Ozark Mountain Music Festival

If you like bluegrass and folksy music, hop in the RV and head to the middle of the country to the Ozark Mountain Music Festival in north Arkansas.

Event information

In the middle of the country, you can find the Ozark Mountain Music Festival (also known as OzMoMu) in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you like roots-style music of any type, this festival is fit for you, and the best part about this winter event is that it is held indoors. This is an important fact since it takes place in January, which is typically below freezing in the Ozarks at that time of year.

The large and popular music fest has been going on since 2013 and has grown every year. The Ozark Mountain Music mixture of Americana and Urban Roots, Bluegrass, and Folk is unique to the Arkansas Ozarks area and is held in the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, which is known for its “outdoor atmosphere on indoor stages.” Although the artists may vary, the music is upbeat and fun with an energetic vibe.

Past acts have included Twiddle, the Ben Miller Band, and Greensky Bluegrass. But what makes this festival so unique is the fact that you get to mingle with the artists and bands because there is no backstage area. Everyone hangs out together in the same space and gets to know each other.


Ticket prices vary depending on the type of pass you want. For example, in recent years, a one-day pass ranged from $10 to $20, while a full four-day pass has been $55. The four-day pass gives you access to all of the shows every day of the festival. That typically includes about a dozen acts over four days.

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Less than an hour from Rogers and about an hour from Branson, the Ozark Mountain Music Festival is in the mountainous town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Some of the roads can be narrow and have some curves and turns that may be tricky to maneuver in a large RV or motorhome. However, for the most part, your ride should be pleasant and scenic.

Parking areas

Parking in Eureka Springs is vast with more than 600 parking spaces in both private and city parking lots. The main street parking route starts on Planer Hill and runs two miles to the Eureka Railway depot. The fees vary depending on the parking spot and there is no restriction on vehicle size so you should be okay parking the RV here if you do not want to leave it at the campsite.

Public Transportation

The Eureka Springs Trolley gives you that old-time San Francisco feeling in an Ozark Mountain atmosphere and they provide rides every day, but times and rates may vary. There are different routes, organized by color, which can help you determine where you can catch a ride. You can also call a rideshare app or taxi if you are not in the trolley pickup area. Some campgrounds may offer shuttle services within the area.

Where to stay


The Ozark Mountain Music Festival is in the Basin Park Hotel, so camping on site is not offered. However, if room reservations are low in January, you may be allowed to spend the night in the parking lot if you talk to the hotel management staff in advance. Since this option may not be determined until closer to the event, you may prefer to book a campsite elsewhere in town.


There are dozens of campgrounds near Eureka Springs with hundreds of campsites that accommodate RVs from 25 to 85 feet in length. Some of these offer full hookups, showers, and modern restrooms, most have picnic tables and campfire rings, while others are rustic and primitive sites in the woods. You can even find some with dog parks, a game room, an indoor pool, and some awesome hiking trails to explore.

Getting around

Since the event is indoors, guests should have no trouble getting around at the festival. At your campsite, keep in mind that it will be cold, so bare feet may not be preferable this time of year. Have your winter boots ready to go with hefty socks in case you choose to take a stroll around in what nature offers.

What to pack


January in Arkansas is cold. Period. Luckily, the venue is indoors so you won’t have to worry about it during the concert events. However, since you will be camping, you may want to consider clothing for at your campsite and any outdoor excursions. It is beautiful in Arkansas in the winter, especially if it snows. Pack some warm clothes, dress in layers, and enjoy the scenery.


Bring your camera, of course, and your coat. You are allowed to bring a backpack, so you can bring that to put your coat and camera in while you are enjoying the music. Pack cooking items like a camp stove and propane because the parks may not have hookups in the winter. Water is also important because most campgrounds do not have water in the winter.

Health & Safety

You probably won’t have to worry so much about bug spray in January. But you'll still want to bring water and any prescriptions you may need. Always have a first aid kit in your RV or vehicle for emergencies. With varied surfaces at the campground, you may not encounter ice spots if the weather gets damp, but remember to keep an eye out anyway.

Where to eat


Eureka Springs is a good-sized town, and they have a large grocery store as well as a big box store where you can buy food and other cooking needs. Most of the campgrounds in the area provide campfire rings with grills so you can cook outdoors if you want, but January is pretty cold. You may prefer to cook in the RV whenever possible.


The Basin Park Hotel has several eateries that serve pub food as well as full restaurant meals. Eureka Springs has a plethora of choices from pizza and subs to burgers and fries. You can find both fast food and sit-down restaurants in town. You may even be able to get someone to deliver to you at the campground.


You will have the opportunity to buy just about anything music-related at the fest, including t-shirts, hats, jackets, CDs, and DVDs. It is best to bring cash as well as your debit or credit card because some folks may deal in cash only. The Basin Park Hotel has a plethora of choices in case you get hungry or thirsty and don’t feel like leaving the party. The Balcony Bar and Restaurant and Lucky 7 Rooftop Billiards are both popular with the grassroots fans for onsite meal options.



Make sure you lock up your RV and any other vehicles at the campsite and keep your valuables out of sight. Security at the festival is light-natured, but they may search your bags as you enter.


You may have to deal with snow in Arkansas in January. Eureka Springs has gotten up to a foot of snow in recent years, so be prepared to drive in those conditions if needed. Keep an eye on the weather before heading out, so you know what to expect. The average high in January is 46 degrees, with the low being in the upper 20s.


The hotel itself usually has someone trained in minor medical care but for emergencies, it is best to call 911. If you need immediate help, grab an employee or your phone. The closest hospital is Eureka Springs Hospital on Norris Street, which is less than a mile from the event. Pharmacy options are as close as a mile from the Basin Park Hotel.