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The southwest corner of the Ouabache State Park touches the Wabash River and is pronounced the same way as well. The 1100 acres of landscape that makes up Ouabache State Park used to belong to the Native Americans centuries ago. Extensive farming on the lands severely eroded its soil, but it was later conserved, and brought back to its natural state thanks to efforts of the state.

This state park, while not the biggest, is still one of the most popular. Ouabache state park also houses the last standing fire tower in the state. The tower is 100-foot long, and it is one of the three towers that were built in the North of Indiana.

The state park provides an unaltered recreational ground to RV vacationers offering a natural landscape of great beauty. There’s another reason why this state park is unique and lures thousands of families, friends, and solo trippers every year. Ouabache State Park allows its guests to get up close with the legendary American Bison a once in a lifetime experience.

What better way to touch the history of America than see the near threatened species of Bison that once used to roam these lands is vast herds. Ouabache State Park has everything to offer to its RV campers. In addition to the comforts, the state park never allows a moment of boredom with facilities of picnicking, hiking, swimming, bicycling and much more.

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Getting to this serene state park is simple enough. All it requires is turning east from Bluffton and following the signage from there. The weather in this part of Indiana is always windy and excessive rainfall is expected so be mindful of wet roads from as early as the beginning of the summers.

Once inside the park there is paved parking for RVs, motor homes and trailers as well as gravel and paved roads connecting to the various facilities around the park including the retail shops, campsites, picnic areas, showers, toilets and the park office.


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Campgrounds and parking in Ouabache State Park

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Ouabache State Park

Ouabache State Park has a 132 sites in total with a 122 electric sites that can accommodate a large number of RV campers. Most sites allow one recreational vehicle at one campsite, but various properties are big enough to allow two. Apart from the sites that offer electric hookup Ouabache State Park also has a recreational building that houses the swimming pool, tennis court, basketball courts and volleyball courts.

The park also offer five shelters that offer protection from the weather and are ideal for older individuals and people with disabilities. There are also four youth tents that offer a rugged camping experience for younger outdoor enthusiasts. Every campsite is restricted to six people and has a fire pit, grill, and picnic tables to gather around after a day of fun-filled activities. Pets are allowed on the properties too, as long as they are on a 6 ft. long leash. Campgrounds are open all year round and guests can stay for up to 14 days at a stretch enjoying the scenic landscape and many recreational activities Ouabache State Park has to offer.

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There are five loops in total around the state park. The various trails allow seasoned hikers to challenge themselves and new hikers to relish the pleasures of hiking. The most comfortable loop in the state park is one mile long and circles around the wildlife exhibit.

The second loop is also easy to hike on and is around two miles. This hike can be taken by RV vacationers staying at the north end of the campground. The trail will take campers through the pine plantations and all the way to the tennis and basketball courts.

The remaining trails are moderate in their difficulty level and go through heavy plantations of pine. The most difficult and scenic of these trails is the Ouabache trail that begins at the wildlife exhibit and continues on for six miles, showing the hikers almost all types of flora and fauna that inhabit Ouabache State Park. Hikers will also find some fun footbridges on this trail.


The pool in this state park is often named as the best one in all of Indiana. There is a water-slide in particular that has soon earned it the love of all the campers and guests that visit. Many locals make it a family vacation and bring their RVs for the weekend to enjoy the beautiful cool pool water and also jump of the diving board.

The swimming pool is well-maintained and always kept clean. Showers are also available near the pool. The state park has also recently opened a new beach for swimming.


The lake at Ouabache State Park might be small, but there are fish to catch in it. There are boathouses that will sell the baits within the state park. It is one of the best naturalistic activities the park offers.

RV campers can bring their own fishing gear and lighten up with the joy that only comes with fishing. This small fishing lake is also the perfect places to teach young anglers. Fishing proposes one of the best bonding experiences and is an enjoyable and relaxing activity that everyone can take part in.



The bike trail at the Ouabache State Park is one of its most liked features. The trail is hard paved, making it possible for bikers to ride like the wind for around 12 miles of wide trails.

The bike trail ushers the bikers along the Wabash river, lightening up their hearts with its magnificent view. The trail then twists around towards the quaint little town of Bluffton where friendly people greet the bikers on the trails with friendly smiles.

Bison Viewing

No camper should come to the Ouabache State Park and not see the American Bison. The Bison exhibit at the Ouabache State Park has been called the “Greatest Wildlife Laboratory in the United States”

The Bison are kept in a penned enclosure and can be seen from several different trails. The animals look so cool that most visitors forget all about the cold when they find themselves before these magnificent and legendary beasts. The bison exhibit is the ultimate highlight of Ouabache State Park.

Fire Tower

The fire tower at Ouabache State Park lights up at night, and the light dances with the beat of the music. Looming before the star-dotted sky, the fire tower truly looks magnificent.

If you climb up the fire tower, it also provides a breathtaking view of the state park and is a great spot for taking pictures