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Pistolet Bay Provincial Park


Ready for your next RV getaway? Why not plan a trip to Newfoundland's Pistolet Bay Provincial Park? It's an island vacation you'll not soon forget.

Pistolet Bay Provincial Park is located just off Route 430 at the northernmost point of the Great Northern Peninsula. Situated on the Canadian island province known as "the Rock," this recreational area and campground sits on 897 acres of property. The park rests within the lowland regions of the mountain section known as the Long Range. The land consists of diverse terrain and unique eco-systems with rare and unusual plant life.

Families visiting Pistolet Bay Provincial Park may opt to explore the nearby Strait of Belle Isle, an area known for its great beauty and breathtaking views. The park grounds themselves were originally the home of early Basque and French fishermen who made their living in the cod industry. Other early inhabitants to the land included the Maritime Archaic over 4000 years ago and the Groswater Palaeo-Eskimo people 2000 years later.

The Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve is another popular spot families enjoy visiting during their stay at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park. Among the most beloved activities at this recreational area include hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, swimming, canoeing, and the viewing of wildlife.

For a relaxing vacation in one of Canada's most beloved places, plan your next RV stay at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park. It's the perfect spot for a camping vacation.

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The trip from Saint Anthony, NL to Pistolet Bay Provincial Park will cover 25 km (16 miles). Travel along NS-430 S. At the exit for Highway 436, make a right hand turn. Turn left onto Highway 437. Take the next right and continue along this stretch of road until you spot the park which can be accessed by taking the next right hand turn. The route is maintained on two lane roads of good condition. The roads are kept clear year-round. Wildlife often enters the road space, so do keep an eye out to avoid an accident. Traffic flows well along the journey to this park. Road construction occurs only occasionally in the summer months.

To access this park from Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island, it is necessary to take a ferry from North Sydney, NS.


Parking can be found in the lot at the entrance to Pistolet Bay Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Pistolet Bay Provincial Park is quite remote, and thus, there is no public transportation available to this area.

Campgrounds and parking in Pistolet Bay Provincial Park

Campsites in Pistolet Bay Provincial Park

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Pistolet Bay Campground

Pistolet Bay Campground is open for RV and tent stays between May and October each year. Reservations are highly recommended. There are 30 campsites available at this site, all unserviced and complete with a firepit, picnic table, and garbage can. Generator use is permitted. Dogs are welcome to join their families but must remain leashed.

There are many amenities available at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park. These include tap water, toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. There is a sewage disposal station on the premises.

Among the most popular activities at this campground are canoeing, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Seasonal activities in Pistolet Bay Provincial Park



Pistolet Bay Provincial Park has a beautiful beach whose banks sit along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The waters of the gulf are clear and warm but can be subject to strong currents. Swimming at this beach is unsupervised, so exercise caution and avoid swimming when the weather conditions are not optimal.

The shores of the beach at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park are a mixture of sand and rock. Bring along a pair of comfortable shoes for strolls along the beach.

Carry some drinking water with you in case of thirst. Your dog is welcome to join you at the beach but please do observe leash laws and keep them on a lead at all times.

Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Burnt Cape Ecological Preserve sits at the pinnacle of the Great Northern Peninsula. Three sections of the Preserve are bordered by the crisp waters of the Strait of Belle Isle.This region typically experiences some of Newfoundland's coldest temperatures. The chilly climate and soil which is plentiful with calcium provide the ideal growing conditions for rare plant species which flourish under these types of conditions.

The Preserve encompasses 3.6 km of terrain, giving families a vast expanse of land to explore. The property is home to over 300 species of plants. 30 of these plants are considered extremely rare.


Pistolet Bay Provincial Park is incredibly scenic, making it the perfect location to enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds. With 897 acres to choose from, families won't want for a place to spread out a blanket and enjoy a feast.

There are several areas throughout this park which have picnic tables for the public to use. Bring along some drinking water and a packed lunch to enjoy. After your lunch, you can enjoy a stroll through the park. Along your journey, you will discover many rare and unusual plants and wildflowers that are unique to the region.



Pistolet Bay Provincial Park was originally the home of Basque and French fishermen who made their living fishing for cod off the banks of the Gulf of St Lawrence. Though cod has dwindled in its supply in recent years, the fishing is still plentiful at this recreational area. The waters are particularly full of brook trout.

Fish directly from the shore or paddle out in a canoe and cast out your line in search of seafood treasure. After your day of fishing is done, you can enjoy the fruit of your labor grilled up over an open fire at your campsite.


Hiking is a popular attraction at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park. This recreational area offers many different trails leading through diverse terrain, ensuring there is a trail that is well suited to every member of the family.

With 897 acres to enjoy, you will not want for places to explore. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and bring along a camera to record the unusual plant and animal life you will encounter along your journey.

Drinking water is a necessity to remain hydrated. Your dog is welcome to join you but must remain leashed.


Pistolet Bay Provincial Park is extremely picturesque, meaning it is the ideal spot to practice your photography skills. Whether you want to train your camera on some of the colorful flowers and plants or on the extremely rocky terrain and lush forest, you will not lack for subjects for your photo taking.

A simple hike through the property will yield any number of photo opportunities. Consider doing some family candids with the Gulf of St Lawrence as your backdrop. What a great souvenir of an amazing Canadian vacation!