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Notikewin Provincial Park


Notikewin Provincial Park was established in 1979 when local residents rallied to preserve this area by creating a park that could be enjoyed by one and all. The park lies amidst a densely forested valley with the Peace River and Notikewin River snaking through it. The region has plenty of history as the Peace River (the largest in Alberta) was once the only way through Northern Alberta and was extensively used by explorers, fur traders and gold prospectors.

Apart from its rich history, the landscape also offers plenty for campers in term of recreational activities. Hiking trails wind through the dense woods and up the hills to reveal some truly majestic views of the valley below. Kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts can take to the river waters while anglers can enjoy catching a variety of fish species from the shoreline.

The park is home to plenty of wildlife that can often be spotted by campers who spend a few days in Alberta's Northern wilderness. The park also offers plenty of amenities and facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable camping experience for all those who venture this far north. Picnic, camp, hike, fish, kayak or dive into the history of this quiet and majestic place.

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The drive to Notikewin Provincial Park is truly spectacular as you get to see the wilderness of Northern Alberta. The park itself is located around 35 km or 22 miles North of Manning. To arrive at the park from Manning take Highway 35 north before turning to Secondary Hwy 692 for another 27 km. Turn south for 2 km and then east on to Range Road 204 to arrive at the park entrance. The roads leading to the park and those inside park grounds are narrow and heavily wooded and not suitable for larger RVs and motorhomes.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Notikewin Provincial Park

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Notikewin Campground

This remote and quiet campground offers plenty of shade and privacy to campers with spacious sites that are walking distance from the river banks. A total of 19 unserviced sites are available for RV and tent camping that come with picnic tables, fire pits, and nearby vault toilets. Drinking water is not available at the campground although a water pump is provided for washing purposes. Firewood is also no longer supplied and has to be bought with you and used only in the designated fire pits. The campground is close to the boat launch and fish cleaning area.

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Notikewin Provincial Park lies on the confluence of the Peace and Notikewin Rivers. These rich river waters are home to plenty of fresh water fish species including Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike which are a favorite amongst the locals here. Peace River is one of Alberta's largest rivers and fishing by its banks is not only rewarding but also simply majestic as you get to view some truly stunning Albertan scenery. A fish cleaning station is also located close to the campground.

Hiking Trails

Hiking trails wind through the dense woodlands and some even take you along the banks of the river where you can spot not only wildlife but plenty of wild fern growing close to park roads, amidst the towering trees and even close to the river's edge. The more difficult hiking trails lead up the valley for those who fancy an aerial view of this breathtaking natural landscape.


At Notikewin Provincial Park, Peace River is probably at its widest and most peaceful pace which makes it excellent for kayakers, canoers and power boating enthusiasts. The calm waters with their steady current allows kayakers and canoers to venture deep into the valley in search of ideal fishing grounds or the chance to spot wildlife. Motorboats are also allowed on the river waters and a boat launch area near the campground makes it easy for you to get your watercraft into these amazing river waters.



If you are seeking a remote, quiet, and scenic river-side picnic destination than you would be hard-pressed to find a better destination than Notikewin Provincial Park. Not only is the landscape simply stunning to look at but the facilities offered here also make for an enjoyable day out snacking, relaxing, or partaking in the many outdoor activities. Picnic tables and washrooms are available on site along with other basic amenities.


Located in the hear of northern Alberta's vast wilderness region Notikewin Provincial Park is bound to feature plenty of wildlife. Visitors who camp here can spot over 26 species of wildlife including bears, moose, deer and fox. Apart from these large mammals, over 200 species of birds also reside amidst the towering trees. Keen eyed birdwatchers can often spot woodpeckers, sandhill cranes, chickadees, warblers and owls that are local to these woods.


If you are a bit of a history buff you will thoroughly enjoy the rich history of this picturesque and beautiful landscape. Since Peace River was a main trading route centuries ago, plenty of wars were fought by those wanting the right to use the river system for exploration and trading. Settlers, hunters, traders, explorers and gold seekers all visited this region at one point or another and while most of the evidence of this early civilization is destroyed remnants of it can still be seen today.