One Love Cali

One Love Cali is a reggae festival in Long Beach at Queen Mary Park that’s the perfect excuse for an RV camping trip in sunny Southern California.

Event information

Cruise to sunny Southern California in your RV and spend a few days at One Love Cali, a reggae festival in Long Beach that takes place just moments from the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean.

This three-day music festival is a family-friendly experience that features sets from nationally-known and up and coming bands and artists. Enjoy good vibes, good company, plus warm weather at Queen Mary Park as you groove to the music.

Presented by Goldenvoice, the same organizers in charge of Coachella, One Love Cali Reggae Fest is a great event for snowbirds who like to camp in mild climates while the majority of the country is blanketed in snow.

While you’re in Long Beach, you can experience the Los Angeles area. Take a trip to Catalina Island, Malibu Creek State Park, Chino Hills State Park, or spend your whole trip in Long Beach where you can swim, surf, sunbathe, all in the company of reggae fans from around the world.


Tickets for One Love Cali go on sale several months prior to the festival. Choose from single-day general admission tickets, two-day general admission tickets, or grab a pass for all three days. VIP passes are also available for individual days or two days. Prices have often ranged from approximately $100 for a single-day ticket to $250 for a two-day VIP pass. Cabanas and reserved tables are also available. Tickets will be emailed prior to the event.

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Los Angeles highways are notoriously congested, so account for as much time as possible when driving to Long Beach. Be aware that rush hour traffic and traffic at the beginning and the end of the weekend may be especially slow. The majority of the roads around Long Beach are flat and wide enough to accommodate your RV, but hillier parts of Los Angeles may have narrow, winding roads, so take that into consideration when planning your route to One Love Cali or when exploring the surrounding city.

Parking areas

With the exception of a limited number of reserved ADA spots, all parking for One Love Cali is offsite. Finding RV parking in Long Beach may prove to be a challenging endeavor, so consider alternate transportation from your campground to the event, or be prepared to park further away from the festival grounds and take public transit through congested areas. The festival offers a shuttle to and from Queen Mary Events Park, where the festival is held. Check the One Love Cali website for more details.

Public Transportation

Public transportation, rideshare, and taxi services are available in Long Beach. Utilizing one of these options may be a great choice if you decide to leave your RV at your campground of choice. If you prefer to drive and park, your best bet may be to take advantage of the shuttle offered by the event organizers.

Where to stay


There is no on-site camping at One Love Cali. Prior to the event, check the festival website for an exact schedule, but do be aware that venue hours are typically from late afternoon until into the evening. No overnight camping is allowed; however, many RV camping options can be found in the vicinity.


RV campers will find a number of options along the coast, including several RV resorts in the Long Beach area with beach access. If you’re okay with venturing inland, you will find RV campgrounds in Los Angeles, including Los Angeles/Pomona/Fairplex KOA. Choose from urban RV options with access to the glamor of Los Angeles, or head into the surrounding mountains for a more rural experience.

Getting around

Use the shuttle provided by One Love Cali to get to the event from your parking spot in Long Beach, or enjoy a stroll in the fresh ocean air and walk there from the beach. If you choose to ride a bicycle to the event, please note that bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, and Segways are not allowed inside. The venue is equipped for wheelchairs, and special parking spots and viewing areas are available for those who need ADA accessibility.

What to pack


One Love Cali is a laid-back festival at the beach, so leave your fancy attire at home and pack jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, and maybe a sundress in case a warm winter day arises. Weather in Long Beach in February often lands in the 60s and 70s during the day, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the 50s. Pack a light sweatshirt or jacket for after the sun goes down, and don’t forget your bathing suit (and perhaps a wetsuit if you have one) in case the weather is warm enough for some water time.


Pack camping essentials for your RV as well as groceries if you want to make breakfast at your campground before heading to Long Beach. For the festival, bring a backpack (usually 16x13x9 inches maximum), empty water bottle, and cash for food and drink vendors. Be aware that umbrellas, chairs, blankets, and tents are not allowed.

Health & Safety

Bring sunscreen, chapstick, and aspirin. If you are sensitive to loud music, grab a pair of earplugs to take with you to the festival. Be sure to have any prescriptions you need with you, as the commute back to your RV campground may be a long one if traffic is slow. Have an empty, reusable water bottle with you and take advantage of water filling stations.

Where to eat


Cooking restrictions at Los Angeles area RV campgrounds will vary by location and season. During an especially dry year with a high risk of wildfire, additional restrictions on outdoor cooking and campfires may be in place. To help with cooking in your RV, you’ll find a wide variety of grocery stores as well as RV supply stores with cooking equipment and fuel near Long Beach.


In Long Beach, it’s all about tacos, margaritas, and gastropubs that offer fancy burgers and craft beer. Thanks to the close proximity to the ocean, you’ll also find fresh seafood and beautiful views. You might experience Hollywood hotspots where celebrities dine if you head into Los Angeles, but be aware that you may have to drive up to an hour in traffic from Long Beach to do so.


There will be food and drink vendors at the One Love Cali Reggae Fest, including dedicated food and drink options for VIP pass holders. You will also find merchandise available at a separate booth. Not all vendors will accept credit cards, so have cash on hand or head to a nearby ATM in Long Beach.



Always lock your RV at your campground before leaving, and secure your vehicle if taking a separate car to the festival. Make sure that your backpack is zipped at the event, and consider opting for a fanny pack for extra security. When entering the event, expect a security screening. Be aware that open packs of cigarettes, glass bottles, weapons, glow sticks, drones, selfie sticks, spiked jewelry, and other potentially dangerous items will not be allowed inside.


Mid-winter weather in Long Beach is typically mild and sunny, with temperatures as low as the upper 40s and as high as the lower 80s with averages in the 60s. If you plan to be in the area for more than a couple of days, you are likely to encounter a range of weather types in Southern California. Dress and pack for a day at the beach, with warm outdoor clothing to protect you from the sun and keep you warm if there’s a damp coastal breeze.


Stay hydrated with event-provided water stations, and ask a member of staff for assistance in the event of a medical emergency. The closest hospital is approximately six miles from the festival grounds, and many additional hospitals and urgent care centers are in the surrounding area. A number of pharmacies are nearby as well.