North Texas State Fair

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo is a first-class, nine-day event in Denton, Texas. End summer on a high note by making it an RV holiday of a lifetime.

Event information

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo is a nine-day event that has been an integral part of Denton history for many years. This annual fair and rodeo bring over 100,000 people to North Texas, all of which get the opportunity to be a part of entertainment and action galore at 2217 N. Carroll Boulevard in Denton.

There is much to love about this event, which is why it would be an excellent opportunity for an RV holiday. You get to enjoy the best of Texas country music, be a part of nightly concerts, and even soak up the atmosphere of the rodeo, fair rides, delicious cuisine, and more.

The fairgrounds, while small and compact, are a hive of activity. They’re nestled in the heart of Denton, not far from Fort Worth and Dallas. The proximity to big cities and many different businesses in Denton means you can become a tourist while you’re visiting the fair. Check out many of the various tourist attractions, make a head start on Christmas shopping, and soak up the North Texas atmosphere.

There is truly something for everyone, both at the fairgrounds and in Denton, Texas itself. Bring the kids to enjoy the fun zones, peruse the livestock displays, and check out all the latest exhibitions and attractions. This nine-day event is not one to miss, so pencil it on your calendar and get the RV ready to roll.


If you like to be organized and reap the financial benefits, then purchase your tickets for the North Texas Fair & Rodeo in advance. Once you buy them online, you can then print them off and skip the queues at the entrance gates.

Your admission ticket includes entry to the fair, all concerts, the livestock show, and even rodeo events. In the past, children under six have been free as well. Visit for current ticket pricing and schedules.

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Given the size of the event and the location in a traditionally busy city, you may need to have your “be patient” cap on while you’re driving. There will be extra traffic on the road between the major cities that link to Denton.

If you’re coming from Dallas, Gainesville, Oklahoma, or Fort Worth, stick to I-35, but remember that I-35 has an east and west section, and the fair sits just northeast of where the two sections reconnect into one highway in Denton. If you’re coming from the west, such as from Decatur, or east from McKinney, take Highway 380. The fairgrounds are reasonably close to the main highways that lead out of and into Denton.

Parking areas

There is ample parking available throughout the nine days of the fair, but you’ll need to get to the fairgrounds early in the morning to make use of the larger RV spots. If you’d prefer to set up your RV permanently for your stay, instead of driving it to the grounds daily, then consider parking at your accommodation and utilizing public transportation.

Public Transportation

North Texas Fair and Rodeo organizers have thought of everything. Given the congestion, they offer an alternative form of transportation to save on parking hassles. You can leave your RV at your campground and make use of the shuttle service from two locations within Denton. This service runs for several hours every day and drives a continuous route. Alternatively, there will be private ride services for you to try out if desired.

Where to stay


Given the limited space at the fairgrounds, onsite camping is not available for RV-goers. Fortunately, Denton is well-equipped to handle travelers who converge upon the area for the fair. Even within a short travel distance to Lewisville Lake and surrounding areas, there are many different accommodation options to appeal. Denton won’t leave you high and dry.


In any direction from the North Texas Fair & Rodeo, there are accommodation options galore. Nearby RV parks will cater to your needs for full-service hookups, while some parks allow you to park with self-containment. Check with the managers of each establishment to learn the rules of your stay.

Getting around

Getting around both Denton and the North Texas Fair and Rodeo is a breeze. With shuttle service to and from the fair, you’ll have no problem making your way into town to get everything you need. You can also wander around the fairgrounds on foot, with all entertainment options and fair displays within a short distance of each other.

What to pack


As soon as you hit the Texas boundary, you’ll be peeling off your layers almost immediately. While parts of the country are comfortable in a light sweater and shorts, Denton weather means you’ll be in shorts and a t-shirt for the majority of your stay. Comfortable, breathable footwear is paramount, as is a decent sunhat and glasses.


Given the hot conditions, you won’t want to be lugging too much around with you as you navigate the fairgrounds. Pack a light backpack with a sealed, clear bottle of water. Leave any weapons or firearms at home or in your RV. You may also find it convenient to bring cash and credit, instead of lining up to use the ATM. Much of what you need for your visit to the fair is available inside the gate.

Health & Safety

Extreme heat can wreak havoc with even the healthiest person, which means you need to spend time planning for any eventuality. Bring a small first aid kit with you, and don’t forget your water bottle. You will also need decent sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a sun hat. Remember to reapply sunscreen as the day progresses, as sweat can wear it off. Take breaks and seek shelter when you need it.

Where to eat


While you won’t have an opportunity to cook at the fair, it’s a free-for-all back at your RV. Talk to your campground manager about any rules relating to the use of cookers, gas types, and fire bans in place. Given that the fair is in summer, you may find you aren’t allowed to cook on an open fire. If you’re running low on groceries, the local grocer is less than a 15-minute walk from the fairgrounds.


Not everyone wants to live on corn dogs for the full nine days of the fair. If you’ve tried everything the fair vendors have to offer, then wander into Denton and see what you can find. There are fast food outlets within a short walking distance of the fairgrounds, perfect for the hungry family. There are also more intimate dining establishments, bars, cafes, and bistros a short walk away.


Even with a small area for vendors to sell their food, beverages, and wares, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to choose. There are so many delicious options to indulge in at the North Texas Fair and Rodeo. Satisfy your sweet tooth with cotton candy, or cool down with ice cream or frozen dessert. Remember to bring both cash and credit as not all vendors will accept both payment methods.



With tens of thousands of people making their way through the fair gates over the nine days, you can expect there to be a robust security presence. Both police and security will be making themselves known, helping patrons, and ensuring that everyone is safe. You may also be subjected to a search at the gate, so cut down the wait time and leave your large, bulky bags at home.


While most of the country averages 80 degrees-Fahrenheit during summer, Texas is often leading the pack. It’s not uncommon for August to remain in the consistent high 90s, even hitting over 100 degrees on some days. You will need to ventilate your RV during the day, drink plenty of fluids, and pack only summer attire and bedding. There’ll be no need for the winter woollies on this RV trip.


If you find yourself in need of first aid treatment on the fairgrounds, make your way to the first aid tent. This area will be signposted, or you can ask at the information area near the main entrance. Otherwise, it will only take you a few minutes to walk to the nearest pharmacy for any needed items, with a family care center under two miles away as well.