North Georgia State Fair

Ease your way into fall with an RV holiday to remember! Gather your family and friends and take a fun-filled trip to the North Georgia State Fair.

Event information

Each year, metro Atlanta puts on a show with the North Georgia State Fair. As an event for young and old, it attracts close to 300,000 attendants yearly to the 2245 Callaway Road SW, Marietta site. Rain or shine, the fair promises to deliver on action, entertainment, and exhibits.

There’s live music, nearby RV accommodation, competitions, fair foods, carnival rides, free attractions, and more. Most years, your attendance ticket even covers a free concert that’s bound to get you on your feet. The North Georgia State Fair runs for ten days in late September and is worth the drive.

The fairgrounds encompass an animal petting barn, roller coaster, a carnival midway, and even an area for carnival rides. Parallel to Callaway Road is the concert area as well, offering patrons a chance to get on their feet and enjoy the entertainment. Even the weather usually puts on a show, with balmy temperatures in North Georgia often expected.

While you won’t be able to take advantage of onsite camping, your RV will be in safe hands at any of the nearby camping grounds. Put a plan into action and get in the driving seat today. Grab your family and enjoy the largest fair in metro Atlanta.


Ticket prices will vary depending on the time of year you choose to purchase them. Visit for current ticket prices. If you are buying them in advance, they are often more affordable than gate sales. You also get free concert admission with your gate ticket. Don’t forget to buy your ride tickets to enjoy all the carnival equipment the North Georgia State Fair has to offer!

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The North Georgia State Fair is at the Jim R. Miller Park, a pleasant drive from Marietta and surrounding areas. Several main highways run through the area (41, 75, and 285), many of which send you in the direction of Windy Hill Rd. From this road, you can easily navigate your way to the fair site where parking is aplenty.

Parking areas

If you enter the fairgrounds via Windy-Mac Road, you can drive through the South Gate, with the South Parking Lot adjacent. This large parking lot will have plenty of room for your RV for day parking only. If you enter via Callaway Road, you come through the main gate and into the main parking lot. Al Bishop Drive into the North Gate and North Parking Lot can also see you proximate to Bishop Park and Highway 360.

Public Transportation

There will be buses running in the Marietta area to help you make your way to the state fair. Public transport may be convenient for if you prefer to set up your RV at an off-site camping ground for the ten-day event.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available for visitors to the North Georgia State Fair. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your RV adventure! You can set up camp at one of the various RV parks and resorts in the general Marietta area. Each site boasts different amenities to serve your needs.


There are several RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds within a short driving distance of the North Georgia State Fair. Some of these are even within walking distance of the fair for your convenience. As nearly 300,000 people make their way to Marietta for the fair, you will need to reserve your spot months in advance. Be quick, for RV camping sports in the north of Georgia sell out quickly!

Getting around

The North Georgia State Fair encompasses the block of Windy-Mac Road, Callaway Road, Al Bishop Drive, and Olley Creek which connects to the North Georgia Fairgrounds Lake. The entire area is comfortably sized for navigation on foot. If you wish to bring bicycles, scooters, or other means of transport into the fairgrounds, you may need to ask site officials for permission. Otherwise, Shank’s Pony is your most reliable transportation method!

What to pack


You can expect a kaleidoscope of weather conditions in North Georgia during the fall. On some days, you’ll be in a t-shirt and shorts with temperatures in the high 80s. However, it’s also not uncommon to have to wrap up in your winter woollies as you brave the mid-40s. Pack for all four seasons to ensure you have something to wear for every day you remain at the fair. Comfortable footwear is also a must!


As you enter the fairgrounds, you may be asked to display the contents of your bag. Weapons, outside food, and some other items may be prohibited. It’s in your best interest to take the bare minimum to the fair. Carry a small backpack with a sealed water bottle, cash, and a change of clothes if the weather takes a turn for the worst (or better!)

Health & Safety

Navigating a park with 300,000 people can take the energy out of you. It’s crucial to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and keep your energy levels up. It also wouldn’t hurt to bring bug spray due to the proximity of the creek nearby, and a sunhat and sunscreen to keep the sun off your face. North Georgia State Fair officials may also have health and safety plans in place.

Where to eat


If you are traveling in your RV, you can leave your cooking equipment in your rig, but stop in at the proximate grocery stores and markets within walking distance to the fairgrounds. Load up on groceries and make yourself a snack when you get back to your RV. There will be no opportunities for cooking on site at the North Georgia State Fair, but plenty for eating!


Marietta and the surrounding North Georgia area make sure no visitors go hungry. If you don’t manage to get something to eat at the fair, then you can once you head into the heart of Marietta. There are many different dining establishments available that are ready to cater to the masses.


There’s something for everyone at the North Georgia State Fair. You can withdraw cash at the available ATMs then pay with either cash or credit at many different stalls. The selection of food available to tantalize everyone’s taste buds will amaze you and your crew.



Due to the number of visitors to the area, don’t be offended if gate security asks to check your bag. You may be subjected to searches at any stage if security staff has reason to believe you’re carrying prohibited items. If you require assistance during your time at the fair, there will be plenty of officials on site to help.


For the most part, North Georgia offers comfortable weather for the fair. However, it’s not always going to be that way. This rain-or-shine event is one that commonly brings temperatures between the mid-40s and high 80s. There is often no in between! Be optimistic by packing shorts and tees, but prepare to layer up in sweatshirts and jackets as well.


There’s never any harm in carrying a first aid kit in your backpack or RV. However, there will be first aid staff on site at the North Georgia State Fair to tend to any scrapes, bruises, or minor injuries. There are multiple pharmacists and medical centers within 15 to 30 minutes of driving from the fairgrounds as well.