Pikes Peak State Park

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Pikes Peak State Park lies along the Iowa-Wisconsin border at the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. Nestled in the meadows and rolling hills of Northeastern Iowa, this scenic park is ideal for visitors looking for stunning overlooks and plentiful hiking trails. It’s also a great place to camp with nearly 70 RV-friendly campsites. However, unlike nearby parks, this park does not offer direct access to either the Mississippi or Wisconsin Rivers.

Although it’s located deep within the Iowa countryside, the park is just minutes away from small towns such as McGregor and Marquette. Pikes Peak State Park is also open year-round, but due to its location, weather at the park varies widely throughout the year. Northeastern Iowa experiences all four seasons, so summers are often hot and humid while winter temperatures frequently fall below freezing. The park’s peak season is thus during the warmer summer months, but visitors can still partake in a number of outdoor activities throughout the winter.

RV Rentals in Pikes Peak State Park

Transportation in Pikes Peak State Park


In general, Pikes Peak State Park is quite accessible by RV. The terrain in and surrounding the park is mostly flat or rolling hills, allowing for easy RV passage. Additionally, all campgrounds are located near the park’s main entrance on paved roads, so you will not need to drive your RV through difficult dirt roads to access the camping area.

Visitors most frequently access the park through the town of McGregor, which is just south of Marquette and Highway 18. All roads leading to the park are major city or county roads, and most roads within the park are paved - with the exception of some of the roads to the McGregor Parking Area. However, during Winter months, roads may be subject to inclement weather, so visitors during those times should check road conditions prior to departing for the park.

Within the park, visitors can most easily get around by car. Although some trails are multi-use, they are primarily concentrated on the north side of the park, opposite the campgrounds. Therefore, visitors who do not wish to travel to those areas by foot will need to drive to trailheads in other parking lots in order to access them.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Pikes Peak State Park

Campsites in Pikes Peak State Park

Reservations camping

Pikes Peak State Park Campground

Pikes Peak State Park has one campground with a total of 70 spaces, and of those spaces, 65 are suitable for RVs. 15 of those spots have no hookups, 49 have a standard electrical hookup, and one site has full hookups available (although it is normally reserved for a campground host). If you come during on-season or during the Spring or the Fall, you can reserve sites online, but during the Winter, reservations are walk-in only. Additionally, a quarter of the sites are reserved for walk-ups even during peak seasons.

The campground has a handful of basic amenities for visitors, including modern restrooms, showers, a dump station, drinking water, and an on-site store. However, during the winter, only pit toilets are available, and the showers and concession stand are closed. The campground is also a short drive from towns like McGregor and Marquette, so RVers can easily get supplies even when the concessions are closed.

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Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Pikes Peak State Park


Mountain Biking

In addition to hiking, mountain biking is also allowed on designated trails. The Point Ann Trail, which runs from the Homestead Parking Lot to the McGregor Lot, is the only trail that mountain bikes are permitted on currently, but with nearly three miles of stunning terrain to explore and plenty of scenic overlooks, this trail will surely please any mountain biking enthusiast.


Hiking is the most popular activity at Pikes Peak State Park - and for good reason. The park contains over 11 miles of trails that range in difficulty from the short loop to Bridal Veil Falls to the lengthy and challenging Chinquapin Ridge Trail. Along the trails, hikers will explore wooded bluffs and valleys, encountering scenic viewpoints along the Mississippi River.


Pikes Peak State Park has a handful of picnic shelters and viewing platforms that are perfect for picnicking in the great outdoors. In the main park area, there is a large stone picnic shelter that is reservable online as well as two open gazebos. In addition to those structures, there are also a number of overlooks and tables in scenic areas throughout the park.


Winter Hiking

Hikers looking to get out in the winter can still explore open trails during the chilly off-season. Unless unforeseen events occur, all trails are open to the public during the winter, so hikers can enjoy a brisk stroll through the rolling hills and valleys of the park. However, if you do embark on a wintertime hike, be sure to bring adequate gear - you need to stay warm and hydrated!

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiers can also enjoy designated trails during the winter off-season. Since the park frequently receives snowfall in the winter, many trails are ideal for cross-country skiing. However, visitors looking to cross-country ski should keep in mind that they are not always groomed, and conditions may vary based on weather patterns.

Nature Viewing

Although winters in Northeastern Iowa are notoriously bitter, there’s still plenty going on in nature to observe. Pikes Peak State Park has five scenic overlooks that are within a mile of the main parking lot, making for a quick winter hike to stunning views of the Mississippi River. However, before arriving, be sure to check for the possibility of inclement weather since ice and snow can form on walkways.

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