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Panmure Island Provincial Park


If you're looking for a new spot for your next RV adventure, consider a trip to Panmure Island Provincial Park. It's a Canadian island paradise you'll not soon forget.

Panmure Island Provincial Park is located on the eastern shores of the province of Prince Edward Island. Originally, this island was only accessible during periods of low tide and only on foot. In the 1960's, a causeway was constructed to permit year-round access. The causeway offers beach properties on both sides of the stretch of road. To one side, families can enjoy some fun in the sun on the protected shores of St. Mary's Bay. The opposite side of the causeway is home to a beautiful stretch of ocean beach with an abundance of coastline that is the perfect place for leisurely strolls in the sun. The ocean beach section is well marked with sand dunes, making this area more secluded and appropriate for catching up on some R&R.

Panmure Island Provincial Park is a popular spot for avid fishermen to enjoy deep sea fishing, a popular attraction at this recreational area. The park is also home to the Panmure Island Lighthouse, one of the oldest wooden structures in the region. Tours are conducted during the summer months for families to enjoy. This park and camping facility is also situated near to Kings Castle Provincial Park, affording families the opportunity to visit another recreational area for a change of scenery.

Each summer the First Nations People host their annual powwow at Panmure Island Provincial Park, an event that attracts people from all across the island. Each year, families are treated to such treasures as drum bands, native crafts, and sweat tents designed to promote healing.

For an island adventure you'll always remember, plan your next RV stay at Panmure Island Provincial Park. It's a great place for a relaxing getaway.

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The route from Montague, PE to Panmure Island Provincial Park is quite short at only 21 km (13 miles). To reach your destination, take Rue Main/PE directly onto Rue Main/PE-17 S. Continue along this road until you make a sharp left hand turn onto Chemin Panmure Island/PE-347 N. You will find the park on your right hand side. This journey travels through rural and scenic countryside. The highways consist of two lanes, and the roads are kept in good condition year-round. You will travel through small communities along the route, making it an enjoyable trip. Road construction occurs infrequently, and traffic moves at a moderate pace.

There is only one access point to Panmure Island Provincial Park. However, if you are travelling to this recreational area and campground from New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, it is important to note that you will either need to take a passenger ferry from Pictou, Nova Scotia, or follow the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick. Both of these services are fee-based with the ferry passage being purchased before boarding the vessel and the fee for the bridge collected upon leaving Prince Edward Island.


Parking is available via a lot found at the entrance to Panmure Island Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

No public transportation is available to this park and camping facility due its location across a Causeway. It is, however, feasible to cross the Causeway on foot.

Campgrounds and parking in Panmure Island Provincial Park

Campsites in Panmure Island Provincial Park

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Panmure Island Campground

Panmure Island Campground is open for camping by reservation only from June 7th through September 15th yearly. There are 43 campsites in total with 22 completely unserviced and the remaining 21 offering power and water hookups. This campground is able to accommodate both tent camping and large-sized RV's. At the time of reservation, you will be required to provide the total length of your RV unit to ensure an adequately sized space is available for your use.

A property that prides itself on its scenic views and plentiful attractions, the amenities available at Panmure Island Campground include two beaches, a licensed restaurant, a laundromat, a beach house with change rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen shelter, showers, a viewing platform, a playground, recreational trails, and a sewage disposal station.

Generator use is welcomed, and dogs are encouraged to join their owners but must remain on a leash.

Among the most beloved activities at this campground include deep sea fishing, hiking, picnicking, and swimming.

Seasonal activities in Panmure Island Provincial Park



There are two beaches families can enjoy at Panmure Island Provincial Park. On one side of the causeway, you will find the protected cove of St Mary's Bay. This spot is a haven for families looking to enjoy some fun in the sun and a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the bay. From the shores of this beach, visitors can glimpse incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. The banks are comprised of white sand, an unusual sight in an area that is well-renowned for its rich red clay.

The beach located on the other side of the causeway is an ocean beach which also features white sand shores. This section of beach is protected by sand dunes which make its location more secluded.

Both beaches offer lifeguard service for protected swimming from June 28th through September 2nd yearly.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is a popular attraction at Panmure Island Provincial Park. This saltwater activity is unique to the eastern portion of the province. You can head out on the water in your canoe or pleasurecraft or participate in a charter where you can fish for bluefin tuna or mackerel in an area known as the Tuna Capital of the World.

The bay and lake waters are home to many species of freshwater fish such as speckled trout and rainbow trout. Atlantic salmon can also be caught in some of the rivers in the region. .

Panmure Island Lighthouse

While visiting Panmure Island, you won't want to miss out on an opportunity to visit PEI's oldest wooden lighthouse. The property has been declared a Federal and Provincial Heritage site and is home to a beautiful beach and a gift shop.

Tours are conducted from June 15th through October 15th each year. The on-site museum offers a glimpse into the rich history of the island and the lighthouse's role in guiding ships through the waters of the bay in years gone by.

The views are breathtaking from the pinnacle of the lighthouse. Be sure to bring along your camera.



Panmure Island Provincial Park is home to many different recreational trails. Each of these paths wanders through unique terrain which is extremely picturesque. The trails vary in length and difficulty with something well-suited to every member of the family.

Be sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes and to bring along a jacket in case the weather turns chilly. You will also want to have some drinking water and snacks on hand.

Your dog is welcome to join you on your hike, but they must remain leashed at all times.


Panmure Island Provincial Park is an extremely scenic property. From the white sand beach to the ocean views and more, there is lots for the amateur and professional photographer alike to capture on film.

Meander throughout the coast and lush forested regions in search of inspiration. Along the way, you will discover some unique plant and animal life.

The backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean against the white sand coast makes an ideal spot to take a few family photos as a memento of a great vacation in Prince Edward Island.

Day Trip to Montague

At only 21 km (13 miles) away from Panmure Island Provincial Park, it's worth it to take a day trip to explore the nearby town of Montague. Montague offers a lot of local attractions including some excellent dining and shopping.

Among the most popular spots to visit are the museums the Garden of the Gulf and the Artists on Main. When you've had your fill of learning for the day, you can go and explore the nearby Knox's Dam, an important historical landmark in Prince Edward Island.