Ouachita-Black River - Columbia Pool


If you've got adventure running through your veins, maybe it's time to plan a trip to Monroe, Louisiana's Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool. It's an amazing place for a relaxing getaway in the heart of the deep South.

Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool is a section of the larger waterway system that consists of four locks and dams. This network was constructed in 1924 with the Columbia Lock finding its home in a northern section of the city which bears the same name and close to the more centrally located Monroe. The Ouachita River begins its trail in Polk County, Arkansas, and continues 510 miles in the direction of Jonesville, LA, before connecting with the Tensas and Little Rivers to form Black River. The Black River joins forces with the Red River where there is a channel of nine feet that contains four locks and multiple dams. This elaborate system forms an important part of a trade route with up to 900,000 tons of cargo passing through these waters per year. Among the most prominent industries that make use of this system are paper, power, and petrochemical companies.

The Ouachita River is also known by the name Washita and is believed to have been named by a local Native American tribe. This region is well-renowned as a popular spot for camping and recreational activities due to its plethora of clean, clear waters and close proximity to many local attractions including the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge. Nestled within a remote, forested setting, Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool offers families the opportunity to enjoy catching up on their R&R in a tranquil setting.

For an outdoor vacation you'll not soon forget, plan to take your next RV stay at Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool. It's a fantastic place to reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries.

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Situated in a remote locale, travel to Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool proceeds along country highways that are kept in good condition year-round. Traffic moves fluidly regardless of the time of year, and very little road construction is seen. The path to this recreational area is quite direct, and the stretches of road consist of two lanes. Occasionally, wildlife will enter the road. To avoid a collision, stay alert when driving.


Parking is available at the entrance to Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to this link within the Ouachita-Black River lock and dam system.

Campgrounds and parking in Ouachita-Black River - Columbia Pool

Campsites in Ouachita-Black River - Columbia Pool

Reservations camping

Finch Bayou Recreation Area

Finch Bayou Recreation Area is an extremely remote campground and is found in Marion, LA. A camping facility that is open year-round, Finch Bayou Recreation Area offers ten sites for small RV and tent camping by reservation only. There are no power hookups, but generator use is permitted. Dogs may join their families but must remain leashed.

The on-site amenities include toilets, fire pits, and picnic tables.

Prairion Bayou Recreation Area

Prairion Bayou Recreation Area is located near to Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool in West Monroe, LA, and offers small RV and tent camping by reservation only. This camping facility is open year-round and offers 10 sites that are suitable for tents and smaller trailer use. There are no power hookups; however, generator use is allowed. Leashed dogs are welcome.

This campground is home to a beach with a crystal clear lake that is well-suited to swimming. The on-site amenities include fire pits, toilets, and picnic tables.

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There is much to see at Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool, and much of what you discover you will want to remember, so be sure to bring your camera, so you can take a few shots. Whether you like to train your lens on the abundantly beautiful scenery, the various types of wildlife, or the natural land formations, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to where to start.

Wander through the grounds in search of inspiration, and you won't be disappointed.


Though there are no specifically designated trails at Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool, that just means you have the opportunity to chart your own course for outdoor adventure in this naturally landscaped setting. The grounds are comprised of varied terrain including sections of woods, sandy coasts, and even some gently rolling hills.

Wear your best hiking shoes and dress in layers to ward off the cold. To be sure your hydration levels are met, bring along lots of drinking water. Snacks are also a great plan.

Bring your dog along if you like; hiking is always more fun with a buddy.

Wildlife viewing

One thing that Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool has in abundance is wildlife. If you enjoy seeing many different species of animals in their natural habitat, you will not be disappointed by a hike through the grounds at this great camping facility.

Bring along your binoculars, your camera, and a naturalist's guide, so you can spot, identify, and record your discoveries. Since you will work up a mighty hunger and thirst along your journey, bringing along drinking water and snacks is also advised.

Your dog may join you on your quest for unusual wildlife, but please keep him leashed and take care that he does not disturb the animals which make this park their home.



Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool does not have any designated picnic areas, but that doesn't mean there aren't lots of great places to plop down a picnic blanket and enjoy a good meal on the ground. Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and meander through the woods or along the shore in search of the ideal backdrop where you can comfortably feast on a delicious packed lunch from home.

Your dog may join you on your picnic adventure but must remain leashed at all times.


If you fancy getting out on the river in your canoe, kayak, or pleasurecraft, you have found the ideal place for you at Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool. You can launch your boat out into the water directly from the sandy coast and paddle out into the river's depths to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. While out there, why not try your hand at doing a little fishing or working on your suntan?

You will want to be sure to wear sunscreen as the sun's rays can be quite potent particularly during the middle of the day. Bring along drinking water and snacks to round out your list of must-have's for your day of boating fun.

Water sports

With so many spots to choose from at Ouachita-Black River-Columbia Pool, there are lots of places where you can safely enjoy popular water sports activities on a hot summer's day. Bring out your paddleboards, your powerboats, and your waterskis, and get ready for a day of fun on the river. You will find the waters are crisp and refreshing!
Your dog may join you for your day of fun at the beach but must remain leashed.
To ensure your hydration levels are met, be sure to carry along lots of bottled water. Sunscreen and snacks are also an excellent idea.