NHRA New England Nationals

Drag yourself off the couch, into your RV, and down to New Hampshire. Three days of drag racing at the NHRA New England Nationals is about to begin.

Event information

The NHRA New England Nationals is a standout drag racing event at the New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire, that brings thousands of visitors to the area every year. This three-day event in July in summer is looked forward to by motor enthusiasts and families alike and is deserving of your attention.

The quarter-mile drag strip is adjacent to Route 101 in Epping welcoming travelers to the East Coast. Those who make the journey can expect three full days of racing action, entertainment, and excitement. From the guided walking tours to find out all about the facility, to the heart-racing qualifying events, demonstrations, swap meets, and finally, the drag racing itself, there’s a lot on offer.

Those who are taking an RV trip to New Hampshire will also enjoy the premium viewing areas, full access to the racer pits, and trackside motorhome parking. There’s a grassy area for picnics, plenty of vendors and hospitality, and parking spots galore. Given that the NHRA New England Nationals are held in the heart of summer, it’s also an excellent opportunity to achieve that sun-kissed look.

If you have nothing planned for your summer vacation, then find out where to stay with an RV in New Hampshire today. You can then get ready for adrenaline-pumping drag racing at the New England Dragway.


Tickets for the NHRA New England Nationals can be purchased online close to the time of the event. Pricing can vary depending on how many days you attend, and whether you’re an adult, veteran, first responder, or child. It’s best to purchase your tickets as early as possible so that you can organize your RV trip around the event.

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The NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway is proximate to many major highways, cities, and townships. Boston is around 60 miles from the event, and New Hampshire is central to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island as well. Given that you’ll be traveling in summer, you may find that driving your motorhome on any of the major highways leading from the cities quite desirable.

You can remain up to date with congestion and any adverse weather conditions with a traffic app such as New England Cable News or New England 511. Once you get your first glimpse of the New England Dragway, you can depart from Route 101 at Exit 8 in Epping.

Parking areas

There are plenty of grass parking lots at New England Dragway for the NHRA New England Nationals. As these lots are not marked, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect parking spot, as long as you arrive with plenty of time to spare before the drag racing kicks off. Upon taking your spot, remember to lock your RV. There is then a short walk from the parking lots to the main action.

Public Transportation

Due to the conservative size of Epping and Exeter on the outskirts of the New England Dragway, public transportation options are limited. You can also consider a taxi or rideshare service, but buses and trains might be out of the question for getting you to the race track. Make your way to the race track in your motorhome, or call a taxi to bring you to and from your accommodation if you would prefer.

Where to stay


In the past, onsite camping has not been an option at New England Dragway. In recent years, however, the premium vantage point known as Spectator Hill has become available for a select number of campers. However, newcomers are at a disadvantage.

Newcomers must park their RV at the back of the hill if they can even get a spot at all, and the front of the hill by the fence is earned through membership and seniority. You must work your way up the “ranks” to secure that pivotal viewing position over the years of attendance. As a result, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to camp at New England Dragway, and alternative accommodation is advised.


When you’re taking an RV trip, you want to make sure you have somewhere to stay. Whether you’re looking for a primitive RV camping option or somewhere accessible with a large RV, you’ll find what you’re looking for in and around Epping, NH. Within a 20-mile radius of the NHRA New England Nationals, there’s a mix of both service hookup and non-service hookup camping opportunities.

Getting around

Aside from the expansive parking lots, which may take a little effort to navigate, the remainder of the event site is straightforward to get around on foot. The drag strip is in the middle, and all the entertainment and action happens around it. Once you park your motorhome on the grass, you can take a break in the grandstands or view from the many fantastic vantage points. There will be no need for scooters, skateboards, or any other wheeled transport.

What to pack


July is one of the hottest seasons of the year in Epping, NH, which means you’ll want to pack as much comfortable clothing as possible. Light, breathable layers are a must, and don’t forget your supporter’s gear too. With plenty of ground to cover, some robust walking shoes are a necessity in your suitcase. Bring a few warmer layers for wearing at night.


Aside from your camping and cooking equipment that you should carry in your motorhome, there are plenty of other things you won’t want to leave behind. Earplugs or other ear protection can help those with sensitive ears, and a scanner will boost your ability to know what is happening on the track.

Bottles of water are essential for both in your backpack and RV. You can also bring in coolers that can hold as many as six plastic bottles. Glass is not allowed, nor are alcohol or umbrellas. Don’t forget your ticket, wallet with cash and a credit or debit card, and your favorite driver’s branded gear to show your support.

Health & Safety

Attending an outdoor event in summer can take its toll, so it’s time to put your health and safety first. Bring plenty of water to remain hydrated and sunscreen to apply regularly. Chapstick, a sun hat, and sunglasses will all ensure your comfort. Don’t forget to pack any medical supplies and prescriptions you might require, as well as a first-aid kit in your RV just in case. If you’re a smoker, you may do so on the grounds, but not in the grandstands.

Where to eat


While you won’t be able to haul out the charcoal BBQ at the NHRA New England Nationals, you may be able to at your RV accommodation provider. Find out the RV camping rules of your chosen establishment. You can also make use of your onboard kitchen appliances.

Taking an RV trip is also an excellent opportunity for cooking things you may not always prepare at home. If you need supplies for loaded potatoes and other delicious campsite treats, then the nearest convenience store is six miles away from the race track in Exeter.


While the NHRA New England Nationals brings vendors in their droves, sometimes a sit-down dining establishment is more to your liking. Take a quick trip to Exeter and find out what’s available. Pizza, Mexican cuisine, and good ol’ hearty American food are all available within a short driving distance of the New England Dragway.


The food court and souvenir stand at New England Dragway are centrally located for all to enjoy. If you work up a hunger, you can pass the racer pits and grass area to enjoy the tasty offerings next to the drag strip. Bring both cash and credit as vendors may have their preference.



New England Dragway has a few security procedures in place for the NHRA New England Nationals, which they encourage everyone to follow. You can’t bring in your own alcohol, but you can purchase and drink it in the beer garden.

There may also be security screening at the gates where officials may ask to search your bag. You can speed up this process by packing light and leaving most of your possessions in your locked RV for use afterward. If you require outside assistance, the nearest police station is in Exeter six miles away.


The average high in New Hampshire during July in summer is around 70 degrees, but it can easily reach above 80 degrees as well. Nighttime temperatures in New Hampshire don’t usually drop below 60. Make sure you carry plenty of water and coolant on board to keep your RV in tip-top condition and leave your vents open in your motorhome for comfort once the racing is complete.


From stubbed toes and blisters through to trips and falls, anything can happen when you’re out and about. Fortunately, there is a first aid and ambulance station parallel to Return Road by the drag strip. Feel free to approach a trained staff member for assistance. Alternatively, dial 9-11 or travel to the nearest medical center within four miles of the event site.