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The Point Comfort Campground is located at an elevation of 1,660 feet in a conifer and mixed hardwood forest. The campground is on the shore of the Piseco Lake, and the surrounding wilderness features a fantastic natural setting for hiking, exploring, swimming, and fishing. The lake was named by Joshua Brown in the 1800s after a Native American who lived there; the original name was "Pezeeko." The campground was constructed in 1929 to expand the amount of camping available in the area.

The lake has the surface area of 2,848 acres providing ample room for canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. No motorboats are allowed on the lake. The fishing in the lake is of the highest quality and attracts anglers from all over the state.

The campground is the prime destination for hikers. This is due to the abundant amount of trails leaving the campgrounds ideal for day hikers but also due to the proximity of the 133-mile Northville-Lake Placid Trail. This multi-day hike offers many picturesque views of the lakes and forests in the Adirondack wilderness. Some hikes stop at Point Comfort to recuperate and swim in the cool waters to relax after the strenuous hike.

The campground welcomes RVs, trailers, and tent set ups. There is space for camping rigs up to 30 feet in length and seven campsites directly by the water. The campground offers a recycling station, hot showers, and flushing toilets, however, all sites are dry sites with no hookups available.

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Point Comfort Campground is one of several campgrounds located around Lake Piseco. It is located a short distance from the Old Piseco Road, and provides clear signs and an abundance of parking space available. There is a boat launch next to where you can park your trailer after lowering your boat into the water. The day use area has additional parking available.

There are several resorts, campgrounds, and towns in the directly surrounding area ensuring any supplies you might need are easy to get to. The campground was designed in a way that most large RV set ups do not have any trouble navigating, however be careful when you book your campsite online to ensure having enough space. Several of the campsites are back in only and are more difficult to navigate.


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Point Comfort Campground

Point Comfort Campground was built in 1929 to expand the camping possibilities around Lake Piseco. There are 76 RV and tent sites available, with several spaces large enough to accommodate 30-foot RVs.

The campsites are all in the forested campground, which provides shade cover and privacy from other campers. Pets are allowed on the campground if they have been vaccinated against rabies and are kept on a leash.

There is potable water available, hot showers, toilets and a recycling station. There are no hookups available, however, generators are allowed to run between certain hours of the day. This campground has long since been a favorite for fishermen, boaters, and avid hikers.

Seasonal activities in Point Comfort Campground


Ice Fishing

Don't forget to pack your ice fishing gear in your rig. In the winter times when the lake freezes over, Piseco Lake creates a fantastic backdrop for ice fishing. Generally the fish in Piseco Lake are quite small, however, they provide a fun challenge for ice anglers. One of the most frequent catches in the lake include trout and land locked salmon. Unfortunately, many of them are under the legal size limit.

Bird Watching

Piseco Lake with many inlets, hardwood trees, and conifers attracts a wide range of bird species. Some of the resident boreal species include Boreal Chickadees and black-backed Woodpeckers. If you hear a nasal chatter and soft tapping, you should keep your eyes out for those birds.

Generally the area around the lake is quiet, however an occasional loud burst of noise will signal the visiting Canada Jays. Both white-winged cross bills and red cross bills show up when there is enough food available. When they do, they sit and peck on the high branches of the surrounding forests.

Migrating ducks show up in vast hordes during the spring migration and provide a boost to the local fauna population. Their quacking can be audibly heard, however most do not stay long before continuing on their journey. One of the most impressive birds that occasionally graces Lake Piseco are the Barred Owls and Northern Saw-whet Owls. During the summer months, there is no need to bring speakers as the visiting birds will provide ample melodies. The Tennessee and bay breasted warblers in particular sing beautiful songs for you to enjoy.


The area around Lake Piseco is teeming with trails and hiking opportunities for avid wilderness lovers once your set up your camper or trailer. It is always handy to grab a trail map before you set off on an adventure. If you want a simple walk, merely walking around the lake provides a stunning view.

One of the most popular hikes in the area is the two-mile trail to Echo Cliff on Panther Mountain. The trail starts in the forest and follows a well walked path to a viewpoint on the cliffs. The walk is not difficult, and if you take your time over the uneven rocky terrain.

The view from the cliff face offers the stunning backdrop of the lake and surrounding Adirondacks. Panther Mountain's summit is at an impressive 3,720 feet, and the views from near the top are amazing. The name of the mountain hints that panthers could have potentially roamed it's slopes, however none have ever been spotted. Keep an eye out on your next hike!



The campground has a beautiful sandy beach right near the day use area, showers, and flushing toilets. This beach is patrolled by a lifeguard ready to keep your whole family safe. Once the lifeguard is off duty, there is no swimming allowed to ensure everyone's safety. Check with the campground directly when the beach and designated swimming area is open.

The beach itself has spectacular views of the Adirondacks, a grassy section for sunbathing and picnic areas near by. The boat ramp is located at the beach as well, which creates a sheltered area for fish to congregate underneath. There is also plenty of swimming opportunities nearby in other lakes and ponds which you can access by hiking one of the many nature trails.


This area has many exquisite fishing destinations, and Lake Piseco on the Southern Side is no exception. The lake has 21.3 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 25 feet. The local fish species you can catch from the shore or your kayak include brown trout, brown bull head, chain pickerel, rainbow smelt, and even landlocked salmon.

During spring, trout and salmon can be caught quite easily near the inlets. If you want to attract green sunfish try your luck with green or brown lures. If you wish to catch a rock bass, they are best attracted by bright colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Rock bass school under docks, near rock collections, underwater drop offs, and anywhere with shelter.


This medium-sized lake is a perfect backdrop for canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. No motorboats are allowed, so you can enjoy the wilderness without the roar of engines around. If you do not have your own boat, there are canoe and rowboat rentals available near the campground.
There is a boat launch from where you can place your personal watercraft into the water, and several lake side campsites which you can paddle directly to. There is a nice beach for campers to swim from, which can also be used to launch a canoe.

The lake features a long and beautiful shoreline with trees over hanging the water. Here you can see many bird species enjoying the shade and fish gathering around the rocky coastline.

During the summer, the area can get pretty windy which is why sailboats are a popular choice for the lake. The Piseco Yacht Club on the opposite end of the lake organizes sailing competitions and programs for junior and senior sailors!