Northwest Washington Fair

Head to the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden and get your fill of yummy delights, greet the animals, and RV camp in the area.

Event information

Fair food, grandstand entertainment, 4-H competitions, and rodeo events await eager fair-goers attending the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden, WA. Revving engines excite the crowds watching the demolition derby, draft horses show their strength as they pull, and a variety of performers take the stage to amuse family members of every age.

Musical entertainment is part of the package, and so is the carnival and midway. Choose your favorite ride or step outside the box and try a new one. Purchase an all-day pass and try them all. Cool off with an ice cream cone and head over to the exhibition hall to wander the displays.

While in the Lynden area, take a step back in time and visit the pioneer museum. The windmills found throughout the town are pleasing to the eye, and farm fresh produce is yours for the picking and purchasing.

Introduce the children to farm life and then retreat to the RV for a discussion of what was learned. Cook a feast and include the fresh vegetables; for dessert, dive into a pie purchased at the fair.


VIP packages are sold in sets of two and can be bought online for the Northwest Washington Fair. Enjoy a meal, music, and other extras with this special pass. Regular gate admission and carnival passes, purchased separately, can cost between $8 and $35. Grandstand shows and the demolition derby (along with other activities) require additional ticket purchases. Visit to choose the combination that suits your family best.

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The I-5 North or South will send you on your way. Set your GPS for Northwest Washington Fair; you will pass sprawling farmer’s fields as you head toward the grounds. Signage will indicate the location and entrance, and once there, volunteers will assist you in deciding where to best park your rig.

Parking areas

Park your RV in downtown Lynden and commute into the fair. Shuttle lots are plentiful and easy to get to near the fairgrounds. Download the fair shuttle map to figure out the best route for your rig size. Not only is this method of getting to the fairgrounds convenient, but it is also free of charge. There are also pay lots near the grounds.

Public Transportation

Whatcom Transit Authority usually offers free transportation week for the duration of the fair. No charge rides are offered on most routes as an initiative to make your transportation to Northwest Washington Fair simple and stress-free. Check for an easy place to park your RV and relax as someone else drives you to and from the fun.

Where to stay


Camping is not an option at Northwest Washington Fair, but the surrounding area has many RV parks to suit your needs. Rigs, both big and small, are easily accommodated with amenities to suit every taste.


Whether you like a site where you can park the RV amongst the trees for privacy, or prefer wide open spaces where you can meet your neighbors, campgrounds within and near Lynden offer the best of both worlds. Claim a spot with lakefront access or park under the canopy of fir trees. Sewer, water, and power are amenities typically available, and Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, a playground, and a pool are bonuses that come with some camping locations.

Getting around

Wheelchairs can access the paths and roadways of the fairgrounds, and they are the only wheeled vehicles permitted besides strollers. Both are available for rent. Segways, mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades are forbidden. Keep it simple and wear your best walking shoes to have energized feet all day long.

What to pack


Temperatures in this area of the country are pleasant and often very tolerable in August; choosing your fair time apparel should be a breeze. Comfy layering is the recommendation; wear jeans or shorts and an easy on-and-off sweater for the warm to cool variations of day and night. A hat and sunglasses to protect from the rays will round out the outfit.


While away from the campsite, a lightweight and easy bag to carry a refillable water bottle and necessities for the kiddos is all you need. Supplies for a well-stocked RV include a small flashlight, toiletries, towels, kitchen and campfire items, and a few games for a rainy day.

Health & Safety

Hydration is key to feeling good, both at the fair and back at camp. Consistent water breaks should be part of every day. Have the children take a break in the shade every few hours and reapply sunscreen and bug spray as needed. The fair will be busy; have a game plan to meet at lost and found in the event that someone gets separated from the group.

Where to eat


Fire bans may be on tap in Washington State in August, so be prepared with ideas for camp stove cooking. A savory chili is a favorite, as is corn chowder and rolls. These dishes can be prepped at home if you prefer and eaten early on in the trip. Make sure that the RV has a full supply of propane and water. A refrigerator full of healthy snacks is a welcome sight after a long day at the fair; include fruits and vegetables for snacking as well as pudding and yogurt.


Treats and specialties are not to be missed while in Lynden. Look for seafood native to the region or dishes with an Asian flare. If gourmet burgers and tender steaks are what you crave, there are a few restaurant options in town with great reviews. Take a night off from cooking and form your own opinion.


Fun at Northwest Washington Fair includes the exhibits and the vendor booths. Rueben sandwiches, roasted corn on the cob, and fabulous funnel cakes are on the menu. Mac n’ cheese, a milkshake, and a taco salad will sate your hungry appetite. Fair merchandise is often a must; you may want to buy a cozy sweatshirt for everyone in the family. ATMs are onsite if you need extra cash.



Qualified security personnel will enforce the fairground rules to ensure that the event remains a safe and family-oriented environment. The consumption of alcohol is allowed inside designated areas only, and anyone acting in a disorderly fashion will be removed from the grounds.


Northwest Washington Fair attendees typically enjoy pleasant weather. To be prepared for all weather events is wise, however; pack the RV with clothing for both rain and shine, and add umbrellas to the packing list so that outdoor fun is possible on a rainy day. Cozy blankets for cool, windy nights will ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep.


Familiarize the family with the First Aid station just in case as soon as you arrive at the fair. A first aid kit in the RV is an essential part of the trip as well; bumps and scrapes are inevitable, so keep band-aids and peroxide on hand. Ensure the safety of the kids by storing all medications well out of reach in your camper.