Phoenix Lights

Come to Arizona and get your groove on at this music festival. Phoenix Lights is a two-day sensation brought to you by Relentless Beats.

Event information

Phoenix Lights is a house music festival that takes place in April in Phoenix, Arizona. Each year this festival is held in a different location within the city. There is no overnight parking or camping at the festival grounds, so you will be in charge of finding an off-site campsite for your RV. Phoenix has a number of quality RV camps, and they are usually less than a twenty-minute drive away from where the festival takes place each year. So, you will definitely want to book your stay in advance.

The Phoenix Lights festival is named after widely reported sightings recorded in 1997 regarding V-shaped UFOs in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Alien and intergalactic themes are omnipresent at the festival encouraging festival-goers to enjoy the wonder of the event. As a visitor you are invited to participate, so feel free to go wild when designing your costume or applying your makeup.

The festival is highly praised for its fully stacked and diverse lineup, and it is a must-see event for anyone who loves house music and groovy vibes. An important note, the event is cashless, which means all of the purchases are made via wristband that you receive once you buy tickets.

One of the most important things to remember is that this festival is reserved only for individuals aged 18 years and older, so make sure you bring your ID in order to get into the festival.


Much like other festivals, Phoenix Lights has multiple tiers of tickets that you can purchase, and their price also varies depending on when you make the purchase. In other words, if you are enthusiastic and definitely plan to go, it is always better to buy the tickets immediately after the sales period kicks off a few months ahead of the festival.

There are GA or General Admission passes, VIP and Platinum passes, and each new tier adds additional parks atop the previous one (like express entrance, better viewing spots, premium restrooms, etc.). Parking spaces and lockers are usually sold separately from the tickets. You may or may not desire to use a locker since your RV will be parked in an available nearby camping site of your choosing. Lastly, if you are looking to add Phoenix Lights to your bigger campervan adventure, there are single-day passes you can purchase.

Once your pass has been purchased, you will need to obtain your wristband either at the box office or by having it shipped to your address. You are also going to need to activate the wristband and add funds to it, in case you want to make purchases during the festival.

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Since this festival moves around some from year to year, the first thing you’ll need to do is check the website for t the physical address. Once you have that you can download the app or look up online what are the best RV routes for you to get there, and what are the closest RV resorts where you will probably park.

Parking areas

Phoenix Lights does offer parking spaces that you can purchase in advance, but there are no RV parking spaces, and overnight parking is not allowed. You will want to prepare to arrive at your campground with enough time to make your way to the festival from there. Parking prices may vary depending on the type of day parking that you choose.

Public Transportation

Once you choose a place to camp, you may want to review public transportation options as it is highly likely that there will be round trip buses driving to and from the festival grounds. A bus pass may provide you with adequate transportation from your RV resort to the venue. If the available bus route does not offer you a desirable schedule, taking a cab to the festival is another good solution in Phoenix.

Where to stay


Phoenix Lights does not offer on-site camping., You will have to come and leave each day. The best option is to book a space in a nearby RV campsite and stay there for the two days of the festival or longer if you wish. Phoenix is one of the most populated places in the U.S and the region around the city gets more sunlight than other regions, so camping at this time of the year is sure going to be a treat.


You will find a great deal of exceptional local campgrounds where you can stay; the only problem may be narrowing down your options. Fortunately, if you are coming to the festival, the venue location will do that for you. You can expect top quality RV camps, with lots of good spots for sunbathing, hiking, and possibly swimming. Setups with full RV hookups and pet-friendly sites are also easy to find.

Getting around

Phoenix Lights offers multiple stages at the festival, usually between two and four. In the past, they have been called Mothership, Invasion, Colony, and Fallout. You will need to check when your artist will perform and on which stage to know where you need to be at a particular time for your chosen concerts. You will have to move on foot from one stage to another. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, and any motorized devices are not allowed on the festival grounds.

What to pack


The festival will last for two days, so once you know exactly when you are going to be there check the weather report and plan your attire accordingly for spring weather. The event will go as planned come rain or shine, so it would be wise to pack a poncho and an extra pair of shoes, just in case. Since you will be camping, you should pack for warm days and possibly cold evenings. Also, don’t forget your swimsuit as you might want to go for a swim near your campsite. Don’t forget to pack sneakers in case you plan to go hiking.


For the festival, you should have a small bag or fanny pack so you will be able to bring some of your essentials. You need to have a refillable plastic water bottle in order to stay hydrated. You will also want to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, to ensure you are well-equipped for hot weather. Feel free to bring alien theme inflatables, handmade signs, festival totems, or glowing costumes, if you want to celebrate with the rest of the fans.

Tents, chairs, blankets, and umbrellas are not allowed on the festival grounds. It is important that you go over the festival rules on items that are strictly prohibited, to avoid a potentially awkward situation at the gate. You can find the whole list of allowed and prohibited items on the official website.

As for your RV park time, you will want to go over the amenities available at the resort and pack gear that corresponds to your plans. You might want to bring a grill or propane stove, fishing gear, coolers or anything else that will be useful depending on the location and the amount of time you intend to spend there.

Health & Safety

Remember to stay hydrated at the festival and to apply sunscreen. The festival is sure to have plenty of tasty beverages but remember to drink plenty of water, too. Don’t forget to take your bug spray as well. As always a first aid kit should be easy to reach in your RV. Finally, bring some extra blankets or warm sleeping bags to be sure you are not cold at night.

Where to eat


You may want to take advantage of being able to cook at your campsite. Cooking is not allowed anywhere on the festival grounds. You may desire to grill a meal, so bring your BBQ kit or camp stove or be ready to cook in your RV kitchen. To avoid having to leave your campsite, you may want to bring food supplies with you. Or, if you catch any fish while camping you can also prepare it for a delicious fireside meal.


You will find lots of restaurants not too far away from the festival, with a lot of different cuisine options. This is generally true regardless of the festival’s location, as Phoenix is a big place and it is reasonable to expect lots of different options in terms of restaurants. Once you get to your resort, you will be able to find nearby restaurants. Remember that this festival has strict rules on entering and exiting the festival grounds.


You can expect to see various food, drink, and merchandise vendors at the festival. There will be ATMs available on-site, but apart from the box office, vendors do not accept cash or cards. You will have to add funds to your wristband at the top-up station in order to make purchases.



Everyone will be searched at the entrance gate, so double check you are not carrying any prohibited items upon entry. There is also zero tolerance policy on drug use and possession. You must be at least 18 years old to enter and 21 years old to purchase alcohol. Moshing, stage diving, and crowd surfing are prohibited. The security staff will survey all of the stages to ensure everyone adheres to the rules of conduct.


The festival will continue as planned, even if it starts raining. However, given the time frame and the location, it is reasonable to expect sunny weather. To be sure, you should check weather reports so that you may adequately prepare for the event the week of your trip. Bringing shades, hats, and sunscreen should be enough to protect you from UV rays, but you can also bring a warm hoodie or poncho that you can tie around the waist in case it starts to rain. Since this event is held in the spring, weather can change fast.


Event officials may be contacted via email with any questions regarding accessibility or otherwise. If you have a specific question or concern about the event, you should send an email to and they will get back to you. If an event occurs during the festival and you or a party member need help, do not hesitate to inquire with a staff member immediately.