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Nolin Lake State Park is the perfect place for those looking for relaxation and adventure in the same place. Located on Nolin Lake, which encompasses over 5,000 surface acres, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Nolin Lake is located halfway between Louisville and Nashville and is easily accessible in almost any sized RV or trailer.

Nolin Lake State Park is open year-round, but the campground is seasonal. During the winter months, you can expect moderate to harsh conditions that can affect certain areas of the park. The summer months are usually hot and relatively humid. If you plan to camp during the warmer months, make sure to pack some insect repellant!

Rolling hills and hardwoods fill the forest of this park, giving it a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Within the park, you'll find opportunities like nature viewing, swimming, boating, and fishing. There are several picnic areas, and all campsites have a picnic table and fire ring! While there are water and electric hook-ups, there are no direct sewer hook-ups. There is a dump station near the entrance of the park for those that have reserved a campsite.

Nolin Lake State Park was constructed in 2001, and is closely located to the Mammoth Cave, which is the longest explored cave system in the world! If you're planning to visit Nolin Lake State Park, Mammoth Cave is an attraction worth visiting while you're in the area!

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When visiting Nolin Lake State Park, you can expect a smooth drive both to the park, as well as through it. There are only two roads that go through the park, and they are both wide enough to navigate your RV. While many state parks this size would have dirt roads, the roads in Nolin State Park are all paved, making it a breeze to maneuver your RV.

Since there are few roads in the park, and the park encompasses 333 acres, so walking or biking would also be a great option when navigating through the park.

The campground is located on the South and East side of the park and has adequate parking at each campsite. If you're planning to just visit for the day, there will be very limited parking available for your RV. There are parking spaces near the boat ramp that can accommodate your RV, but they fill up very quickly with boat trailers in peak season.


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Nolin Lake Campground

Nolan Lake Campground is a great campground that is closely located to the main features of the state park. There are also several amenities within the campground that many other parks do not offer.

Although there are no sewer hookups at any of the campsites, there is a dump station for those staying in the park, and there are restrooms with showers available for campers' use. At the shower house/restrooms, there are also washers and dryers! This is a great feature, especially if you're planning on swimming at the beach!

Within the campground, there are 32 campsites with water and electric hook-ups, as well as 27 primitive campsites in which have lakefront views. You can also purchase basic camping supplies from the front booth where you bought your camping pass!

If you're planning to take the whole family with you, there is a shaded playground within the campground area! Note: While the park is open year-round, camping is only permitted between March 15th and mid-November.

Make sure you call the park for reservations and check the max RV/trailer size for the campsite that you reserve. Although the largest space is 120 feet, the campsites vary in size.

Seasonal activities in Nolin Lake State Park



Boating is a very popular activity in Nolin State Park, as the park is located on the 5,800 Nolin Lake. While there are many ways to launch your boat into the lake, the park has its own boat ramp ready for you to use!

The boat ramp in the park is located North of the campground, and can easily be accessed by driving, biking, or walking! There is also adequate parking for your vehicle and boat trailer at the ramp!


During the summer months, Nolin Lake State Park is a very popular swimming spot for both locals and tourists. Located just South of the boat ramp, within walking distance of the campground, you'll find the beach area!

This beach is buoyed off to keep boats out of the swimming area! The swimming area is open to the public from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend! So grab your swimsuit and cool off in the water or relax on the beach!


Whether with friends, family, or your significant other, picnicking in the park is always a fun summer activity. Within the park, there are multiple picnic shelters, as well as other places throughout the park to have your own picnic.

Within the shelters, there are both tables and grills! If you plan to use one of the picnic shelters, you must first visit the main park office in the park and make a reservation. While there are no restrooms at the picnic shelters, there are public restrooms available for use within the main park office.



If you're looking for a great place to hike, Nolin State Park is the place you've been looking for. While there is only one trail in the park, it is nine miles long! The trail is considered moderate, so it is recommended to take plenty of water and wear proper hiking shoes.

In addition to hiking, the trail also serves the purpose of a mountain biking trail. This trail is very narrow in some places, so always be cautious of other hikers, as well as those riding mountain bikes.


Fishing in Nolan Lake State Park is a fantastic experience for all skill levels of anglers. Whether boating or bank fishing, there are plenty of different species to catch in the lake. Bass, walleye, crappie, and catfish are amongst the most common species that you'll catch in the lake.

If you're looking to be a little more adventurous, bring your boat to the lake to fish! The lake is over 5,000 acres, so there's a lot of water that can be fished without ever crossing someone else's line!


Grab your binoculars! There are many different species of birds that inhabit the area at Nolin State Park. The lake serves as the perfect habitat for birds to survive!

Blue Heron, cranes, geese, wild turkey, and if you're lucky enough to spot them, Bald Eagles can occasionally be found at Nolin Lake! To find these birds, it is recommended to take a hike on the nine-mile hiking trail. This trail leads into some of the primitive areas of the park where human disturbance isn't bothering the wildlife!