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North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park


If you're looking for a picturesque Canadian campground for a weekend's getaway, you'll find what you seek at North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park. From abundant lush forest to sapphire-hued lake waters and spectacular opportunities for viewing wildlife in its natural habitat, this amazing rural camping space has got it all.

Nestled along the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border within the western portion of the province, North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park finds its home in the town of Birch River. It is bordered by the tranquil and clean, clear waters of Steeprock Lake to the north and the Porcupine Provincial Forest directly to the south.

A recreational area named for the adjacent Steeprock Lake, visitors flock to this campground not only for the RV camping but also to take a dip in the refreshing lake waters. The nearest town to this camping facility is located only 16 minutes away from Birch River. Bowsman is a small town of only 305 people and is home to Whitefish Lake Provincial Park, an excellent destination for the avid fisherman to explore.

Though North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is relatively small and quite remote, it is big on charm. With activities for families to enjoy in both the summer and winter months, it is definitely one of the area's most beloved rural attractions. The campground is only open seasonally from just after Victoria Day weekend in May until late September when the weather is its most favorable. For an unforgettable RV vacation, it's worth the trip to spend some time at North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park.

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RV Rentals in North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park



Swan River, Manitoba is the closest community to North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park. At only 3900 residents, it is a rather small but quaint town that is located 71 km (or 44 miles) directly south of the campground. To get from Swan River to North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park, it will take approximately an hour and 45 minutes along lightly trafficked country highways which are relatively well-maintained. The route is quite straight forward, travelling along highway MB 10 N (towards The Pas) for nearly 40 km before making a left onto MB 365 N and continuing on this road until the campground is visible on the left side of the road. Occasionally, there will be delays due to construction in the summer months. Both highways consist of only two lanes, so it is important to exercise caution when attempting to pass another motorist.

Should you be travelling to North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park from Saskatchewan, the closest metropolitan city is Prince Albert. A lengthy drive at 402 km (or 250 miles), it will take approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes to reach this recreational area. As when travelling from Swan River, the map indicates a route that is direct and that traverses over terrain that is mostly flat. The journey begins along SK 3 E until it connects to MB 365 N. Both roads are kept clear. These stretches of highway also sometimes see construction work during the warmer weather, so it is always wise to allot additional travel time to avoid a late arrival. SK 3 E begins as a four lane highway which narrows down to two lanes once outside the metropolitan Prince Albert area.


There is a self-registration desk directly next to the parking lot at the entrance to North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park. To enter the camping facility, a Park Vehicle Permit is required and must be prominently displayed in the RV at all times.

Public Transportation

Since North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is situated in an extremely rural area of central Manitoba, there is no public transportation available to this campground.

Campgrounds and parking in North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park

First-come first-served

North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park Campground

The campground found directly at North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park offers 32 camping sites available on a first come, first served basis. No electric or water hookups are available; however tap water is accessible on site for public use, and there is also a sewage disposal site.on the premises. Generator use is permitted, but all generators must be turned off between the hours of 11 PM and 9 AM daily.

The maximum amount of space permitted per site is 460 square feet (or 42.74 metres), affording lots of space for RV parking. Each campsite contains a picnic table.

Pit toilets are housed on the premises, and there are solar powered showers in use for the months of July and August only.

There are both tent and RV sites available at this campground. Other amenities include horseshoe pits, a playground, and a beautiful beach. Picnic areas featuring grills are plentiful, so bring along a cooler of goodies to throw on the barbecue for your family and friends to enjoy.

The campground rests right along the edge of Steeprock Lake, a body of water that is excellent for swimming, watersports, and fishing. Dogs are permitted; however, they must remain on a lead at all times.

North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park observes seasonal camping only and is open from the weekend after Victoria Day in May until late September.

Seasonal activities in North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park



The beach located directly on the property at North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is a major attraction for families looking to enjoy some R&R on their RV vacation. The lake waters are both refreshing and clear, making them the ideal spot to take a dip to cool off on a hot summer's day.

The lake is bordered by a strip of sandy shoreline that is the perfect place to take a stroll, build a sandcastle, or work on a summer tan. Pets are allowed on this beach but must remain on a leash at all times.

This sandy haven is also home to a boat launch, giving occasion for sailing aficionados to take their watercraft out for a spin in the beautiful Steeprock Lake.

There is a small concession stand along the shore that sells snacks and drinks, and barbecues are available for public use at the nearby picnic areas.


North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is the perfect haven for fishermen looking for the opportunity to try their hand at reeling in some of the area's most tasty fish. Steeprock Lake itself teems with northern pike and walleye year-round. In early fall when the campground is still open, lucky anglers are treated to an abundance of whitefish.

This recreational area offers a fish cleaning station. Barbecues are found in the picnic areas, affording fortunate fishermen the chance to grill up their seafaring treasures for a feast with family and friends.

Nearby Vini Lake which sits to the west of North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is the ideal location to fish for rainbow trout or arctic char.

On-site leisure activities

For an activity that can be found just a few feet from the RV camping area, why not give a game of horseshoes a whirl? The pits are well-stocked and provide families with the occasion to meet new friends from all across the country.

Near to the horseshoe pits, there is a playground where children can enjoy some playtime of their own.

North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park also offers picnic areas featuring barbecues and picnic tables where families and their friends can meet up for some feasting and fun. Bring along some board games for all to enjoy!



Due to its close proximity to both a lake and Porcupine Provincial Forest, North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park is a wonderland for bird watching enthusiasts. In the month of May, Canadian geese and sandhill cranes begin their migration, a wonderful sight to behold!

Many different species of birds flock to this avian sanctuary. Bring along a camera to record the abundance of varieties you spot as you meander through the park.

If you bring a dog with you on your bird watching journey, do take care that they do not disturb the wildlife that make this park their home.

Porcupine Provincial Forest

Porcupine Provincial Forest is located to the south of North Steeprock Lake Provincial Park. Its densely forested area is a haven for wildlife and vegetation. In the 1980's, a fire erupted along the Saskatchewan border which decimated a large portion of this strikingly beautiful wooded region. Today, the hills are fragrant with new tree life including young jack pine, wild aspen, spruce, and birch.

The forest is also home to a number of wildlife species including white-tailed deer and moose, making it an excellent place to an enjoy reconnecting with plant and animal life that is indigenous to the region.

The terrain can be hilly but is suitable for hiking by people of all ages and health conditions. The paths are well-trodden but unmarked. Bring along drinking water to ensure proper hydration.


When the temperatures dip too low for a swim, there are still lots of fun things to do at Steeprock Lake. The shore is lined with soft sand that is often riddled with treasures from the sea. Take a stroll along the coast in search of shells, seaglass, or other items to take home as a souvenir of a relaxing day spent in a rural paradise.

Though the snack shop closes with the campground at the end of September, the shore of Steeprock Lake is still a great place to picnic by the sea. Bring along a blanket and a packed lunch from home and enjoy the fragrant, mist-filled air from the ideal vantage point in the sand.

To commemorate the day, don't forget to bring along a camera!