Pancho Villa State Park
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Pancho Villa State Park is the nature lover and historian's dream of a state park. With its wide variety of both land and animal species, this park is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Pancho Villa State Park is located in Columbus, New Mexico, where Pancho Villa invaded the military base in 1916. The park is full of historical markers, original structures, and a campground museum. This makes the park a great place to visit, no matter what season.

In addition to its beautiful landscape and historical significance, Pancho Villa State Park is the perfect park for RV camping. Although there are no water or sewer hookups within the campground, each site includes a 50 amp electric hookup and a dump station near the entrance. There are restrooms with showers in the park, and each campsite includes a shaded picnic table and a fire ring.

If you plan to camp in the winter, you can expect chilly days and often freezing nights. During the summer months, you're going to want to hang out in the shady areas, as direct sunlight can be brutally hot. Since the summers can be very hot, all of the picnic tables are covered. If you have small children, there is a covered playground in the park as well!

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Pancho Villa State Park is very easy to access, as it is located on the Southwest corner of Columbus, NM. The park is located at the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 11, but the only entrance to the park is on Highway 9. Both of these roads are well-traveled and ready to take on any RV.

All of the roads accessing the park, as well as the main entrance and parking lot are both paved. Once you start driving through the park, the pavement will end. These roads are very well maintained and mostly gravel, but it's good to know before you arrive.

In addition to the roads being unpaved, they can get a bit narrow in some places, if two RVs happen to be on the road at once. The park is mostly flat, and there are plenty of places to pull aside for passing in the park!

Since the park is located so close to Columbus, having a passenger vehicle or a bicycle would be an excellent option for both exploring the park, as well as getting into town for any needed supplies.


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Campgrounds and parking in Pancho Villa State Park

Campsites in Pancho Villa State Park

First-come first-served

Pancho Villa Campground

Camping in Pancho Villa Campground is the perfect opportunity for those looking to enjoy a peaceful time in the great outdoors. While there are not very many extras in the park, it is a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family at your campsite!

There are 75 campsites that offer electric hookups within the park. Although there are no water or sewer hookups, there is potable water available in the campground, as well as a dump station.

If you choose to use the campground facilities, there are restrooms and showers available for use by active camping residents!

Each campsite in the park offers a covered picnic table and a fire ring, making this park excellent for summer camping! Always check local regulations, as fires are restricted during times of high wildfire risk!

To be sure that you get a campsite, six of the campsites are reservable, while the rest are first come, first served! There is also a group picnic shelter in the park that is first come, first serve. This picnic shelter is excellent for family reunions or even parties!

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Picnicking in Pancho Villa State Park is always a blast, as each and every campsite has its own covered picnic table. This coverage makes picnics more enjoyable in the hot New Mexico sun.

As almost every campsite in the park has electric hookups, you can even put your own personal fan under the picnic shelter to help keep you and everyone around you comfortable.

There is also a first come, first served group picnic shelter in the park that's perfect for reunions, parties, and sometimes even weddings!

Hiking and Walking Trails

Pancho Villa State Park is the perfect park for a nature walk that those of all ages and experience can enjoy! Throughout the park, there are many interpretive trails that wind through botanical gardens. These trails are considered to be easy for everyone.

The main garden is located near the entrance of the park, and you will pass it heading to your campsite. The gardens in the park contain more than 30 different species of cactus.


Cycling is an excellent way to both maneuver throughout the park, as well as viewing all that Pancho Villa State Park has to offer. Whether you're using your bike as transportation to the shower houses or viewing the botanical gardens, it's an excellent way to enjoy Pancho Villa State Park!

You can expect a mostly flat area within the park, with the exception of a few rolling and sandy hills.



Pancho Villa State Park is an excellent park to enjoy birding, as the flora and water from irrigation draw in many different species of birds! Some of the species you'll find are the curve-billed thrasher, roadrunners, owls, woodpeckers, and sparrows.

In the summer months, you'll also find Orioles and the bronzed cowbird. Make sure you bring your camera! Pancho Villa State Park is full of many different plant and bird species, making it a nature-lover's paradise!

Historic Sites

Pancho Villa State Park is rich in history, and is well marked with exhibits throughout the parkland. Prior to being a state park, the land was a military base before World War One. The base was attacked and raided by Pancho Villa's men, making it the the only continental invasion in the US since the war of 1812.

Many of the buildings from the military base still stand in the park to this day, which have exhibits depicting Pancho Villa's raid of the base.

Visitor's Center Museum

When you visit Pancho Villa State Park, be sure to stop in at the visitor's center! Here you will find any information about the park that you need, whether about the campground or its history.

There is a 20-minute video that you can watch in the visitor's center that has interviews with some of the survivors from Pancho Villas Raid! This is a great way to enjoy the park during the off-season, as well as when the weather doesn't turn out quite as planned!