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Looking for a true back-to-nature camping experience in the Pennsylvania backwoods? Patterson State Park just might be the perfect place for you to set up your tent! Yes, tent -- RV campers will want to skip this truly rustic destination, because there are no RV sites available here. If you just want to rest your head, you might get away with parking your rig in the unpaved lot by the kiosk overnight.

Patterson State Park doesn't offer an abundance of activities -- it's more of a rest point for backpackers tackling the Susquehanna Trail. Don't expect to find any mod-cons here, like flush toilets or hot showers. If you're planning a camping trip at Patterson State Park, you won't find much information online about the amenities available at this hidden gem -- it's a good idea to call the park manager with any inquiries.

As long as you can handle roughing it in the woods, Patterson State Park will be a prime place for your inner outdoor enthusiast. But, if you prefer a camping trip with all the trimmings, you're better off stopping over at Cherry Springs State Park, which is, quite literally, just down the road from Patterson and offers plenty of space and amenities for RV travelers.

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Patterson State Park is heavily forested as it is surrounded by Susquehannock State Forest. This is a truly remote area, so keep an eye out for road hazards like fallen branches when passing through. Patterson State Park is a stopover along Highway 44, which leads north into the borough of Coudersport, where campers can refuel the rig, grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant or fast food chain, and do a little grocery and supply shopping.


You won't find any large parking lots at Patterson State Park, but since this park is rarely crowded, you won't need them. An unpaved lot is available by the registration kiosk and picnic shelters.

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Patterson State Park Primitive Tent and Backpack Camping

Reservations are not available at this campground; all sites are first-come, first-served. Sites are open from April to December.

First-come first-served

Patterson State Park Primitive Tent and Backpack Camping

If you're exploring Pennsylvania in a motorhome, Patterson State Park is where to go if you truly want a rustic experience. This rural recreation area doesn't offer any campsites or amenities for those camping in trailers or RVs. Primitive tent campers and backpackers will find some basic spots to set up camp for the night.

Pit toilets and drinking water are available, but not much else, so come prepared to really rough it! An honor system applies here -- you'll need to pay for your stay at the park's self-service registration kiosk.

Reservations are not available at this campground; all sites are first-come, first-served. Sites are open from April to December. Feel free to bring your favorite canine camping buddy along for the trip -- pets are welcome to explore and camp at Patterson State Park.

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The biggest draw to Patterson State Park is the Susquehanna Trail, stretching for a whopping 85 miles through Pennsylvania's wooded wonderland. Backpackers should come prepared for a challenge if they plan to conquer this route! The trail is an excellent way to explore Pennsylvania's state park system, as it passes through three state parks in two counties and is located in close proximity to two others.


Two primitive picnic shelters are among the limited amenities available at Patterson State Park. No fees or reservation policies apply, so feel free to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in solitude before trekking a stretch of the Susquehanna Trail. Be prepared to pack out all waste.

Nature Photography

During your backpacking excursion at Patterson State Park, it's entirely possible that you won't encounter a single soul, which makes it the perfect place for an up-close encounter with nature. Don't expect any breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, or rivers, but if your photography style is more simplistic, you'll be delighted to snap a photo of a docile deer or resident bird-life.



Patterson State Park itself is considered a base camp for hunters exploring the area. If you're planning a hunting trip at Patterson State Park, you'll want to inquire with the park manager regarding rules and regulations. The surrounding Susquehannock State Forest offers more opportunities for hunters looking to bag a deer or grouse.


One big benefit of Patterson State Park's heavily wooded terrain is the total absence of light pollution. Be prepared to see some serious starlight out here when the sun goes down! Nearby Cherry Springs State Park is also a prime spot for stargazers, so don't forget to pack your telescope in your trailer!


When the snow starts falling in northern Pennsylvania that means it's time to get the snowmobile out. While this is a small state park, it's conveniently located next to Susquehannock State Forest, while offers miles and miles of winter trails. If you plan to set up camp at Patterson State Park and explore Susquehannock State Forest's snowmobile trails, you'd be wise to check the Susquehannock entry on Pennsylvania's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.