cooking and open fires are prohibited. If you intend on cooking your own meals, rather than taking advantage of the fairground vendor offerings, then be careful. Supervise your cooking and put your trash in the supplied bins. A short walk down Louisiana Blvd NE will also put you in the vicinity of several markets to stock up on ingredients.


After spending ten days at the State Fair, you may feel like changing up your diet a little bit and dining in New Mexico itself. There is no shortage of options in the vicinity of the fairgrounds to suit your needs. From family dining establishments through to intimate settings, there’s everything you could need, and more. Given the size of the event and how many people will be in the area, allow extra time for service.


Hundreds of vendors cater to patrons at the New Mexico State Fair daily. Some accept both cash and credit, while others are cash only. It may help to have both available. Many of the vendors are in the food court, but they are also spread out around the fairgrounds for your convenience. Treat yourself to some cotton candy or deep-fried delights.



You can feel safe at the New Mexico State Fair thanks to the presence of New Mexico State Police Officers on site. Police will be patrolling the fairgrounds over the entire 10-day event with the help of security contractors, firefighters, and emergency medical service personnel. They are there if you need a helping hand. These professionals can also carry out searches for weapons which are prohibited.


New Mexico likes to keep it cool once the State Fair arrives. You can enjoy balmy temperatures of between 60 and 84 degrees during September, but this can change from year to year. It’s also not uncommon for it to plummet overnight, meaning you’ll need to snuggle up tight with a blanket in your RV.


Along with police and security, there will be medical professionals at the State Fair to handle any emergency medical situation. If you have an injury or illness, they can also help with that as well. A first aid center is in the Medicine Bow adjacent from the Racetrack by the Carnival.