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Surrounded by lavish views of the Pennyrile Forest, Pennyrile Forest State Park is a nature lover's dream, showcasing more than 15,000 acres of the forest and 863 acres of the park. Situated just outside Dawson Springs, Kentucky, this state park is an absolute for your next camper outing. You'll have numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation in a unique mountainous landscape. From hiking and birding to boating and horseback riding, Pennyrile Forest State Park offers a vast amount of outdoor adventures.

The forest views of Pennyrile Forest State Park are superb, offering views of the 56-acre lake. You'll enjoy soaking up the forest air while being surrounded by native wildlife and bird species to include purple finches, Red-eyed Vireos, and raccoons.

After you park your rig at Pennyrile Forest State Park, you are able to venture out onto one of the many trails doted throughout the park. For birdwatchers, head out onto the Clifty Creek Trail to view Louisiana Waterbrush along the shores. Wander out on the one-mile horse trail and continue out to more than 40 trails in the Pennyrile State Forest. Pennyrile Forest State Park is an excellent RV destination no matter the time of year you visit.

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Pennyrile Forest State Park is easy to access by car or RV, since it is situated seven miles outside of Dawson Springs in Western Kentucky, off of Highway 109. Park roads will take you anywhere within the park you wish to venture to from the lodge and boat dock to the beach, campground, and trails. There are no driving restrictions for campers and RVs within the park, so you will be able to maneuver around easily, whether it's in your travel trailer or another vehicle.


There are numerous options for parking your rig and trailers, with five lots throughout the park. You will find spots at the cottages, beach, lodge, golf course, and near the trails. Should you be camping overnight at the campgrounds, of course parking is available there as well.

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Campgrounds and parking in Pennyrile Forest State Park

Campsites in Pennyrile Forest State Park

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Pennyrile Forest State Park Campground

Pennyrile Forest State Park Campground showcases 36 pet-friendly campsites for RVs and tents on a seasonal basis. These campsites offer access to electric and water. Amenities here include a bath house, restrooms, two dump stations, and each site offers a paved pad, picnic table, and fire pit. You will be near the trails and a playground.

Equestrian Campground

Should you be fortunate to bring your horses with you on your outdoor adventure to Pennyrile Forest State Park, you can stay the day or overnight at the Equestrian Campground. There are eight sites that you may park your RV in. Each site offers a gravel site, hitching post for up to four horses, and a fire pit. Water and electric hookups are also provided.

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You will want to pack a great pair of hiking shoes in your RV since there are nine trails to pick from at Pennyrile Forest State Park that vary in difficulty. Should you be seeking a nice walk or easy hike, check out Campers Trace Trail, a less than half-mile loop around the lodge. For a more difficult trek, consider venturing out on the Pennyrile Nature Trail. This almost 14-mile trial has you cruising along scenic overlooks, and numerous bluffs.


Pennyrile Forest State Park is an amazing place to bring your bicycle and head out onto the trails. As soon as you park your RV you can bike down the Macedonia Trail, which is a six-and-a-half mile loop that stretches through pines and the Macedonia cemetery. Park staff do not maintain these trails.

Horseback Riding

If you are an avid equestrian, you will jump at the chance to go out on the trail at Pennyrile Forest State Park. This state park provides an equestrian area that fulfills your needs should you bring your horses in your trailer. There is a one-mile new horse trail near the campgrounds and they connect to Pennyrile State Forest. Hitching posts are able to accommodate up to four horses. The equestrian area also has individual picnic tables, lantern hangers, and combination fire/grills.



Pennyrile Forest State Park is home to numerous species of birds, so you will definitely want to make sure you pack your binoculars in your trailer. Some of the bird species you are able to see include Carolina chickadees, Pine Warblers, and Summer tanagers. Birdfeeders are located near the restaurant and viewing the Grosbeaks and hummingbirds are spectacular. Other hotspots for viewing native birds include the lake and shoreline.


Load up that boat and bring it with you to Pennyrile Forest State Park and enjoy a fun-filled adventure outing for the day. If you are not fortunate to bring a boat, don't worry, down at the boat dock or marina you are able to rent a pedal boat, canoe, or kayak. If you venture out to Pennyrile Lake just remember that large size motorboats are not permitted here.

Visiting the Gift Shop

If you are yearning to learn more about the parks history, park your camper by the Gift Shop and head on in. Wander around the selection of Kentucky souvenirs and talk with the staff regarding information on the park. Should you be lucky enough to see the park ranger, don't hesitate to ask them a question or two.