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Otter Creek State Park


Situated on the banks of one of the oldest dam projects in Utah, Otter Creek State Park has some great recreational and camping options for all the RV lovers out there. Located in Piute County, the history of the park can be dated back to the late 1800s when Mormons in the area needed a source of water for farming in the surrounding area. Work started before the financial assistance was given to build the dam and a year later it was financed. To this day the dam is viewed as being one of the most solid builds in the United States.

Otter Creek State Park came to be in 1965 when the original park amenities were opened to the public. Since then many improvements have been made and the park is a fantastic place for those interested in fishing, hunting, ATV riding, birding or hiking. There are 52 paved RV-friendly sites on the bank of the reservoir that are a mixture of non-electric and 50 amp electric sites. Reservations are available for up to four months in advance and during the winter all sites are walk-in. Peak season at Otter Creek State Park runs from mid-May until the end of October.

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RV Rentals in Otter Creek State Park



Otter Creek State Park is located within Piute County in central Utah near Mt Dutton. The park can be accessed from UT-62 if you are coming from the north and west while those coming from the south can take UT-22. The most popular way for travelers to come to the park is via US-89, which is to the west of the park. There are a couple of small towns located near the park, including Kingston, Junction and Circleville. The closest major city to Otter Creek State Park is St. George and can be found around 142 miles to the south-west of the park.

Since Otter Creek State Park is quite far from any major city it is recommended that you stock up on supplies before you begin your journey to the park. There shouldn't be any obstacles that will prevent you accessing the park in normal conditions. During the winter time it can be very snowy in and around the park. This can result in icy roads and no access available for RV's trying to make it to the campground. Call ahead to the park office if you are traveling in winter.


There is plenty of parking available at Otter Creek State Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options to get to Otter Creek State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Otter Creek State Park

Campsites in Otter Creek State Park

Alternate camping

Otter Creek State Park Campground

Otter Creek State Park has one campground that is available for and your RV's to stay at during your time visiting the park. The campground is situated in one loop on the banks of the reservoir towards the southern end of the park. In total there are 52 paved sites that are known to be mostly level and shaded. Out of these 52, 15 feature 50 amp electric hookups while the rest are non-powered sites. All sites in Otter Creek State Park Campground are also pet-friendly.

There is a decent amount of well-maintained amenities for you to use during your stay, including a shower block, toilet block, dump station, boat ramp and water collection points. You should be able to pick up cell phone service on a few of the major networks. Site reservations are available for up to four months in advance during peak season and the campground is walk-in only during the off-peak time.

Seasonal activities in Otter Creek State Park


ATV Riding

This particular area of Utah is known for having some fantastic ATV trails. If you choose to stay at Otter Creek State Park you can take advantage of these if you are someone who loves to ride. The park gives you direct access to three different ATV trails, including the highly regarded Paiute trail. If you are looking to rent an ATV to use on the trails there are no guarantees that the park will have any available, but you can ask them about private rentals that may be available in the surrounding area.


Another popular activity to do when visiting Otter Creek State Park is to go and try spot some birds that also call the park home. Piute County has a very diverse bird population and the reservoir is known to be a hot spot to see many different kinds.

Some of the birds found around the reservoir include pied-billed, eared and western grebes, American white pelican, double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, western kingbird and Vesper Sparrows. Sometimes birding events are held at the park, so make sure to check the website to see if one will be on during your stay.

Ice Fishing

Once the snow starts to fall and the weather gets cold the reservoir ices over, which prevents normal fishing. Despite this, ice fishing is an extremely popular activity to participate in at the park and the ice fishing, like normal fishing, is very good. If you choose to ice fish be prepared and make sure that you check the conditions before doing so. The ice levels should be monitored by park staff. However, if you are unsure speak to them about it before you walk out onto the frozen waters.



There is no better way to spend a summer's day than by having a picnic with your friends, loved ones or by yourself. Otter Creek State Park is a fantastic location for a picnic as it is usually not a very busy park. There are multiple great locations to choose from around the lake with picnic tables available for your convenience. There are also grills available at each campsite if you want to cook up some food to take on your picnic.


If you want to get out on the waters of Otter Creek Reservoir, you are in luck! During the summertime, the dam is open for all sorts of watercraft, including boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. It can be quite hard to travel in an RV and also have a watercraft, but luckily for those who don't, there are rentals available for you to use for a fee during summer. If you have any questions on rental specifics give the park office a call before you arrive for your stay.


Otter Creek Reservoir is renowned as one of the best fishing spots in all of Utah, so if you love to fish you are going to have a great time! There is a boat ramp located near the campground for those who want to explore the waters; however, if you go fishing on the banks you are still in with a chance of getting a good catch. Some of the commonly caught species include rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout, as well as smallmouth bass and wipers.