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Newtown Battlefield State Park is located on the site of the Battle of Newton which was fought on August 1779 as part of the American Revolutionary War. The battle was lead by General John Sullivan who was ordered by the Continental Congress to oppose the Iroquois, British Regulars, and loyalist rangers. It is considered to be the only major battle of the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition, but one of the largest offensive campaigns of the American Revolution and ended in a victorious outcome against the Iroquois.

The site is now a 372-acre state park with a granite structure known as the Newton Battlefield Monument, erected in 1912, marking the battle location. The area is heavily wooded and the lush green forests are now a tranquil setting starkly contrasting the violent history. The area is a favorite destination for hunters and hikers. The park's amenities include cabins, campsites, grills, pavilions, and picnic tables- all with the benefit of scenic views. History buffs and nature lovers alike will enjoy the historic sites and tranquil landscape of this New York state park as the perfect RV getaway destination.

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Newtown Battlefield State Park is located near the New York-Pennsylvania border, about an hour west of Binghamton, NY. It's a short drive away from Elmira, along the Interstate-86, with clear signage to the Newtown Battlefield State Park along Oneida Road. There are many parking spots available at the campsites and by the monument. The whole area is built with a paved road meaning, you do not have to worry about bringing your vehicle in. There is plenty of room to turn around even if you have a large RV. The campground can accommodate RVs, trailers, and campervans that are up to 40 feet long.


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Campsites in Newtown Battlefield State Park

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Newtown Battlefield Park Main

The Civilian Conservation Corps built and developed these camping facilities in the Battlefield Park in the 1930s. The Main Campground features 18 campsites, most of which are primitive and can only hold a rig up to 20 feet long. However, there are two electric campsites that can accommodate an RV, camper, or trailer up to 40 feet long. If you park your rig in this campground you will enjoy amenities such showers, restrooms, and a dumping station. Many sites enjoy gorgeous hillside views of the New York countryside, and this campground is closer to the monument. Plus, pets are welcome to join you.

Newtown Battlefield Park North Loop

The North Loop features 10 campsites, all which can accommodate vehicles up 35 feet in length. These sites are rustic, offering no hookups, so they are ideal for tent campers. You'll be within walking distance to restrooms and showers. This is a great campground if are traveling with kids because a play field is located nearby. Hiking trails are within reach as well.

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If you want to hone your hunting skills during your RV road trip, Newtown Battlefield State Park is a great place to try. Deer hunting is permitted with a valid New York State Hunting license along with proper hunting stamps for the regional area. If you are interested in hunting at Newtown Battlefield Park you must sign in every day at the park office. No handguns or trapping is allowed, with all hunting activities restricted to bow hunting.


What better way than to enjoy the beautiful nature and historic atmosphere of Newtown Battlefield Park than take a moment to enjoy a delicious meal under the dense canopy of trees? Summer with warm sunshine overhead makes this area on the hill buzzing with life and a gorgeous place to stop and rest and enjoy nature. Many native trees and chirping wildlife will make the perfect location for nature viewing or some wildlife photography.

Taking Educational Tours

If you are part of a group larger than 10 individuals it's possible to book a gorge tour or educational program. This is a great thing to do if you are interested in history, as you will get a guide to talk you through the Battle of Newtown. Large family groups, boy or girl scout troops, or youth campers will love the chance to delve deeper in our Colonial history.



Visiting this site will throw you into the midst of the 1779 battle between General John Sullivan and his army against the British and Iroquois. Today, you can stand on the forested hill and imagine the tranquility disturbed by the booming of canons, musket fire, warrior cries of Iroquois, and commotion of armed fighting. You can visit the Newton Battlefield Monument, also known as the Sullivan Monument, and learn more about this historic battle. The slope covered in pine and shrub oak make for a fierce battlefield and gave the armies an interesting battlefield.


This part of the country provides stunning nature views with a historic twist. Why not grab your camera out of the campervan and get some snaps of Sullivan's Monument, the history filled hill, or the beautiful nature surrounding the Newtown Battlefield State Park. The rustic cabins are also a lovely site against the dense forest and could make for some great photographs.

Bird Watching

Whether you are interested in a guided walk to view some of the local birds, or to just grab your own binoculars, you can expect to see many species frolicking in the trees around Newtown Battlefield Park. You can expect to see warblers, songbirds, and other neotropic migrants.