Omak Stampede

Omak Stampede is a great rodeo for RVing and outdoor fun that hosts a large number of events, including the World Famous Suicide Race.

Event information

The first ride-in of the Omak Stampede kicks off an action-filled weekend that incorporates dozens of events into one. At Omak Stampede, you will see a celebration of Native American culture with art shows, carnivals, and an encampment area. Laugh at rodeo clowns, watch daredevil horse racing, and see if those bull riders can hold on. In the Native American Encampment, you'll get a first-hand look at the beauty of the culture through a series of dancing, singing, and stick games.

RVers will find a plethora of campgrounds in and around the Omak Stampede, which is a good thing because this entire event is worth going every day. Stick around and watch what makes the Omak Stampede famous with the World Famous Suicide Race. First held in 1935, this race starts on the top of Suicide Hill and careens riders and horses down a steep incline into a river. Once out of the river, they will then have to sprint another 500 yards into the arena where the crowd awaits. Needless to say, the Omak Stampede is an event you may not want to miss.


Admission to the Omak Stampede differs from day to day along with where you are seated, with tickets often under $30. Free admission is given to individuals that win the National Anthem Contest, which is usually held earlier in the year. RVers will be able to stay at Carl Precht RV Park, which is located on the same grounds as the stampede, with rentals determined per night that are usually around $30. For more information, look over the websites for the Omak Stampede.

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Located along the Okanogan River, the Omak Stampede is surrounded by a trifecta of large roadways coming from the north, east, and southwest. Attendees may find that I-90 gets them closer to the area with a connection to US-97, US-2, or WA-17 along the way. Several miles east of the City of Omak is Moses Mountain. RVers would be wise to stay in the right lane for as long as they can on the way to Omak.

Parking areas

Parking at the Omak Stampede is free and located around the arena. Signs and personnel will be posted around the grounds to help you if needed. Remember to consider the size of your rig when looking for parking along your route; some locations will note height and length limits.

Public Transportation

In the past, the transit authority of greater Okanogan has provided a shuttle service that goes between the stampede area and hotels and shopping. It might be about a $1 to board, or you can get unlimited rides throughout the entire weekend, with those under the age of 18 getting a discount. Other services, such as private shuttles, are allowed to and from the grounds.

Where to stay


Omak Stampede is officially located at Eastside Park, with the Carl Precht Memorial RV Park located within walking distance. This RV campground offers full hookups of electric, water, and sewer along with other amenities like wifi, sports fields, and playgrounds. Rates are determined per night.


RV campgrounds are plentiful in and around the City of Omak, with several of them within a five to 15-minute drive of Eastside Park. You can get along with full-service resort-like areas that offer complete hookups and more, or go off the beaten path a bit into rustic woodland. There is a string of private campgrounds just north of the stampede along US-97. Regardless, finding your way back to the stampede is easy as long as you follow one of the many major roadways.

Getting around

The site itself is composed of the stadium area, which sits within view of the Okanogan River, the Native American Encampment, and the race area just off of Suicide Hill. Official regulation allows for some ADA supported seating and parking, but anything that isn't necessary for personal locomotion is not recommended and may be prohibited.

What to pack


Pressed up close to the Canadian border, the weather in Washington State can get quite chilly. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about that too much because the Omak Stampede happens during August. Guests can expect to encounter mild to warm weather during the day with cooler evenings at the campsite. You can dress the part when at the rodeo though, this means cowboy hats, blue jeans, boots, and button-up shirts if you would like to play the part.


Remember to review what activities you would like to attend, and bring what you need to be comfortable at the campsite and the rodeo. Will you or the kids participate in any of the events? If so, don't forget boots or closed-toed shoes. Fold-out chairs, rain gear, sunglasses, and seat cushions can all make your visit much more enjoyable. If you want to take advantage of all the paths and parks around Omak, you may want to bring your hiking gear as well.

Health & Safety

Since you'll probably be spending a great deal of time outside, you will want sunscreen, bug spray, and some extra water close on hand. It's also a good idea to bring basic toiletries and create a small pharmacy kit, so you are ready for any bumps and bruises. Remember allergy medication, deodorant, toothbrushes, anti-inflammatories, and whatever else you need to make your RV feel like home.

Where to eat


Fires are prohibited at the campground with the exception if contained in a grill, which must be supervised at all times. Make sure you have cooking implements on hand like pots, pans, and utensils. Shopping is available just north of the stampede grounds and is often a stopping point for the shuttle service in the area.


Most of the food options near Eastside Park are on the opposite side of the Okanogan River to the north or west. Guests may find a large collection of fast food choices close to the Riverside Drive and US-97 intersection. Farther west Riverside Drive turns into S. Main Street which hosts more sit down places.


Basic concessions stands are available throughout the grounds hosting some of the best in rodeo food. Located along the back of the grandstands is usually a beer garden. A nearby carnival that typically hosts around the same time as the Omak Stampede may also be a place for adventuresome guests.



While the campsite around the Omak Stampede prides itself on safety, they are not responsible for any lost or stolen items, so make sure you lock everything up before you leave for the day. Fun and excitement are encouraged, but organizers request that attendees respect one another and be ready to help at all times.


Summer this far north is often subdued but still present during August. Temperatures typically range from mild to warmer in Washington State. Omak is inland and unlike the coastal areas doesn't have as much precipitation during late summer. Consider your route to the area as you are likely to encounter various weather patterns in the Cascade Mountains and nearby.


With the World Famous Suicide Race at hand, guests and participants alike may need medical care in mind. No fear, the community of Omak retains medical and pharmaceutical help within a ten-minute drive of Eastside Park. In the past, area ambulance services have provided sponsorship to the Omak Stampede with locations throughout northwestern Washington.