Oasis State Park
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Oasis State Park is located in the beautiful Roosevelt County, NM, just East of the Texas/New Mexico State Line! This 196-acre park is perfect for those of whom are traveling solo, with friends, or even with family in your RV. Campsites are limited, so make sure to make a reservation before you go.

The main attraction at Oasis State Park is fishing on the three-acre lake, which is excellent for bank fishing all the way around. In addition to fishing, there are also several hiking trails and many different bird species for those of you that love birding.

While Oasis State Park is open year-round, you should pack for different types of weather when visiting. Winter months average between 22 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the same month, so you can expect cold nights and chilly days. Even in the summer, when temperatures can reach above 94 degrees, it typically drops around 30 degrees at night.

Whether you're looking to relax at your campsite or explore the park, the views of the sand dunes over the lake are breathtaking.

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Oasis State Park is located in Portales, NM and can easily be accessed via NM State Route 467. While this long and flat road can be easily navigated with your RV, there are very few places to stop for supplies or fuel along the way. If you need supplies, plan to stop in town in Portales or Clovis, NM.

Once you arrive at the park, all roads are clearly marked and easy to access with your RV. Base Like Road makes a loop inside the park, and it is the only entrance to the park. There are several different places in which you can park while visiting Oasis State Park. There is a parking area at the main visitor's center, as well as a smaller parking lot near the lake.

If you're planning to camp at the park, you may want to consider alternative transportation, such as a bicycle. The campsites are somewhat spread out in the park, so you may be a little ways from the restrooms or showers. Having a bike would be great to get to the restroom quickly!


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Oasis State Park

Campsites in Oasis State Park

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Oasis State Park Campground

Camping in Oasis State Park will be a great experience, as there are very few parks that are this small but still have many amenities! Within the campground, there are only 29 campsites, but don't let that fool you! The park is well maintained and ready for your RV.

Within the park, there are 26 campsites, nine of them are reservation only, while the others are first come first serve! There are four sites that have water nearby to them, but all of the others have water and electric hookup. There are even two sites with sewer hookups!

If you aren't able to get a site with sewer hookups, there is a dump station within the park. In addition to all of the RV accommodations, there are also shower houses, restrooms, a visitors center, and a covered playground within the campground.

Each campsite includes a covered (shaded) picnic table and a barbecue pedestal. Note, open ground fires are not permitted in Oasis State Park.

Seasonal activities in Oasis State Park



Biking is an excellent way to navigate throughout the park, as well as a way to see everything that the park has to offer. There are several trails throughout the park that can be enjoyed with a capable mountain bike.

Some areas in the park can get a bit sandy, so biking the trails may be best left to the experienced mountain bikers. Although the trails can be challenging, the main roads in the park are paved, making Oasis State Park perfect for a nice smooth bike ride.


Oasis State Park is very well known for its many species of birds, drawing in bird watchers from all over the country. Spring and fall migration is the most common time for bird watchers to head to the park with their camera.

Some of the most common species seen in the park are bullocks oriole, quail, woodpeckers, owls, and raptors.To view the most waterfowl species, it is recommended to get to the lake early, just before sunrise.


Whether you're camping with friends or family, picnicking is an excellent way to spend the afternoon at Oasis State Park! Summers can be very hot, so mid-to-late spring and early fall are the most comfortable times for a picnic!

There is a covered and shaded group picnic shelter located just East of the lake that is perfect for hot summer reunions and parties. The group shelter does require reservations, so make sure to plan ahead if you need a shaded picnic area.



Fishing is one of the most common activities in the park, as the day-use area is popular with locals. No boats are allowed in the lake, so all fishing must be done from the bank.

The lake is around three acres, making it a great size to walk around and fish the entire shoreline. Trout, catfish, and bass are the most commonly fished-for species. The state regularly stocks fish to be sure that the lake remains healthy and prosperous.


There are several trails in Oasis State Park, and all are considered to be easy. These trails are perfect for walking, trail running, and even nature walk with the family.

The terrain of the park is mostly flat, while there are still some sand dunes in the area. Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy bird watching, navigating throughout the park, and even getting in some exercise!

Sand Sledding

Sand sledding is always a fun activity, no matter what seasons. Even when there is no snow, it can seem like a winter wonderland on the many dunes throughout the park.

Whenever sand sledding during the summer months, be sure to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water! Although the high temperatures aren't too extreme, it does get very hot in the sun when on the sand!